Top 10 Most Active & Dangerous Volcanoes In The World

In the past, volcanic eruptions were considered as God’s punishment for the mankind. However, we have evolved enough to figure out their cause, we still can’t figure a cure to prevent, or minimise the effects of this natural disaster. Volcanic eruptions are caused due to the pressure of hot magma flowing in the volcano.

This magma is enough to burn villages and towns with its heat. Active volcano can be dangerous issues which can eruption anytime without any warning. Today we are going to list 10 most active and dangerous volcanoes around the world. In order to help stay are far away as possible from these places.

10. Taal Volcano – Philippines

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Taal Volcano is situated in Luzan Island, in a lake called Taal, which inspired the name of the volcano. Taal is a scoria cone shaped Volcano. It is located just 31 miles away from Manila city which has a population of over 1.6 million people. More than 33 eruptions have been recorded in this volcano ever since 1572 that has killed so many people living around the lake. The estimated death counts tolls around 5000 to 6000. This stirred tension in the government which motivated them to conduct several studies on this Volcano, to prevent any damage in the future. This Volcano is also designated as ‘Decade Volcano’.

9. Ulawun – Papua New Guinea

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Ulawun also popular as ‘Father’ locally is a beautifully symmetrical volcano, but don’t get fooled by its looks as it has taken several lives. Ulawun is located in New Britain Island. It rise above 2334 m, and is considered as the highest Volcano on the 1000 Km Bismarck Volcano arc long chain, which expands from the east of Rabaul Volcano to the west of Wewak. It is considered as the most dangerous volcano in Britain. This volcano has erupted 22 times since 1700s. Local residents report lava and ash coming from tiny explosions from the Volcano consistently.

8. Mt. Nyiragongo – Democratic Republic of Congo

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

This is amongst the most active and dangerous Volcano in Africa. It is famous for its lava lakes, which are visible from the crater of this mountain. Nyirangongo is a constant active threat for the lives of people living near it. A major explosion on this volcano causes a heavy fast stream of lava to flow from the mountain, spreading it to long distance around the Volcano. The uncertainty of this lava has been the reason of causing multiple human catastrophes.

7. Mt. Merapi – Indonesia

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Merapi aka ‘Mountain of Fire’ is a hyper active volcano, which makes it one of the most dangerous volcanoes. It is constantly erupting regularly since 1548, which has been active for over 10,000 years. Just around the slope of this volcano, thousands of people have established their homes creating a city named Yogyakarta. Naturally the eruption in this volcano has been the reason of death of multiple of residents living in this city.

6. Galeras – Colombia

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Galeras is situated in the southern region of Colombia. This volcano has been active for over 1 million years. Constant eruptions have been recorded in this volcano since 1580. Just near the slopes of the volcano, people have has created a city named Pasto. Multiple residents of Pasto, have been victims of these sudden eruptions. In the early 1978, Galeras became a doormat for a short amount of time, but soon became active after 10 years. It is recorded that it has become very active since 2000.

5. Sakurajima – Japan

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Sakurajima is a composite volcano, which once an island. However the constant eruption in this volcano in 1914 created a lava flow and connected it to the mainland making it a dangerous threat for the people living near the volcano. It is a hyper active volcano, which exudes tiny eruptions almost every other day. Even the small eruptions in the volcano can cover the whole surrounding into the ashes thrown ups. Kagoshima is the nearest city from this volcano, which thankfully comprises of volcanic shelters. People are also well aware of the symptoms of this volcano and are always cautious about their life.

4. Popocatepetl – Mexico

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

The sight of this volcano, will entice you with its beauty. The peak of this volcano mountain is covered with glacier. This volcano is only 35 miles away from Mexico City. Mexico City comprises of a vast population, which make this volcano extremely life threatening. This volcano has erupted over 20 times since 1519.

The last major explosion occurred in 2000 in this volcano. Fortunately timely evacuation in the area by the government was able to prevent the major damage on the mankind. However this did destroy the homes of the people.

3. Yellowstone Caldera – USA

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

This is a popular tourist spot, where thousands of people come to witness the bubbling springs. It is located in a National Park, so naturally it is surrounded with breathtaking natural beauty. But don’t let this beauty fool you as under this beautiful looking park resides a very active and dangerous volcano.

This volcano can cause super eruptions which enough to destroy the continent. The last super eruption occurred hundreds years back in Yellowstone. It is discovered the first super volcano erupted 2 million years back, whose ashes were spread across the world.

2. Mount Vesuvius – Italy

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Mount Vesuvius is located in Campania. This volcano last erupted in 1944. Thankfully it has a eruption cycle of only 2 decades. As over 3 million people reside just 5 miles from Naples and this dangerous mountain. This area is also considered as the most populated area in the world, which makes this volcano a potential danger to their lives.

This is the only European volcano which has erupted in the 20th century. The most dreadful eruption in this volcano occurred in 79 AD, which tuned Pompeii and Herculaneum into a burial city.

1. Mauna Loa – Hawaii

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Mauna Loa is the largest active and non active volcano in the world, concerning both volume and surface area. Five other volcanoes plus Mauna Lao makes the entire Hawaiian island.

Mauna Loa has been erupting continuously for over thousands year now. Its last explosion was recorded in 1984. The lava flowing from this lava can spread to a wide spread range which can also produce heat in other volcanoes, destroying the entire island. The good thing about the lava in this volcano is that it is extremely thick which makes it slow, giving enough time to evacuate the region.

These are some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, from which we recommend you to stay as far away as possible as it can take your life. It’s always better to know your surrounding s if you live near this area make sure to keep an open eye to any movement in these lava erupting mountains.


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