Top 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars In The World 2019

Are you planning to keep up with the technology and opt for an electric car? Well, thankfully today you have multiple affordable options to choose from mainstream battery-powered Automotives. We are evolving are so are our automobiles, to its best if we also start adapting to this new technological change. These cars can be very beneficial; they save resources and produce less pollution. So, we have decided to list some of the most affordable cars in the world available in 2019.

10. BMW i3 2016 – MSRP $42,400

Most Affordable Electric Cars 2019

It’s no surprise that BMW has created an advanced electric, which starts at this price. BMW i3 is only worth $42,400. It has a horsepower of 170, with a 2 door, hatchback subcompact design, with an ability to travel over 80 miles on a single charge and a rear wheel drive dynamic handling system. BMW i3 takes only about a half hour to top up it’s charging. It comes with a fast charger which is approved and passed by DC. However if are charging it at 240 volts, the car can take about four hours to completely charge up.

9. Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 – $37,495

Most Affordable Electric Cars

This Chevrolet Bolt comes with an unmatched combination and quality of EPA-rated which can range till 238 miles. This car will cost you less than $40,000, before incentives. It is the only non-Tesla car available amongst the electric car options. This car is also said to on sale for a little while in California. Bolt EV has a battery life of 60 kWh, with which it can ride around 238 miles. It MPGe is around 119 and it also comprises of 150 KW motor. If you are planning on buying a cheap electric car then this is your best bet.

8. FIAT 500e 2016 – MSRP $31,800

Most Affordable Electric Cars

FIAT 500e is a powerful stylish electric motor with a 500 hatchback base. 500e is a compliance car, which has been designed with some great engineering. It’s lighter than the gasoline version, which makes it a smooth and fun ride. It comes with a 24 kWh battery, which comprises of fast charging features. It can cover 84 miles with a single. Fiat 500e run on an 112 MPGE and has an 83 KW motor. It is a cute little ride with two door opening. This can be a great choice for people living in a nuclear family.

7. Ford Electric Focus 2016 – $29,170

Most Affordable Electric Cars

This is a relatively affordable option compared to hatchback smaller options like FIAT 500e. However, the technology involved in Ford Focus is a little outdated compared to modern electrics motors available today. Ford Focus has a decent horse power of 143, which has an average range capacity of only 76 miles. The car is similar to its gas counterpart which offers a responsive dynamic handling. Ford Focus comes with a 33.5 kWh battery, which doesn’t support fast charging and can take couple hours to top up. The price of Car can be considered its biggest USP.

6. Hyundai Ioniq Electric – 2017

Most Affordable Electric Cars

Ioniq comes with a 28 kWh battery, which can take your 124 miles with a single charge. It is equipped with a 136 MPGE and a motor power of 88 kW. Hyundai has released this model in three different variants, which are available in plug-in hybrid and hybrid version. It also features fast charging which takes less than an hour to charge. It is a decently amazing car if avoid comparing it with Tesla models, which like their price and very advanced. It is also reported that Hyundai is planning on offering a subscription-based plan for the Ioniq launch.

5. Nissan Leaf – $29,010

Most Affordable Electric Cars 2019

Nissan Leaf is amongst the first affordable range electric cars that were launched in the market. It is a 4 door, a stylish module with a 107 horsepower, and comprises an electric motor that can deliver over 187 lb-ft of torque. You can cruise this ride for around 84 miles with a single charge. It has an onboard fast charging mechanism that tops up 80 percent of the car battery in half an hour with a 240-volt source. It is a great alternative for people looking for an easy, inexpensive ride.

4. Volkswagen e-Golf 2016 – $28,995

Most Affordable Electric Cars

Volkswagen e-Golf is an advanced electric motor, that can help you preserve quite a lot of resources. Not only is this model affordable but it also delivers a decent performance which makes it so popular in the country. It has a horsepower of 115, which can tap a torque up to 199 lb-ft. But sadly it doesn’t support a fast charging technology, which straight up requires a 4 hours plug-in to fully charge on 240 Volt. Its battery life can help you explore an area of 83 miles in a single charge.

3. Chevrolet Spark EV – $25,120

Most Affordable Electric Cars

Just like Fiat 500e, Spark EV is also a tested true subcompact hatchback that can help you save on all gas money on an all electric drive train. It comes with a horsepower of 140 with a 327 lb-ft torque. It has a four-door opening and cute shape, which makes a perfect choice for your new car. You can travel for 82 miles on a single charge. Chevrolet doesn’t come with an inbuilt quick charging but offers a separate system in the market, which can reduce the 240-volt charging of seven hours into just 45 minutes.

2. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – $25,000

Most Affordable Electric Cars

If you are seeking for an urban runabout adventure then this the perfect electric car for you. It comes with a two seating. It has a horsepower of 74 with an electric motor which also features a burst mode. This car will allow you to travel 60 miles on a single charge. It doesn’t consist of fast charging, which is a drawback for the car. Its battery can take about 6 hours to charge on 240 voltages. However, it seems like a fair deal because of the price and performance that it can deliver.

1. Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2016 – $22,995

Most Affordable Electric Cars 2019

This is one of the most affordable electric motors in the world. Despite its cheap price, it offers a decent performance. It has a four-door seating, with a comfy interior. It is perfect gas car alternative for 4 passengers. It comprises of a 66 MP horsepower with a torque of 145 lb-ft. This car lets you travel little of 62 miles with its full charge up. It has a battery of 30.5 KWh, which doesn’t support quick charging facilities. You will have to wait for 7 hours once on a 240-volt plug, to use this ride again, every time you use its full battery.

These 10 cars are some of the most affordable electric motors in the world 2019. This is a great alternative to the gasoline car, which can obviously help preserve gas for other necessary things. Their low pollution generation can also help in making the world a greener place. So I recommend you to go ahead and invest in these brilliant inventions.


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