11 Airlines With Most Beautiful Air Hostesses In The World 2019

Air Hostess is a profession which is often seen to be glamorous, devoid of challenges and several demanding aspects, which are rarely mentioned by the industries. Air hostesses act as brand ambassadors of their respected airlines. These Airlines are strict and pretty crude in their selections, and are always looking for beautiful faces without any scars or marks, weighing certain pounds, consisting of certain features, etc.

Majority of leading airlines still follow the beauty based selection while appointing candidates for Air Hostesses. They have established a beauty standard for becoming a flight attendant, which has today become a significant aspect of airline advertising.

We often go on to appreciate how beautiful the air hostesses of an airline are, but ignore the effort they put to look that way. We should be thankful to these Air Hostesses as they add comfort to our journey, and make it a lot easier and pleasant. Here is list of top 11 airlines with most beautiful and attractive air hostesses in the world in 2019, so that you can appreciate them more for their services when you travel again.

11. Shenzhen Airlines

Most beautiful air hostess 2019

It is the only domestic airline service provider on this list. Since the year 2012, the aviation has been a member of Star Alliance and presently is a prestigious airline which is a member of global airline network. In 2016, Liu Miaomiao of Shenzhen Airlines was recognised as the world’s prettiest air stewardess. Thus popular airline service provider in the China is the fourth biggest carrier in the market with an accommodation of 7% of seats. The domestic airline service manages to attract over 4000 applications, out of which only 180 candidates are selected annually. They have the power and liberty to select the cream out of all the candidates.

10. Malaysia Airlines

Most beautiful air hostess

The Airline services takes pride in offering Malaysian hospitality to its passengers on its flights. The airline was established in 2013, by Oneworld alliance. They have established a learning school in order to ease up the selection process by selecting candidates based on their performance and looks. Apart from the basic beauty standards, weight, and figure demands, Malaysian airlines also enforces some extra rules, which include a mandatory retirement at 45, and no pregnancy in the first 5 years of their work.

9. Virgin Atlantic

Most beautiful air hostess

They were voted as the ‘most attractive air stewardess’ in 2011. Their uniform is a fine tailored red suit, with silk neck ties, which makes them, stand out in the crowd. They are also popular as ‘Red Hotties’ because of their uniform color. They always maintain a cheerful attitude and elegant glamour, while greeting their passengers. It is imperative for a cabin crew member to attend a ‘groom school’ at the airline’s base camp based out at Crawley to learn the basic rules on appearance like the mascara, red lipstick and blusher application.

8. Thai Airways International

Most beautiful air hostess

They are known for providing the best possible care. They have received multiple awards for the extraordinary loving nature of their plane staff. They have one in a kind uniform, choosing a distinct purple color as its trade choice. Looking at their uniform and their graceful dealing with the passengers, airline’s motto goes perfectly with the paraphrase ‘Smooth as silk’. The silk smooth purple uniform of the air hostess is known for the most glam look uniform for the flight attendant. There services are often compared with competitors Lufthansa and AirAsia.

7. Lufthansa

Most beautiful air hostess

They definitely stand out amongst other European carriers. This German airline has managed to create a team of varying ethnicities. They are known for their friendly attitude and fine services provided by the cabin crew members, which consist of strikingly beautiful young ladies. At the airport you might see some of these pretty ladies walking with trolley bags. Despite their beautiful planes, the airline uniform’s style is least popular among the passengers, which was revealed in a poll conducted by Skyscanner.

6. Air Asia

Most beautiful air hostess 2019

Air Asia is probably the only low cost airline service provider with such beautiful flight attendants. The beautiful faces of the Air Hostesses is probably the only thing that helps in maintaining the sanity of its passengers, during 13 hour long, no water, no meal, no blanket, crappy seat, low cost flights from London to Kuala Lumpur. Opt for this one at your risk. You certainly cannot survive an uncomfortable journey solely due to beautiful attendants around.

5. Emirates

Most beautiful air hostess

It is considered as the most luxurious airline service provider in the world. They have a team consisting of multiple ethnicities. They are in all colors, styles and shapes, which are united with a common factor of attractiveness. Just like the flight, their uniforms are also designed to reflect a royal look, giving them an alluring look, which adds more beauty to their charm. In first look, the uniform can appear conservative in a way; it however only reflects class, style and no nonsense. More than 93,079 candidates apply to become an Emirates Air Hostess, in one year.

4. Cathay Pacific

Most beautiful air hostess

One of the best Asian Airlines, Cathay Pacific has made its name in the industry because of its accolades and excellent services. The Hong Kong based airline has a sharp and sexy flight Hostess staff. They all wear red uniform, which adds more beauty to their already attractive features. Their Flight Attendants are considered the best candidates amongst all the other airlines. Their Air Hostesses look like super models, which should be showcased on the ramp. They are known for their effortless administration and proficient comforting skills. They had the most conservative uniform in the early 1950’s, which changed in early 80’s and 90’s. Their current uniform was designed in 2010, by a Hong Kong designer named Eddie Lau.

3. Aeroflot Airlines

Most beautiful air hostess

Aeroflot has provided a distinctive design, with a common red color to its Air Hostesses uniform. Russians are usually considered major fallout in fashion industry. However, crisp caps on their beautiful faces look very stylish and trendy. The high angled neck ties placed elegantly on their neck make them look like angles just arriving from paradise. Their uniform topped the list for its style in a survey conducted by Skyscanner. Air hostesses are selected solely on their looks. The company is pretty crude about their beauty standards.

2. Singapore Airlines

Most beautiful air hostess

Singapore Airlines is one of the most loved and only popular airline brand which garnered appreciation and love from its passengers. These extremely beautiful young flight attendants will make your day by flashing you a friendly smile. Despite having the most beautiful staff with the airlines the company is known for their services and hospitality. They have been receiving the best Cabin Crew Award consecutively for their service for the last 17 years, by Business Traveler’s Asia-Pacific Award.

1. Air France

Most beautiful air hostess 2019

The Dreamy faces of these French Air Hostesses are unmatched with anyone in the world. Their stylish uniforms were designed by well known designer Christian Lacroix. The airline is not so popular for its services or its comfort. However, these angels will definitely do their best to distract you from the uncomfortable seats, with their beauty. The stylish tub mannequin stewardess uniforms of these pretty angels look gorgeous when giving a sweet smile to the guests. The seductive black uniform is enough to increase your heart beat. These flight attendants are not only glamorous but cheerful and elegant too.

So, the hot air hostesses of Air France grab the first position.

Air Hostesses often lead a changeling life, where they are required to smile 24*7, and look perfect for the airline passengers. They have to put a lot of hard work and care in order to enter their dream airline services. Their routine is regarded as glamorous, where they get to travel the world; it is however rare that one gets to know how hectic their schedules might get. They often have to face humiliation as well as harassment by passengers, and yet they stand solid like a rock, maintaining their professionalism, providing service to the passengers.


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