Top 10 Most Amazing & Beautiful Lakes In USA For Summer Vacation 2019

If you are looking forward to some places in the United States to spend your summer vacations, here are some exciting lakes where you can go and relax. These lakes are not just a treat to your eyes, but also they are the most spectacular stretches of water.

These lakes provide a wide range of fun and activities for the visitors. Tourists can camp, stay near these amazing and fascinating places and have a wonderful summer. So, if you are ready for a tranquil and soothing vacation. Go through the list and add some places to your bucket list.

10. Lake Lanier Island:

Most Amazing Lakes 2019

The Lanier Lake is located at around 30 minutes away from the North of Atlanta, Georgia. The lake is really large and has many islands. The place is a perfect escape from the crowd of the city. Many activities are present in the lake area like spa center, water parks, campgrounds and many others. The lake has an amazing history. The part of the lake was originally a hill. A dam was created in the year 1956 and due to the immense flooding, the lake was created in this part of the land. The area has been commercialized and many hotels were opened on the islands. It is a place of vacations for many people.

9. Lake Tahoe:

Most Amazing Lakes

Lake Tahoe is considered among the most beautiful lakes in the States. The water of the lake has an unusual quality. The color goes from Caribbean blue to black due to the presence of a deep hole in the Sierra Nevada. The lake was given the name of the USA’s best lake in 2012 by the USA Today. The lake was formed around two million years ago. During the ice age the lake itself got shaped. This lake is the second deepest lake in the USA. The area that surrounds the lake was originally the home of an Indian American tribe known as the Washoe.

8. Lake of the Ozarks:

Most Amazing Lakes

The Lake of the Ozarks is a reservoir and is located in the Central Missouri. The lake is also known by the name of the Magic Dragon. The lake was created to stop the flow of the Osage River. The lake immediately became a place of tourist attraction. The lake offers a place for all the wild and crazy parties of the youngsters. The place is a perfect place for parasailing, boating, jet skiing, fishing and many water activities. To enhance your visit a beautiful shopping area is also present. The place provides both wild and laid back environment.

7. Lake Superior:

Most Amazing Lakes

Lake Superior is an amazing and eye-striking beauty and the clear water provide the amazing atmosphere for your vacations. The water is so clear that the underwater visibility is 27 feet. The lake is not just the biggest and largest but is also the largest freshwater body on the planet. The lake has been given this superior name because of the length. The lake is also known as the hub for shipping. The water of the lake is rich in species of fish. Around 80 species of fish are found in the lake. The lake consists of 22 islands. The natural and soothing place is perfect for your vacations.

6. Wallowa Lake:

Most Amazing Lakes

The Lake Wallowa is located on the South of Joseph. The lake was created by the glaciers in the Pleistocene period and the boundary of the lake is marked by the presence of rock and debris from the glaciers. The area was given as a treaty to the first inhabited Wallowa band of Indians. Later the land was taken over by the government. Many monuments and the lake are named in honor of the tribe. The lake provides a warm environment for swimming in the summers. The lake is surrounded by picturesque mountains and provides an awe-inspiring view to the visitors.

5. Lake Chelan:

Most Amazing Lakes 2019

The lake is situated in the Chelan County of Washington. The lake is a narrow stretch of water. The lake is surrounded by many peaks of mountains. The view is perfect for the calming and relaxing summer vacations. The lake offers many activities for your vacations. The lake is originally a glacial valley that is protected by a nationally protected forest. The lake provides a perfect ambience and is perfect for wild as well as laid back vacations.

4. Lake Powell:

Most Amazing Lakes

The beautiful and amazing lake is a reservoir on the Colorado River. The lake was created naturally by the flooding of the Glen Canyon Dam. The lake is named in honor of a Civil war veteran. The lake consists of the 96 canyons. Every year a lot of people visit the lake. This awe-striking and splendid beauty is a must visit for people. The Lake offers many activities like scuba diving, boating, parasailing and many others. The winters are also amazing on this lake. The snow and the red cliffs along with blue waters are a treat to the eyes.

3. Lake Cumberland:

Most Amazing Lakes

This amazing lake is built for flood control and the production of hydroelectric power. The lake is a reservoir. The lake is a major tourist attraction for many people in the summers. The place also provides to be an amazing fishing spot for many fishermen. There are many activities that are provided to prove a calming vacation. The place is best for the wild parties and the soothing laid back vacation. You may spot bears from time to time swimming in the lakes.

2. Redfish Lake:

Most Amazing Lakes

The Redfish Lake is located in the Central Idaho in the Sawtooth National Recreation area. The lake has been named after the sockeye salmon found in the Pacific waters. The area around the lake offers a lot of summer activities for the tourists. The place is surrounded by people throughout the year. This lake is also a place for mountaineers. The place provides an amazing atmosphere for your vacations.

1. Lake Havasu:

Most Amazing Lakes 2019

This beautiful lake is a reservoir on the river Colorado. It is named after the word Mojave meaning blue. The area was inhabited by this tribe once. The place offers a soothing and peaceful environment for the tourists in the summers. Many relaxing activities are provided for the tourists at the lake. The ambiance and the amazing, awe-striking beauty attract many tourists.

If you are thinking of some amazing places to spend your vacations this list will prove to be helpful. It is very difficult to choose between these amazing and beautiful lakes. All these lakes are provided with unique and picturesque beauty. The lakes provide a soothing and charming atmosphere for your vacations. These places are really beautiful and help you take a break from your hectic schedule.


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