11 Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2019

The Animal Kingdom consists of several and different kinds of animals. The reptiles, hunters, herbivores and many other all combine to make up the marvellous kingdom that is unique in its own way. One can wonder how these animals’ acts with presence of mind and intelligence. With thorough observation and studies the scientists have exposed many hidden and interesting facts about animals.

Many scientists believe that Animal had survived throughout the ages through their intelligence only. They might lack the logical brains like human but they do possess some of the amazing intelligence which can make one go wondering. So, let’s look up to amazing facts of animal Intelligence.

11. The Hard drive powered Rats

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence 2019

Rats unlike human have working memories. In terms of computers, Rats possess unique RAM memory. Humans the working memory allows us to store and process information such as to play video games, follow conversations etc. In an experiment conducted it was observed that Rat’s working memory allows them to recognize and respond to certain environmental stimuli. This kind of behavior is similar to that of crows or ravens. Scientists have observed that Rats uses their Whiskers to responds to vibration as humans did with their fingertips.

10. The Excellent Memory of Horses

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

It has been reported in various magazines and journals that a Horse possesses an excellent memory status. A horse can recall any possible activity that had occurred in its presence. This ability provides the Horses to bond with someone who takes care of him. It is also a well known fact that a Horse can remember different types of sound and voices. The fact that is truly remarkable is that The Horse can even remember few letters and numbers.

9. Learn how to fake it feat the Zebra

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

Zebras are probably the most underrated animals in the Horse family. But these clever animals are the masters of behavioural changes. They can even fake or change their behavior according to existing circumstances. A Zebra behaves in precise manner so to favor the conditions. Like A Zebra can fake sickness, anger etc. They tend to present various moods in different situations. When facing an enemy they tend to project anger and aggression to its enemy .Similarly, when Zebras are genuinely sick, but while facing his potential mate, they tend to forged their robustness. This sort of pattern in behavior is regarded as certain level of intelligence and often compared to human.

8. The Superstitious Monkey

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

It is an accepted fact that Humans have evolved from monkey and a certain quality of making biased decision and following pattern is inherited to us by them only. In a research conducted by scientists on rhesus monkey, it was observed that monkeys tend to observe patterns in random events. In a series of event it was observed that monkeys are very quick to understand and follow a certain pattern. If a certain pattern will help them achieve success, they surely will follow it the very next time which we pronounce as Superstition. So, the next time you follow a Superstition; do smile knowing the inheritance behind your superstition.

7. The Alzheimer’s bird

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

A research from Duke University had concluded that song birds such as the Sparrows tend to experience memory loss. This phenomenon is a counter effect as majority of its brain tries to learn songs. As amazing as it sounds, the study has confirmed that birds singing fewer songs tend to retain memory of where the food was available. The male sparrow even tends to forget the basic mental capability of finding food. There are few exceptions like the Starlings which tend to have a better response to puzzles in spite of singing more songs.

6. The thinking Fruit Flies

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence 2019

A common fruit fly has a lifespan of approximately 60 days which is as per our standards is not sufficient to develop advanced mental capabilities. A report from Oxford University has proved that they tend to think before they act like they tends to think more before making tough decision. In an experiment conducted by the scientist, the fruit fly was provided with various difficult conditions and the harder the decision the more time the fruit fly took to make decision. This experiment has shown that these fruit flies tends to have a higher intelligence than previously thought.

5. The Fashion Savvy Chimps

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

A report published in Animal Cognition, an amazing fact about chimpanzees was revealed that they are fully capable of starting fashion trends. That they are fully capable of starting fashion trends. They also exhibit coping behavior. Apparently, it was observed that female chimp started a new trend of poking grass in both the ears. Very soon, the other chimps began following the trend. Even after the trendsetter died, the trend remained within group. The very same trend can be seen in Human as we tend to follow a certain fashion statement or trend as seen. So, it can be concluded that fashion isn’t only confined to Humans only.

4. The comforting Elephants

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

One might not disagree if I would say that we, humans need to re-learn the trait of Consolation from Elephants. It was believed that Consolation was very rarely found in animals and was confined to certain group that includes human apes and a selected few. Most recently, a magazine had published a new theory based on observations that Asian Elephants are the newest members that exhibits consolation. When an elephant is distress lets say by seeing a dog or snake, the other elephants would rush to the distressed Elephant and would try to help by wrapping their trunk around him, just like a comforting hug. They also make chirping kind of voice that tends to calm their counterparts. Well, next time you see someone in distress I highly recommend you to adopt this particular behavior from the Elephants.

3. The Copying Wolves

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

A study on copying, observing and learning behavior of Wolves was lately published in PLOS ONE journal. The study procured that Wolves tend to learn better from each other when compared to dogs. The scientist conducted this experiment over wolves and dogs and placed a trained dog in between them. As the time passed by, the scientist observed that the whole group of Wolves was copying the trained dog in particular manners. Considering various factors like age, they conducted the same experiment on another group with lesser age but the results were unchanged. The only possible explanation can be that the Wolves survive in groups and hence are more dependent to each others.

2. The stealing Lemurs

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence

The con-animals “Lemur” can steal your food in blink of eye. The researchers from renowned Duke University had finally concluded that a group of Lemur is more likely to steal food when the person isn’t paying attention. The Social intelligence experiment set up in aforementioned university is the base of this particular conclusion. In the series of test, Lemur was sent in a room with two men with food in their plates. The observation showed that Lemur are most likely to steal behind a person’s back. The study also suggested that complex social intelligence is directly related to the size of social group. The larger the group the greater the tendency of stealing.

1. The Intelligent Dolphins

Most Amazing Animal Intelligence 2019

Well, everyone had once heard or read about the developed brain of Dolphins. Though the rarity and low population of dolphins made it very hard to interact and study Dolphins. The Dolphins are considered the most intelligent animals in the world. Several studies in journals and magazines had confirmed that Dolphins are the second to humans only in terms of brainpower. The most shocking fact is that if anyhow a relationship between humans and dolphin would establish. It might be possible to communicate with them.

The aforementioned list of the amazing characteristics shown by animal can really amaze one and all. The RAM memory of Rats to Amazing intelligence of Dolphins, the consolation of Elephants to the copying wolves, the more we observe the more we learn about these animals. The kingdom Animal is very vast and still there are several families that are still untouched and need more attention. The admirable mention goes to the Dogs and their extra special ability to remember the scent of someone they love and Cat’s amazing ability of mastery and comprehension.


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