10 Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World 2019

When asked about an ideal place to spend a day, no one thinks about spending it in a railway station. The clamor and noise of a railway station are enough to make any person abscond from the railway station as soon as possible. But many railway stations offer much more than chaos.

Many railway stations have a historical artifact connected with them. Some other railway stations offer an amazing architectural treat to the visitors. Travelling by train is considered as the best mode of transportation and if the railway stations are constructed then it will add more points to the journey. Here are the top 10 most amazing railway stations in the world in 2019.

10. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia

Most Amazing Railway Stations 2019

The construction of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station in Malaysia was started in the year 1910. The railway station was designed by a British architect A.B. Hubbock. The construction was completed in the year 1917. The architecture of the railway station is a blend of the architectures from India, Arabia and the West. Many people make it a point and pass through this station, although it is not the destination of the commuters. The railway station gives the appearance of a fairy tale palace than the railway station. Its architecture makes it one of the amazing and mind-boggling railway stations of the world.

9. Kanazawa station, Kanazawa, Japan

Most Amazing Railway Stations

The Kanazawa railway station in Japan is built in the Ishikawa province of Japan. The railway station is considered among the best railway stations of the world. The railway station in Japan was constructed in the year 2005. The entrance of the station is marked with a huge Tsuzumi Gate which is 14 meters in length. The gate is the first thing that the welcomes the passengers at the station. The eastern and western part of the station is connected by a beautiful and picturesque dome. The dome is a beautiful structure constructed using 3000 glass panes. The station is a perfect combination of the beautiful and amazing Japanese architecture and the futuristic architecture. The station is a treat to the eyes.

8. CFM Railway Station, Maputo

Most Amazing Railway Stations

The CFM Railway station constructed in Maputo is the only railway station in Africa that is considered among the strikingly beautiful railway stations of the world. The railway station is constructed in the capital city of Mozambique. The railway station is really beautiful with the amazing and mind-blowing Portuguese architecture. The CFM railway station was designed by Alfredo Augusto Lisboa de Lima, Mario Veiga, and Ferreira DA Costa. The construction of the railway station was finished in the year 1916. The station often becomes the venue for many concerts and exhibitions.

7. Milano Centrale, Italy

Most Amazing Railway Stations

The Milano Centrale is the most eventful railway station of Italy. The railway station is considered as one of the most happening railway stations in Europe. The railway station was constructed because the original railway station in Milan couldn’t handle all the additional traffic. The foundation of the Milano Centrale was laid by the King Victor Emmanuel II in the year 1906. The design of the railway station was selected in 1912 and the building was inaugurated in the year 1931. Italy faced a lot of economic crises in the World War I due to which the construction of the building carried on very slowly. The simple design of the building then became more and more complicated with time. The building that we see today is a perfect symbol of picturesque beauty.

6. Antwerp Central, Belgium

Most Amazing Railway Stations

Antwerp Central or as known by the locals Antwerpen-Central is the most beautiful and magnificent structure in Antwerp. Antwerp central was constructed in the year 1905. The architecture of the place is beautiful with some dome like structures. The beautiful and mind-blowing building was designed by LouisDelacenserie. The designer has used a blend of many architectural designs and the combination of all these designs proves to be marvelous.

5. Dunedin Station, New Zealand

Most Amazing Railway Stations 2019

The Dunedin railway station constructed in New Zealand is a perfect treat for the eyes. The magnificent railway station was designed by George Troup. The construction of the building was completed in the year 1906. The train transport has drastically increased over the years. The railway station is being used for many other activities. The upper hall of the railway station has been converted into the New Zealand’s sports hall of fame and the Otago Art Society. The railway station is one of the amazing buildings of the world.

4. St. Pancras International, UK

Most Amazing Railway Stations

The St. Pancras International railway station is among the stunning buildings of the world. The building is also known as the cathedral of the railways. This railway station was opened in the year 1868 in London. The station was constructed to prevail as a connection between East Midland and Yorkshire. The arched train shed of the station was the largest single-span roof in the entire world. In the early 60’s there was a huge threat of the closure of the station, but due to the intervention of its fans, the station was saved. The station comprises of around 15 platforms and an underground market and a bus stop. This building is a must visit for all the architecture fans in the world,

3. Liege Guillemins, Belgium

Most Amazing Railway Stations

Many of the great and amazing railway stations were built in the Victorian and the Edwardian Era. But there are some railway stations that have been newly constructed, but still manage to make a mark in the world. One such train station is the Liege Gullemins that was constructed in Belgium in the year 2009. The station is designed by Santiago Calatrava. The design depicts the modernist architecture. The five floored stations have a 105 feet long arc constructed from steel, glass, and concrete. The station is the busiest hub of Belgium.

2. ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus, India

Most Amazing Railway Stations

The ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus was formerly known as Victoria Terminus. This train station that is situated in India is among the most magnificent and splendid monuments of the world. The station is a perfect blend of the Victorian, Italianate and the Mughal architecture. The building was constructed in the year 1887. This marvelous piece of art was designed by Fredrick William Stevens and was named in honor of Queen Victoria. The name of the building was changed in the year 1996 in honor of ChhatrapatiShivaji who was the founder of the Maratha Empire.

1. Grand Central Terminal, USA

Most Amazing Railway Stations 2019

Known as the Grand Central Station to many people the building is originally termed as the Grand Central Terminal. This beautiful and splendid building forms the landmark of New York. The station is known as the most beautiful and marvelous train station in the United States. The station is among the six most visited tourist attractions of the world. The Grand Central is a huge station with about 44 platforms present on two levels. The building of this station was constructed in the year 1913. The station was designed by two architectural firms; Reed and Stem and Warren and Wetmore. There is an iconic clock present that was designed by Henry Edward Bedford.

Due to the increased technology many people prefer travelling by planes. A train travelling is decreasing day by day, but the monuments mentioned above are a must visit for any travelling freak. These places will be like a treat for your eyes. These marvelous works of architecture will give you an insight of the blend of old and new architectural techniques. The above given list will be of great use to you.


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