11 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Our planet is covered with oceans, seas, and lakes, which means there’s a beach to indulge any whim. From pearly crescents covered in shells to turquoise bays teeming with Skittles-colored fish, they’re not all created equal that’s why true beach lover can’t name a favorite swath of surf and sand as it changes with the tides. So, here is the list of top eleven most beautiful beaches around the world which a beach lover will love to explore:

11. Hawaii – The Big Island

Most Beautiful Beaches 2019

In Hawaii, the Big Island is like the sometimes awkward older sibling. Forgotten in favor of adorable little brothers and sisters, her attributes are often glossed over. Maui is for fun and families. Oahu attracts surfers, parties and outdoor adventurers. Kauai is for romance and luxury. Geographically unique, the Big Island boasts everything from black-sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rain forests.

10. Sicily

Most Beautiful Beaches

Picture a tropical island in which gentle waves spilling onto sandy shores, sunshine gleaming off a sparkling sea and volcanoes spurting steam in the distance. Add to that image: lush, rolling hills, topped by ruins from antiquity. And then you need to imagine the rich tastes of fresh seafood, decadent pastas, sweet wines and desserts. When night falls, the calm atmosphere transforms into a sizzling party in places like Mondello Lido and Palermo’s market area. This is Sicily, a balmy, laid-back refuge with an Italian mentality, especially seen in its cuisine and zeal for life. This large, triangular island is at the toe of Italy’s boot, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian, Mediterranean and Ionian seas.

9. Puerto Rico

Most Beautiful Beaches

Determining Puerto Rico’s charm is a no-brainer. Less than a three-hour flight from Miami, this island is a U.S. territory. Puerto Rico has both 20-foot waves for surfers and calm, clear waters for families. It’s a stroll back through time and an up-close look at the contemporary. It’s an exhilarating mix of landscapes, from the serpentine jungle of El Yunque to the corkscrew caves of Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy.

8. San Sebastian

Most Beautiful Beaches

With all of its remarkable offerings, it’s hard to believe that San Sebastian isn’t as popular as neighboring Madrid or Barcelona. But this oceanfront resort town deserves the same regard reserved for Spain’s most popular metropolises. San Sebastian’s timeless beauty has a tendency to put travelers into a trance, that is, if its world-class culinary offerings don’t take hostage of their taste buds first. The Basque Country lends a kind of cultural experience that deviates from what some might see as the norm in Spain. Here, flamenco and bullfighting aren’t sought-after cultural activities in the same way that pintxo bar hopping is.

7. Santorini

Most Beautiful Beaches

A massive volcanic eruption around 1650 B.C. forced the center of what was then a single island to implode and succumb to the sea. Some say that this was the original home of the lost city of Atlantis, which long ago disappeared into the ocean’s depths. Whatever remains of this mythological metropolis is now guarded by beautiful beaches and stately whitewashed homes. Today, Santorini consists of two inhabited islands and several islets. Most visitors spend their time on Thira (the archipelago’s largest island), which is home to Santorini’s major towns, including Fira and Oia. Sleepy Thirassia makes for a relaxing day trip too.

6. Kauai

Most Beautiful Beaches

Honey-dipped sunsets, chocolate-sand beaches, aquamarine skies — Kauai has mastered seduction. But the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain doesn’t have to resort to over-the-top luxury or tourist traps to entice; instead, it appeals to a no-muss, no-fuss type of traveler. Kauai’s is the island for those prefer rural to resplendent as there are only two major highways, and some regions can only be explored on foot.

5. Maui

Most Beautiful Beaches 2019

One of the archipelago’s most popular tourism spots, Maui can be found sandwiched between the Big Island and the much tinier Molokai. Maui is divided into five distinct regions: Many travelers base themselves along the coasts of South Maui or West Maui, where the sands of Kaanapali Beach and the music from the Old Lahaina Luau are located. But the rest of the island should not be missed. Travel along the Road to Hana to experience East Maui’s scenic coastline, explore Haleakala which is the world’s largest dormant volcano present in the Upcountry and explore the former tribal battlegrounds of Central Maui’s Iao Valley State Park.

4. Rio de Janeiro

Most Beautiful Beaches

Known as the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), this glimmering Brazilian metropolis has certainly earned its title. Resting at the mouth of a bay harbor, the city is lined with white-sand beaches, lush rain forests and surrounded by staggered green mountains. Rio de Janeiro boasts dramatic views from nearly every angle. From the slopes of Corcovado Mountain, you’ll admire the striking 125-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer, who overlooks Rio’s pristine beaches. And from the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema, you’ll admire the picture-perfect backdrop that has attracted Cariocas who are native Brazilians born in Rio de Janeiro and visitors alike for more than 500 years.

3. Honolulu – Oahu

Most Beautiful Beaches

Oahu blends cosmopolitan luxury and breathtaking scenery more than any other Hawaiian island. The state’s capital city, Honolulu, showcases the island’s urban appeal. Nearby you’ll find a host of cultural and historical sites, from the austere USS Arizona Memorial to ornate ‘Iolani Palace. In the nearby Waikiki neighborhood, a skyline of high-rises and resort hotels contrasts with sprawling white-sand beaches. For a taste of rural Hawaii, visit the North Shore. Here, you’ll find the most brilliant blue waters and meandering hikes. But those three spots aren’t all Oahu offers. Its high-class restaurants, vibrant cultural events, and wild nightlife further showcase this island as a “Gathering Place” of Hawaiian culture.

2. Amalfi Coast

Most Beautiful Beaches

Located in the Campania region of Italy, this UNESCO World Heritage site covers 34 miles of majestic terrain; sky-high coastal cliffs display vibrant vegetation and multicolored towns live side by side with the disarming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, creating a scene that has the power to stop even the most seasoned of travelers dead in their tracks. Each town at the shore of the Amalfi Coast is special in its own way and their glory is guaranteed to leave anybody completely gaga long after they have gone.

1. Bali

Most Beautiful Beaches 2019

Shangri-La, Elysium, Arcadia, Utopia and Bali are all synonymous with “heaven.” The only difference between them is that you can actually visit Bali. Many travelers have never been to this Indonesian island. Yet, the word “Bali” conjures daydreams of the most fantastical landscape: towering volcanoes wrapped in a deep green canopy, sandy shores that fade into turquoise waters and curving coastlines crowned with staggered pagodas. And believe it or not, Bali rarely disappoints. A traveler can stay at the palatial oceanfront resort and indulge in luxurious spa treatments, decadent cuisine and lazy sunbathing and a historian can find his or her delights at the island’s many temples while the adventurer can discover new paths up an active volcano in Kintamani. Plus, the town of Kuta boasts more riotous pleasures for those inclined to late nights.

In the above article we have provided an overview of the top eleven beaches around the world. We have provided the major attractions and specialties of these beaches which can increase the crave of anyone who have wanderlust or love beaches.


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