12 Most Beautiful & Cutest Bollywood Couples Of All Time

Celebrity couples! Oh, My God, their life is just like a fairy tale! They are the stars, everything is special about them! Perhaps this might be the attitude of the fan and followers, who madly love the pair on screen. Jokes apart, though celeb couples have always been the center of attraction, they are human beings too. They too have to face many problems just like others.

But on screen they act upon the role they are playing, so everything goes according to that and in Bollywood films love stories have been described with all its dynamic liveliness and sadness. But in real life, there are very few couples who are sharing a bonding for a long time with his/her on-screen co-star. Here we would talk about some of the best couples of all time from Bollywood who are still tied in relationships.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples 2019

The national award winner Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty met Yogita Bali in 1979. They first started to live in as a partner, and after sometime, they decided to tie the knot after they got the divorce from their previous marriage. They establish a stable marriage with three sons after crossing a long way of ups and downs in their relationship.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

There is a myth that love does not see ages, and this couple is the real example of that. They have an age gap of 22 years, yet they are the best couple in real life. The King of tragedy Mr.Dilip Kumar and the stunning diva of the golden era, Saira Banu, started their journey of romance in 1976. As a super star, Dilip Kumar had been the focus of many controversies regarding love affairs, but nothing can make this couple apart. They are still living very happily sharing the old age together. This cutest couple compliments each other in every sense. Their bonding is an instance of patience and compromises with each other despite the age gap, health issues and rumours of affairs.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

One is the dream girl of Bollywood, and the other is the macho superstar of his time. So when they share the screen in Sholay movie, their real life love story began to flourish. Their off-screen love created a sizzling story, just like a Bollywood Romantic Movie. They got married in 1980 and still now living happily with two daughters. Hema Malini was a diva in real scene, — a dancer and an actress and beautiful. She got many marriage proposals in her time and Dharmendra, though previously married with two sons could not resist the love attraction. Both of them are successful in creating an on screen and off screen partnership forever.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

The evergreen couple on screen, who have gifted so many blockbuster movies in Bollywood, is also a successful couple in married life. Being the son of famous Raj Kapur, he was the chocolate boy of his time. Neetu Singh played the role of heroine in most of his films, and their on-screen chemistry was just fabulous. Whenever they appear on screen, their naughtiness and sizzling acting were a source of non-stop entertainment. Their love for each other always revealed through their acting. After they got, married it proved that their love was not a rumour, it was true. After marriage, she concentrated on her family life. This beautiful and cute couple got married and lived very happily with one daughter and their son Ranbir Kapur.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

The two cupids met each other when Jaya was an established actress, and Amitabh is struggling for a career in Bollywood. But they were made for each other, so nothing could resist the two to tie a knot on 3rd June 1973. Still, they are the most sophisticated couple of Bollywood, though their relationship had to face so many tests. But patience is the ultimate virtue that wins. So they are in a good relationship as a married couple for over four decades. The love-bell rang much before Hrisikesh Mukherjee casted them in Guddi, when Amitabh saw Jaya on a magazine cover. Somehow Jaya Matches his dream woman and he developed a feeling for her. The next few years were just thrilling enough to compare with a movie. After they got married, Jaya quitted from films and involved herself as a home-maker, though her career was at the high point then. This couple have standing tall, facing all the hurdles in relationships by setting a new guideline of trust, respect, love and adjustment as a husband and wife.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

Their journey starts from the set of Lagaan and them chemistry is quite adorable. Though Amir started his career as a commercial actor, as he matured, he shifts over to serious type of films which always convey a message with entertainment. Kiran Rao is from a Telegu Brahmin family, and she started her career as an assistant director of Lagaan. She ties the knot with Mr Perfectionist in 2005 after Amir divorced his first wife. This couple is one of the cute and intellectual couples of Bollywood. Despite differences in religion, this couple has some similarities, which shows the understanding of the relationship. One such issue is—Kiran is a vegan, and Amir also turned into vegetarian after he got married to her.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples 2019

How could God resist them from falling in love with each other, when one is the Khiladi superstar of Bollywood, and the other one is a gorgeous and dazzling diva! Yes, they are none other than the self-made star Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. She is not only an actress, but also is an interior designer, a newspaper columnist, and a film producer. They came in contact on the set of a photo shoot for Film fare magazine, and No wonder Akshay develops a crush for twinkle instantly. Finally, they got married on January 1, 2001, and began their life as a husband and wife. According to Akshay-Twinkle is one of the intelligent, wonderful and talented women. As time passes, Akshay also proves himself as a responsible hubby and a loving Dad. Twinkle, being the daughter of Dimple and Rajesh Khanna, she could not make a significant career in films, but shows her talent in another curriculum as well as a responsible home-maker. This gorgeous couple is still living happily with their children.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

The coolest couple of recent years, who was once best friends, completed five years in their marriage life. They kick off their film career in Bollywood together from,” Tujhe Meri Kasam”, and perhaps these two love birds fall for each other. Their on-screen chemistry in, Tere Nal love Ho Gaya, was super cute and entertaining. Though, their filmy career was not so bright, but that could not affect their off-screen relationship. Their life is an instance of journey from friend to become a life partner. Both of them believe to live happily with their loved one. Being the Chief Minister’s Son, Ritesh is very down to earth, and Genelia is lively and just like our next-door girl. The couple has blessed with two kids, and their partnership as a wife and husband proves once again that a strong relationship needs no formal proposals and candlelight dinner, all its need is the friendship between the two.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

No, they are not so called hot pair on screen, but their partnership clicks very nicely. Yes, this couple is none other than Mr. Decent Ajay Devgn and the heroine of DDLJ, Kajol Mukherjee. Even the media was too negative while giving the verdict on this relationship as both Kajol and Ajay are just the opposite in nature. Ajay is shy and introvert, while Kajol is lively and fun loving. But, they prove everyone’s speculation wrong. They fall in love at the set of film Hulchal and tie the knot for a real life partnership on February 24, 1999. Their on-screen presence in some of the film proves their well understanding, even in acting. Both of them have an elegant personality, and still, they are living very happily with two kids.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

The Bollywood film industry, witnessed a royal marriage ceremony when Chote Nawab and glamorous Grand daughter of Kapur Family tie the knot. Both the bride and the groom are royal in every aspect—looks, appearance, family background, personality and a successful career in Bollywood and from the beginning of their relationship till marriage, it has created a ripple effect in media. Despite their age gap, they decided to tie the knot, and the wedding ceremony lasts for a week long. Recently they have been blessed with a baby boy, and after so many controversies over their past relationship the couple proves that when two hearts love each other, nothing can make them apart,


Most beautiful Bollywood couples

One of the most romantic and the cutest couple who are always on the front page of media. The most discussed couple in Bollywood. Aishwarya Rai was the miss universe and won an admirable and appealing beauty, whereas Abhishek Bachchan is only the son of the BIG B. Their on screen presence on the film ‘GURU’ is remarkable. They have blessed with an angelic baby girl in recent years. Though both of them have previous relations and breakups, by putting all the rumours apart, they are successful in their new role husband and wife. A responsible dad and a caring mum is a new designation, they have achieved through their understanding and compliment.


Most beautiful Bollywood couples 2019

There is a saying that “God made the pair”, and they are the real example of that. Yes! Nothing can depict their love story better than this. They are made for each other. The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and his beloved wife Gauri Khan is the instance of patience, understanding, love and support. The couple gets married in 1991, even when Shahrukh Khan was struggling in Bollywood for his career. Though Gauri has no connection with film industry, she has supported him all the time. As time passes on, SRK Become the one and only superstar Of Bollywood and the icon of youths by giving blockbusters movies to Bollywood. They got married in the year 1991 and blessed with three kids and their relationship as husband and wife getting even stronger before.

These above mentioned 12 couples are hit pairs of all time in Bollywood as they are continuing their relationship quite successfully. Being a film star, they are always in the limelight and focused, even they do not get much privacy sometime. But we the fan and follower should remember that, as there are ups and downs in every human relationship and film stars are no exception.


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