9 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities 2019

Black women are known as some of the sexiest women in the world. Black has always been struck the world with a bang. Black culture has blessed us with singers like Beyonce and Rihanna and some amazing talented actresses like Halle Berry and models like Naomi Campbell.

We all have crushed hard on these black celebrities and have wished for the same skin color as them. African American women are considered as some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world. So we have decided to list some of the most beautiful black female celebrities of all time. Below are the top 9 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities in 2019.

9. Oprah Winfrey

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2019

The Queen of television talk shows, Oprah Winfrey has always been a fantasy woman for most men. Her matured words of wisdom and personality make her one of the most beautiful women on the television. She has interviewed almost every big star in the world. Just like her smile, she is known for spreading positivity and love through her show. She is the biggest example of beauty and grace. She is considered as the most successful and influential black female of our time.

8. Mariah Carey

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

Mariah is a popular songwriter, producer, singer and record producer. She initially rose to fame in 1990, with her debut album named ‘Vision of Love’. This started a musical journey of success for Mariah. She is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, people do criticize her for her Diva tantrums. She has received multiple awards and nominations for her work in the music industry. She has also worked with some of the most popular stars in the business. Her natural curves and beautiful smile have always been a lovable attribute by boys.

7. Vanessa Lynn Williams

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

Vanessa is a multi-talented black celebrity who is a singer, actor and a fashion designer. She first rose to fame, when she Miss America in 1984. She was the first black woman to win this title. She then entered the music industry, making her debut with her first single named ‘The Right Stuff’. She experienced decent success in her music career and then went on to become a very successful model. After enjoying a stable modeling career she went on to become a fashion designer launching her clothing line named V.

6. Alicia Keys

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

The five-time Grammy award winner is amongst the most beautiful women singer in the world. Alicia Keys is blessed with an angel voice, which can be used in any type of song. She was indeed the perfect fit for Levi’s ad ‘All women are naturally badass’ campaign. Recently, Keys came out and decided to quit wearing makeup in order to help her fans embrace their true beauty rather than envisioning her illusion makeup covered beauty. As is embracing her true beauty with grace, she is seen walking red carpet events and other media meetings without makeup and looking as angelic as her voice.

5. Tyra Banks

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2019

Tyra Bank is the most popular and beautiful black model of this century. She is a dream come true for every guy and fashion designer. Tyra looks like a goddess, she is perfect from head to toe, everything about exudes beauty, be it her photo shoot or her ramp walks. Her perfect hair and effortless beauty make her the fifth most beautiful black woman on the planet. After her retirement, she proves herself of being more than just a gorgeous looking woman, by launching a world hit show ‘Next Top Model’, which has turned into a model search franchise across the globe in all major countries.

4. Halle Berry

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

Halle the Cat-woman of Hollywood, is a popular name of American movie business who doesn’t need an introduction. She is also the first Black woman to ever win an Oscar. She was the first actress who displayed and proved that talent doesn’t discriminate between race and color. She is definitely amongst the most beautiful and influential black celebrities of this century. She has played several distinct roles in her career, where she has played everything from being Bond girl to Cat-woman. She has a legacy of great cinema work, which includes different genres of movies.

3. Naomi Campbell

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

Almost every supermodel in the fashion industry looks up to Naomi Campbell and envies her attitude and style. She is the first successful black model who opened doors for black beauty to enter the entertainment business. No one can forget the ‘chocolaty’ Naomi clad in a white mini dress, dancing with Michael Jackson in ‘In the Closet’. Her beauty and experience in modeling motivated many modeling contests producers to hire her as a Judge on their show. She is almost 40 but doesn’t look a day older than a 30-year-old woman. She has also turned out to be a smart business woman who has a chain of restaurants and also has a reality show named The Face.

2. Rihanna

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

She is listed every year on the list of the most beautiful women on the planet. This Barbarian beauty is feisty and sexy to the core. Her sexy accent gives her songs a distinct seducing tone which has turned her into the sexiest pop star of this century. Her full bold lips and gorgeous eyes just add up to her sex appeal making her the most beautiful singer. The singer also doesn’t mind flaunting her body and has made some of the most beautiful music videos. She is an international star who is recognized everywhere. Unlike other celebrities, Rihanna doesn’t mind being blunt and upfront. Millions of girls envy her honey skin tone, which can make any hair color look good on her.

1. Beyonce

Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2019

The Majesty Queen Beyonce is, without a doubt, the most beautiful black women on the planet. Her perfect hair, body, smile, voice, and personality make her the best candidate for this position. Her pop star personality just adds up to her charm, making her the sexiest human alive. She is a complete package, who acts like a rock star on stage but still has heart of gold, who is humble enough to contribute to the society with awareness campaigns and charitable deeds. All her songs are about empowering women and womanhood, which makes her a perfect ideal for young her. She also actively supports her ethnicity and black culture and stands up for the people she belongs too.

These are some of the most beautiful black women, who have graced our planet with their talent and beauty. They are all popular for different things and talents but are united with their color, which they are love and embrace. They are a slap in the face of racist, who try to categorise beauty based on color.


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