Top 10 Most Beautiful Exotic Pets To Own

Gone are the days when people look just for cats and dogs to own as pets. It’s the time when they are drifting towards rare and exotic pets to get that can be made trained and that too legally. While some of them are too cute to handle and cuddle some are really creepy.

People differ in choices and so with respect to their choice while selecting a pet. Here is a list of some of the pets that are ready to get adopted and are very exotic in their presence as well. Let’s take a look.

10. Sugar Gliders

Best Exotic pets 2019

With a lifespan of around 10-15 years, the sugar gliders are too cute to own as pets. Belonging to the same genre as kangaroos, they were originated from Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. Too light weighted and small to handle their weight never grew more than 6 ounces and length 7 inches. So you can imagine how small cuddly these actually are. They have a great capability to glide through the air and love to eat sweet foods which gave them the name as sugar gliders. Having the ability to bond easily with humans and socialising they are one of the choices to get pet. It is been said that if they had to live alone for a longer period of time, they become really sad and also prone to die. Very talkative and interacting they are nocturnal so be prepared to engage yourself with them for longer periods of a day.

9. Tarantula

Best Exotic pets

Tarantula scares, well to me they do. Solely depending upon the choice where some people are seen to get scare a hell lot from just the view of tarantula some move forward to meet them happily. Having a lifespan of about 10-25 years, tarantulas are becoming one creepy and crazy choice of people who want to own an exotic pet. They are found in every part of the world except very cold places like Antarctica. 8 legged and 2 fanged tarantulas vary different sizes. From being as small as a fingernail they could be as big as a dinner plate. However the most preferred are the big ones because they are easy to watch over in a house and also easy to tend to. If you are also wondering as how can one own tarantula as pet as they look very deadly and suspicious, then to make your confusion at bay they rarely bite. The most popular variety of tarantula to be kept as pets is the “Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantulas”.

8. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Best Exotic pets

Either you get grossed or feel creepy with the sight of a cockroach; Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are becoming the one of the preferable choices as pets. Having a lifespan of 1-3 years, they are native to Madagascar. They make hissing sounds by forcing air through small holes present in their body and thus got the name as hissing cockroaches. The taboo factor can be considered as the wow factor why people are getting interested to own them as pets. Since they require minimum care and small living area, the maintenance cost is nothing with them. All that you need to be aware of is Madagascar Hissing cockroaches reproduce very fast so you might end up having generations of them by your side after a few months.

7. Skunks

Best Exotic pets

In the earlier days Skunks were mainly used to keep the rodents away to protect the crops. They are used mainly by the farmers by now being very playful and lovable they are taking a place as favourite exotic pets among the pets’ lovers. With the lifespan of about 12-13 years, Skunks weight just 8-12 pounds. They are also commonly called as polecats. The awful smell of the scent that they spray from their anal glands as a defence mechanism is too terrible to endure. Therefore it is important to remove their scent glands before you are thinking to own one as your pet. Skunks are very curious and clever when it comes to playing tricks. They are highly sensitive and love being cuddled or held.

6. Wallaby

Best Exotic pets

Wallaby are added to the world of exotic pets since the time they have seen growing not as big as kangaroo but being extremely cute like them. They grow up to 41 inches and weigh not more than 53 pounds. People love to own them as pets because Wallaby love being outside the home for the maximum period of time and playmaking high jumps all over the ground. A good backyard area is what they need the most for hopping around. They are very social and live human company. All that is needed to care of while owing them as pet is to make the backyard fencing little higher than normal. Since wallaby are the high jumpers like kangaroos they can easily jump off the fence and make their way to the streets.

5. Capybaras

Best Exotic pets 2019

Smart, playful and social is what describes Capybaras. They are the world’s largest rodent having a lifespan of around 8-10 years. They are native to South Africa and are quite heavy with an average weight of 150 pounds. They grow as long as 4 feet long with time that further adds to their weight. Being an extreme lover of water they love to spend most of their time submerged in a pond or river. With their hydrophilic nature and giant size, they are commonly called as ‘water pigs’. They are very social and love to mingle with others. So if you are thinking to have one Capybaras as a pet and your working schedule didn’t allow you to spend most of the time with them they instead of one, buy two. Alone they become sad and extremely dull. Give them a company, water to swim and exercise and you will see how adorably they behave.

4. Squirrel Monkey

Best Exotic pets

Squirrel Monkeys are emerging as one of the favourite exotic pets in the recent past. The credit for this goes to their extremely intelligent, clever, social and playful behaviour. They are highly adorable due to the fact that they can be trained very easily as they follow their owner in a wise manner. Weight just 2 pounds these little cuties belong from tropical forests of Central and South America. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that they used to spread their urine all over their legs, feet, hands and sometimes whole body in order to help mark their path. Therefore proper house training becomes very essential here. Another thing is they demand a lot of time and money for their good sustenance. So be prepared to spend both your time and money of squirrel monkey if you are planning to have one.

3. Kinkajou

Best Exotic pets

Kinkajou, having a life span of 20-25 years are one of the most fascinating and adorable exotic pets. They are the mammals and belong to rainforests of Central and South Africa. They live for as long as 4 years, so if you are thinking to own one, you can have a one-lifetime companion with you. They like human company and mingle with everyone easily. They are also known as honey bears because of their sweet and highly affectionate nature. Their docile behavior and playful and happy manners are what on a verge of making them a favorite option to look for while getting an exotic pet. They are summarized as having a body like an otter and face as cute as a baby bear.

2. Chimpanzees

Best Exotic pets

Chimps are now endangered species but they are still legal to own as pet. Due to their similarity with humans they have always held one top place when it comes to exotic pets. They are native to West and Central Africa and could be one interesting company to get by your side. Their high intelligence, friendly nature, sensitive and emotional behaviour are the things that makes them stand out of the crowd.

But before owning a chimp may need to be really cautious as they are very costly to maintain. Although regarded as status symbol they need extreme care for proper sustenance. With the lifespan of about 60 years, they could be your lifetime companion. They can weigh up to 100 pounds and have upper body strength about five times more than the average human. So before owing them, get into detail about all the pros and cons about their lifestyle and way of living.

1. The Hyacinth Macaw

Best Exotic pets 2019

This is the most exotic pet anyone can have. It is the largest macaw in existence that weighs around 3-4 pounds. With their origin in South America they are highly adorable as a flying parrot to own as pet. The beauty that the Hyacinth macaw enfolds is what makes them one adorable exotic pet. They are listed as endangered species because they are being captured and traded illegally. The long lifespan and the rarity are another reason why people want to have them in their home. They can break the cages apart because of their strong beak. Their attractive wingspans of about 4 feet make them highly gorgeous and adorable.

Since the love for pets never sizes their selection has taken a great drift in the recent past. By owning some of the most exotic and unusual pets, people have shown that the range of pets could be more vivid and broad. Are you also looking for a pet for yourself, then get out of the box and own something unusual and extraordinary for yourself.


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