Top 10 Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations in The World 2019

The world is full of places that amuse the mankind for its beauty. Some places are worth visiting at least once until you are alive. Although there are numerous places which could be your ultimate holiday destination if you are planning for, but some places are really going to make a long lasting effect in your life.

Here we have enlisted the top ten beautiful holiday destinations that people opt for. If you are also having vacations ahead and searching for beautiful holiday destinations which you can enjoy with your loved ones and family then do take a look at this piece of content.

10. Croatia

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations 2019

Croatia is that part of Europe which is considered sunniest as compared to other cold regions. It is filled with ubiquitous hotels and resorts that can make your memory and stay at Croatia remarkable. If you are a fan of Games of Thrones you, of course, would love to visit the place where it some of its scenes got to shoot. Won’t you? Having majestic Roman ruin the magnificent architecture of some places will keep you mesmerised to the core. Splendid beaches and amphitheaters are the extra bonus you’ll get once you visit Croatia. It is the perfect place for the coffee lovers as the country embraces the coffee culture a lot.

9. Thailand

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

Love beaches? Love street foods? Then Thailand is a must visit place for you. Thailand has some of the most luxurious hotels all around the world residing where you can feel like a prince or princess. The famous Pink Lake of Thailand which gets covered by pink lilies and red lotus are worth taking a view. The National parks of Thailand are full of exotic animals and species which are rare to found in any other part of the world. You can also plan budget train trips if you ever visit Thailand. There is so much to do in such a small country that you would like to visit it again and again.

8. Italy

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

If visiting Italy in the next holiday is in your mind then after reading this you will start making your plans for the same. The country is worth a visit due to many reasons. Different cities in Italy will take you into another world with the ancient architecture and majestic scriptures. While Rome is the hub of archeological sites, Venice is considered the best for having amazing churches and museums, great seafood and amazing shopping. Another reason for visiting Italy could be the food you’ll get here. The pure Italian food would make you its fan for life. People are nice and places are worth admiring. And do not forget to take a trip to Colosseum, one of the new wonder of the world.

7. St Lucia

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

The friendly people of the country St Lucia are so easy to mingle up that by the end of the trip you would be having a bucket full of friends with you. The history of the country being invaded by French and British will give you another aspect of viewing it. From the locality, you will get geared up with the local arts people have made around their houses. St Lucia is considered as the top rated island for doing scuba diving. So once in St Lucia do not forget to take a dive inside the sea. The exotic beaches and islands are worth pondering upon and giving this country a chance to visit.

6. Bali

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations 2019

Bali, Indonesia has become one of the top rated holiday destinations in the world in recent past. The warm welcome from the local people will enrich your soul and mind. Apart from people, the healthy yet tempting dishes will make your visit worth memorable forever. Beautifully designed hotels and restaurants will take your holiday even more enjoyable. The natural wonders of Bali are so mesmerizing and breath taking that it will leave you awestruck many times. Culturally rich and naturally peaceful Bali has some of the most amazing tourist spots to look upon. Plan a holiday to Bali and see yourself.

5. Maldives

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

Maldives is one of the most exotic holiday destinations so far. Being culturally rich the country is inhabited mainly by Muslims but a mixture of Sinhalese, Arab and South Indian culture is also seen widely. The National Museum, Presidential palace, Sultan Park, Male’ Fish Market and the Grand Friday mosque are worth taking a sneak-peek once you reach the country. it is also sometimes called as the exact definition of what paradise would look like. The crystal clear blue water of the island is so mesmerizing that it takes away your travel fatigue within seconds. If Maldives is on your bucket list then do give it a try and get a wonderful experience for a lifetime.

4. Scotland

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

A small country with wide possibilities when it comes to a holiday is Scotland. Being tucked behind England and Ireland, it has around 790 islands which are amazing in itself. The Isle of Skye is well known for its beauty and magnificence. The 6,200-mile coastline makes it one awe-striking holiday destination in the whole world. It can be said as a perfect destination for water lovers. The breathtaking castles in Scotland are worth a watch at least once in a life. Scottish food and whiskey are also popular among the people everywhere and when it comes to nightlife, people go mad about it. An adventurous life and mesmerizing landscapes will make you a fan of Scotland.

3. Cancun

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

Extremely exotic beaches are the most attractive places to visit if you have decided to spend your holidays in Cancun. The beautiful beaches of the country have managed to attract a lot of tourists every year. You can enjoy scuba diving, jet skiing and beach volleyball to the fullest. If you love to take an insight over the history then this place is just for you. Different sites in the country can showcase the Mayan civilization and their historical significances. One can make a trip to Chichen Itza if heading to Cancun. The tropical weather with a 23-degree centigrade temperature around the year will make you feel comfortable all the time.

2. New Zealand

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations

New Zealand and its scenic beauty have not escaped from anyone. If you are really looking for a peaceful place for your holidays than New Zealand could be your ultimate destination. The unspoiled scenic beauty of the country is incredible and worth a watch. The climate of the country may show extremes but it is always pleasing to visit the country any time in the year. The people are warm and friendly and would mingle up with you easily. It is one special and unique place which is worth spending the holidays with family and friends.

1. Switzerland

Most Beautiful Holidays Destinations 2019

Switzerland is the most beautiful place on the earth which could be an ideal holiday destination. Being enriched with so much beauty and magnificence, Switzerland has most amazing people on the earth. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the happiest countries in the world. From snow-clad mountains to exotic field views you can get every type of natural beauty in just one place. so if your pocket allows (since the country is little expensive) and you are all geared up for your next vacations, plan a trip to Switzerland. At the end of the trip, you can reward yourself with a Swiss watch and take home some Swiss chocolates for everyone.

With so many places in the planet earth these are the ten top notch holiday destinations which need to visit at least once in a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and get, set and go.


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