Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Russian Women 2019

There are various beautiful women from different parts of the world but the finest part about Russian women is that they completely hold being a female. Majority of them are self-regulating, however appreciate mannish behaviour of men, which is the reason why they are recognized as few of the most desirable women on this world.

Here, you will know about 10 most beautiful Russian women from diverse fields like modelling, sports, music and movies. Moreover, Russian beauties can be regarded as a comprehensive package – through a toned body, beautiful looks and a well-structured face. It is the impressive personality and implausible charm with mix of witness that made beautiful Russian woman at the top position in the world presently. It is definite that you will be interested in knowing about most beautiful and hottest Russian woman 2019, so for that read below:

10. Anna Semenowich

Hottest Russian women 2019

Recognised as plus sized beauty, Semenowich is a previous professional ice dancer known globally. Apart from being an outstanding athlete, she is a model, actress, and singer as well. In the initial phase of her career, it is known that Semenovich skated with Denis Samokhin. Both of them competed at two World Junior Championships, positioning at 8th place in year 1993 as well as at 7th place in year 1994. After a short-term partnership done with Maxim Kachanov, positioning fifth at year 1994 Goodwill Games, Semenowich collaborated with Vladimir Fedorov in year 1995. Other than that, she is the Russian bronze medallist as well as she competed at the 2000 European Championships as well as the 2000 World Championships, portraying her beautiful look.

9. Elena Zakharova

Hottest Russian women

Elena Zakharova is a renowned theatre and film actress with global recognition. She initially began her career in acting very early when she was studying in school. Zakharova is presently 42-year-old woman from Moscow but when you look at her, you will find that age has no impact on her beauty. She basically loves literature, Russian language, and foreign languages and after completing her graduation in year 1998, she started to work at the Moon Theatre. It was in year 2005 that Zakharova participated in the reality show entitled Empire a well as the TV series entitled Kadetstvo.

8. Anne Vyalitsyna

Hottest Russian women

Anne Vyalitsyna (alternatively referred as Anne V) is a beautiful Russian-American model presently. She is possibly finest known for her appearances for 10 successive year run from period 2005-14 in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Moreover, Vyalitsyna has been presented in the music videos by Alanis Morissette – ” Out Is Through”, other music videos include names like “Misery ” and ” Never Gonna Leave This Bed ”. In six months of her success, Vyalitsyna had functioned for Chloé, Anna Molinari, and Sportmax. Apart from that, she has also made appearance on the covers of ELLE, Vogue, and Glamour.

7. Glukoza

Hottest Russian women

Glukoza (real name: Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova) is a Russian singer and solo artist presently. This beautiful Russian woman is presently 31-year-old from the Volga Region, in USSR. Glukoza favourite hobbies are ballet and chess, in such games she spares her pastime. She has even accomplished a role in films such as War of the Princesses and Triumph as well as performed in few episodes of Yeralash. It is known that Glukoza became lucky through her music career while she was revealed in year 2002 by producer named Maxim Fadeev. Moreover, she even recorded her music video namely Nenavizhu (I Hate) and Nevesta (Bride), which was totally computer-animated.

6. Maria Sharapova

Hottest Russian women 2019

Maria Sharapova is certainly the most prevalent tennis player globally and she is very beautiful as well. This tennis player has been positioned as no.1 tennis player on numerous occasions in her career. This robust woman from Russia is incredibly sizzling and beautiful. Her attractive look makes Sharapova as certainly one of the greatest beautiful Russian women on this world. This tennis player can be stated one of the hottest looking Russian women and she is one of ten females, and the only Russian, to continue the career Grand Slam. Moreover, she is even an Olympic medallist, attaining silver for Russia in women’s singles in London at year 2012 Summer Olympics.

5. Maria Kirilenko

Hottest Russian women

Maria Kirilenko is an extremely successful tennis player and she has very successful career as a player. It is known globally that she is an excellent tennis player, however she is even a jaw droopingly beautiful and hot Russian woman. It was in year 2006 that Kirilenko was designated by Stella McCartney tennis range to be the face of Adidas. It is known that it was designed by famous British fashion designer named Stella McCartney as well as has performed solely since year 2006 Australian Open. In year 2002, Kirilenko turned out as one of the youngest winners of the Canadian Open as well as US Open junior tournaments, adding to her popularity.

4. Nyusha

Hottest Russian women

Nyusha (real name: Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina) is presently young Russian woman of age 27 from Moscow, Russia. However quite young, Nyusha is previously a popular singer. It is known that she began her singing career at an early age of 3 and had continuously appreciated the vision of becoming a singer. Nyusha’s first recorded song was entitled as Pesenka Bolishoi Medveditsi at an early age of 5. Nyusha’s initial concert was arranged when she was just 12 years old. This Russian woman is regarded as one of the greatest successful singers in Russia, having eight number one singles possessing the record of greatest N° 1 singles ever in entire Russia as well as owns huge status in media.

3. Zoya Berber

Hottest Russian women

Zoya Berber is a fair looking beautiful Russian woman of age 30 presently. This celebrity star is very prevalent for her TV series entitled Realinie Patsani (Real Guys) which adds a lot to her popularity globally. It was in year 2011 that Berber grabbed the 5th position in the Russian version of popular ‘Maxim’ magazine. It is known that in this she was chosen in the list of “100 sexiest women in the country” due to her beautiful look. Berber is mainly an actress, recognized globally for Realnye patsany in year 2010. In year 2015, she was pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend named Aleksandr Sineguzov, the baby was due in the summer.

2. Alina Kabaeva

Hottest Russian women

Alina Kabaeva is a world champion rhythmic gymnast, known for her achievements as well as beautiful look. Kabaeva has won various medals and is extensively recognized for her completely astonishing flexibility. It is the exquisitely sculpted body that makes Kabaeva even more beautiful. It is known that Kabaeva took retirement in year 2007 from competitive sports and since then she has been an associate of the Russian Parliament. Moreover, she is even believed to be secretly married in year 2008 to Putin. This Olympic champion possesses the supreme irresistible smile and presently she is a model and film star, retired individual rhythmic gymnast, and a politician.

1. Alina Artz

Hottest Russian women 2019

Alina Artz is an ex-soloist of the band entitled Sirius and she is the winner of the popular ‘Miss Russian Night’ contest. Basically, she was the presenter of the leading Russian sport reality-show entitled ‘M-1 Fighter’ which attained popularity. Alina is too an actress, a radio host, who made her debut in form of the presenter for the TV program entitled ‘Das ist Fantastisch’. This TV program was aired on NTV channel in which every new program was presented as a theatrical miniature enticing audiences. In those days, Alina was too acting in movies, plays in theatre as well as participated in the musical project entitled Sirius.

Russian beauties of present era are truly considered as divas and beauties worldwide due to their physical appearance. These most beautiful Russian women presently in world have dedicated severe efforts in shaping their career well towards development.


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