Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Swiss Women 2019

Switzerland is a country in Europe having a calm and moderate atmosphere. Throughout the year the climate is pleasant. Switzerland is known for its climate, deep valleys, mountains and natural beauty. It is also famous for beautiful women living there. Many of the beautiful faces of the world originate from Switzerland. Those beauties include models, actresses, miss globe and miss universe as well. Here is the list of all those beauties which are originally from Switzerland are top ten most beautiful Swiss women of 2019.

10. Sonja Kinski:

Hottest Swiss Women 2019

Sonja Kinski is considered as one of the most beautiful Swiss ladies. She was born on 2nd march 1986. She is known for her sharp features and maintained body. She had worked​ in many television shows, advertisements and movies. Her dark brown hair and deep dark eyes are beautiful, they are something different then the stereotype appearance of the Swiss ladies with blonde hair and blue or emrald coloured​ eyes. Sonja’s mother Nastassja Kinski was also an actress. Sonja not only got her looks from her mother but also the acting abilities. Sonja is multi-talented, along with the acting skills she is a painter and a photographer. Sonja in person is very sweet and easy going. She loves when people admire her and compare her with her mother.

9. Michelle Hunziker:

Hottest Swiss Women

Michelle is an Italian Swiss actress. She was born on 24 January 1977 in Sorengo, Switzerland. Michelle is considered as one of the most beautiful females in the Switzerland. Michelle has been active on television since last many years. Although she shifted to different genres of television. In her earlier career she was a model then she started hosting television shows, and then acted in movies, later she emerged out as a singer and released out a music album. Michelle is a multi-talented Swiss – Italian lady. The reason of getting Italian citizenship is that she married an Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, but they separate​d after 5 years of their marriage. Michelle is considered as one of the most bold and talented Swiss actresses.

8. Lauriane Gillieron:

Hottest Swiss Women

Lauriane Gillieron was born on 25th July 1984 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland. Lauriane is the eldest of four children, of the mayor of Prilly, ‘Alain Gillieron’. Lauriane is a beautiful lady having Swiss origin. She appeared in various television commercials. Due to her outgoing and flawless body she was selected in many beauty pageants. She participated in miss Switzerland in 2005, on 25th September she was crowned as the winner of miss Switzerland 2005. She didn’t stop here, Lauriane also participated in miss Universe 2006 and her performance in it secured her rank of second runner up. Lauriane’s name is taken in the list of most beautiful ladies of Switzerland.

7. Kat Graham:

Hottest Swiss Women

Kat Graham is a singer, an actress​, a model and a dancer as well. Kat’s original name is Katerina Alexandre Hartfort Graham. She was born on 5th September, 1989. She became famous at very early age. At the age of 6, she made her debut television series as child actress in Barbie, K-Mart, Pop-Tarts and Edison. At the age of 15, she started performing at different award shows as a background dancer. In 2002, Kat Graham appeared as the main lead in the situation comedy series Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel. Thereafter she appeared in several television shows like The O.C., Crime Scene Investigation, Greek, Malcolm in the Middle, Grounded For Life and Joan of Arcadia. Beautiful Kat is a very good actress, her acting skills made her successful.

6. Julie Ordon:

Hottest Swiss Women 2019

Julie Ordon is a Swiss actress and model. She was born on 27th June, 1984. She is tall, beautiful and has brown hair, deep blue/green eyes adds on to her beauty. Julie started her career as a model in year 1999 after winning a talent competition. She was offered a contract from Madison Models Agency, which is disfunctioned these days. She has also worked for some other modelling companies. Julie kept appearing different campaign and TV commercials. Her bold photographs ruled the magazine covers and hearts of her fans. Julie has also showed up in different films with appreciable performance. Recently she played a character in Bollywood movie Befikre in year 2016.

5. Sofia Milos:

Hottest Swiss Women

Sofia Milos was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 27 September 1969. Her mother was a Greek and her father was an Italian. She grew up in Rone, Italy. At the early age she participated in local Beauty contests and secured first place, then she tried for greater platform like regional and national beauty pageants. Every time she participated in any of the contests, she mostly won the first place. Then she decided to turn her career towards acting in movies and television. So she studied acting skills from very famous acting coach, Milton Katselas. Sofia appeared in many films and television series. In year 1992, she started her career and is still active. Sofia Milos is considered as one of the most beautiful ladies in Switzerland. Along with having good acting skills, Sofia is bold and has a well maintained figure, which complements her beauty.

4. Irene Jacob:

Hottest Swiss Women

Irene Jacob was born in Suresnes, France. In a family of well educated members, she is the youngest child of her parents. Jacob family moved to Geneva, Switzerland when Irene was three years old. Switzerland is the place where she developed her interest in acting. And made her debut at the age of 11 years. At first sight, Irene seems to be shy and introvert but her ability to act and express the emotions in her characters is fabulous. She has shown her talent in many films and stage plays. She has acted in different linguistic movies, Irene is fluent in English, German, Italian and French. She got the best actress in a leading​ role, in 1991 at Cannes Film Festival Awards also she was nominated for the best actress award category in BAFTA awards. Not only her acting skills but also her beauty makes her famous amongst her fans.

3. Melanie Winiger:

Hottest Swiss Women

Melanie is considered as one of the most beautiful Swiss actress. Thirty Eight years old Melanie was born on 22nd January 1979. She became miss Switzerland in year 1996. She also represented​ Switzerland at miss World 1997, held in Bangalore, India but she couldn’t hold any place out there. Similarly at miss Universe 1997, held in Florida she couldn’t hold any rank but her participation and performance gained her fame. Soon modelling assignments started heading towards Melanie. She hosted a television show in Switzerland, which made her very famous. In the same time period movie offers also approached Melanie. She appeared in the movie for the first time in Ready Steady​ Charlie, year 2003. Side by side Melanie also endorsed a boutique chain ‘Oviesse’. Melanie consecutively​ appeared in different movies and become popular. Soon in 2008, Melanie started working in television commercial. Her popularity increased in the European countries where the tv show was broadcasted.

2. Sandra Hess:

Hottest Swiss Women

Sandra Hess was born in Zurich, Switzerland to a middle class family on 27th March 1968. At present Sandra is 49 years old. She started her acting career at a very young age of 15 years. Before that she went to a Law college for studying, but before completion of her degree she moved out and started attending acting classes in Los Angeles. She got her first role in 1992, for playing a character of a cave women in the movie Encino Man. Sandra’s best ever performance​ is considered as the Sonya Blade’s character from the film Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. She is considered as one of the most beautiful Swiss women. Although she didn’t participate in any of the beauty pageants to prove this. Sandra has worked in some television commercials and series till date. Most of her die hard fans eagerly wait for her upcoming appearance either at cinema hall or on their television sets.

1. Marem Hassler:

Hottest Swiss Women 2019

Marem Hassler is also a Swiss origin actress born in year 1978. According to the public review, Marem is the most beautiful Swiss actress. She also has her production house. She has recently gained fame for her acting in movie Duo (2015) and Bone Tomahawk (2015). She has worked in many popular movies​ like Layover, Morlocks, Ambition, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) etc. Melanie is an ambitious actress and producer, she keeps trying to improve her performance. After the success of her film Duo, her fans are looking forward to see their favourite actress to come on screen and perform.

These Swiss beauties are all time favourite of the audience. All the ladies listed above are famous as well as multi-talented. One can comment that these ladies are beauties with talent. It is very difficult for any one to rate any of the actress upper or lower than other. All are excellent in their parts.


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