15 Most Beautiful Strange Flowers On Planet Earth

Flowers happen to be one of the most beautiful creations of the Almighty. Since time immemorial flowers have enthralled and enchanted the human kind. Flowers are used to depicting the emotions of one’s mind. Different flowers have different meanings attached to them.

For instance, a few flowers express love, while some depict peacefulness and tranquillity. Amidst this vast range of flowers, we provide you with a list of 10 bizarre but beautiful flowers which are sure to catch hold of your attention and intrigue your mind. Read on!

15. The Bat Plant Flower (Tacca integrifolia):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers 2019

The Bat flower happens to be one of the largest and most exotic flowers of the world. The flower is deep purple in colour and grows in a cluster. The petals of the flower represent a bat’s face while its long filaments resemble a bat’s whiskers. Native to a few regions of Southern Asia, the plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors, preferably in a shady area.

14. Darwin’s Slippers (Calceolaria uniflora):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

These little flowers derive their names from that of their discoverer- Charles Darwin who happened to come across them during his voyage in America. The flowers are orange-ish-yellow in colour with deep red to maroon-ish shading on their bodies. There is a white band across the lower section of the flower which attracts a local species of birds and thus pollination is propagated. Many people call them the “happy-alien” flowers as the upper part of the flower represents the smiling face of an alien with minuscule eyes, ears, nose and mouth, while many people refer to them as the chambermaids. These perennial flowers can be found in abundance in the southern region (Tierra Del Fuego) of South America.

13. The Passion flower(Passiflora incarnata):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

In 1569, a group of Christian missionaries from Spain came across this flower in Peru and named it the Passion flower as they found the flower to be endowed with abundant religious symbols: the pointed petals symbolize the lance used to kill Jesus, the tendrils represent the whips with which He was slashed, the radial filaments reminds one of the crown of thorns, the chalice-shaped ovary with its receptacle bears resemblance to the Holy Grail, the three stigmas symbolize the three nails while the blue and white colours of the flower symbolize purity and Heaven. The Passion Flower is used to cure numerous ailments like insomnia, anxiety disorders, and gastrointestinal problems. The flower gives off a beautiful fragrance which is used for various commercial purposes.

12. The Snapdragon Flower (Antirrhinum majus):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Native to the Mediterranean regions, the flower is now grown in the mountainous parts of Europe, America and North Africa. Popularly referred to as the Snapdragon or dragon flower, the flower typically resembles the face of a dragon with its pointed snout. When squeezed from both the sides, the flower which looks like a “dragon’s face” opens and closes its mouth gently. The flower comes in various vibrant colours and sizes and is believed to possess supernatural powers which can ward off evil. When the petals of the flower fall off, its seed pots become conspicuous and upon closer inspection, one finds that they typically resemble the skulls of human beings.

11. The Monkey-Face Orchid (Dracula simia):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Popularly known as the “monkey-like Dracula”, this rare species of orchid is found to grow in the cloud forests of Peru and South-Eastern Ecuador at elevations of 1000-2000 metres. The flower, when looked at, from a distance, precisely resembles the face of a monkey. The presence of two small dots which represent the eyes, a nose-like feature in the middle and the dense beard-like feature right below the nose is bound to remind one of the primates. From this monkey-face hang two long fang-like petals which have led people to call the flower the “monkey-like-dracula”.

10. The Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

“Mimicry”, in evolutional biology is a term which describes the phenomenon of one organism strikingly resembling another organism of a different species. There are various instances of “mimicry” in nature. There are numerous examples of flowers which resemble their insect-pollinators. Bee orchid happens to be one of them. From the name of the flower itself, it is quite evident that it resembles a bee. Bee Orchid is formed by a number of small flowers. Each of the small flowers has three pink petals, a large inner labellum and two inner tepals which resemble the antennae of a bee. Thus the whole flower appears like a bee. These flowers can be found in Great Britain, Ireland, along the Mediterranean, Turkey, Northern Iran, Middle East and North Africa.

9. The Parrot Flower (Impatiens psittacina):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Found to grow in Thailand, Northern India and Myanmar, this particular flower, when viewed from the sides, immaculately represents a parrot in flight. The flowers come in the colours of light purple or carmine red. In 1901, Botanist J.D. Hooker while describing the flower used the epithet “psittacina” meaning “parrot-like” and hence the name.

8. The Flying Duck Orchid ( Caleana major):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Found in the eucalyptus woodlands, swampy shrubs and heath land by the coast of Eastern and Southern Australia, this small, reddish-brown (or greenish with dark spots) flower resembles a duck in flight; the labellum, in particular, looks impeccably like the protruding beak of a duck and hence the name. But the male saw fly sees it as a female saw fly and tries to mate with it.

7. The Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectablilis):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers 2019

This flower has voluptuous heart-shaped petals with a droplet dripping out from its bottom giving it the impression of a “bleeding heart” or a tear oozing out from a broken heart. The flower hangs from its stem with the help of a small stalk- this particular imagery gives one a strong impression of co-dependent relationships. The Bleeding Heart essence is said to cure heartaches resulting due to distance or loss of someone dear to us. The flower helps restore peace, sanity and balance in a human mind. The flower is also often referred to as the “Lady in Bath” and “lyre flower”. Although Bleeding Heart is now bred in various parts of the world, earlier it used to be found in Asia only.

6. The Naked Man Orchid (Orchis italic):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Also known as the “Hanging Man Orchid”, the petals of this flower resemble the arms and legs of a hanging, naked man. The dots on the petals of the flower look like the eyes and lips of a smiling man. The flower comes in different shades of pink, white, purple and even yellow. Native to the Mediterranean regions like Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Israel, Portugal and Greece, the flower possesses anti-diarrhoeal, anti-flatulent and aphrodisiac properties. The Naked Man Orchid is also used to make the drink Salep, popularly known as the “Turkish Delight”.

5. The Ballerina Orchid (Caladenia melanoma):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

A rare species of orchid endemic, this magnificently beautiful flower is found only in south-western and western Australia. The flower possesses a single leaf, one or two cream-coloured or orange-ish petals that resemble the arms and legs of a miniature tutu and a broad white petal at the base which looks very much like the skirt of a dancer. When looked at the flower as a whole, it comes across as a graceful Ballerina dancer in the middle of a pirouette. This flower is considered to be critically endangered.

4. The Hooker’s Lips (Psychotria elata):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Also known as “Hooker’s lips” or the “hot lips plant” or the “kissable plant”, this unique plant is found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South American countries like Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. The plant acquired its name due to the shape of its fleshy, carnal bracts which resemble the sensuous red lips of a woman. The voluptuous bracts are so shaped to attract pollinators. However, the bracts resemble the lips of a woman only for a short period of time; after a while, the bracts spread themselves open to flaunt pretty little white or yellow flowers within. Unfortunately, owing to large-scale deforestation, this plant now tops the list of endangered plants.

3. The Bird-of-Paradise (Strelitzia reginae):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

Originally from South Africa, the flower resembles a bird-of-paradise taking flight, stretching its wings. It’s vibrantly coloured petals (mostly orange and blue and sometimes white) and leaves bear a strong resemblance to the plants of the banana family. As it blooms, the petals exhibit themselves one by one, making the flower look like a bird-of-paradise taking flight. Also called the “Crane Flower”, it symbolises faithfulness, love and peace of mind. The flower also represents freedom and joyfulness. It happens to be one of the most popular tropical flowers and serves as a perfect gift for our loved ones. This exotic flower has been named after Queen Charlotte, the Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and its image can be found engraved on the reverse side of a fifty-cent coin of South Africa.

2. The Virgin Mary in Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers

These beautiful flowers bring peace, serenity and calmness to one’s perturbed mind and reminds us that the Earth is indeed the Creation of the Holy God. On closer inspection of this flower, we find a miniature figure of a woman engraved within the flower which bears a striking resemblance to the Catholic Madonna. The petals are stark white in colour and they give one the impression as if they are shrouded by a cover of thick snow and frost. When sunlight falls upon the flowers, the petals glisten and sparkle- this image happens to be a visual treat and brings joy to a viewer’s mind.

1. The Swaddled Babies Orchid (Anguloa uniflora):

Most Beautiful Strange Flowers 2019

Native to the Colombian Andes, Tulip Orchids, popularly known as “swaddled babies” were discovered by botanists Hipolito Ruiz Lopez and Jose Antonio Pavon Jimenez during their ten-year expedition to Chile and Peru. At various stages of its bloom, the flower inevitably resembles a baby sheathed in a white cloth. The flower possesses a tantalising fragrance with the help of which the flower entices its insect pollinators to move towards its hinged lip. Each flower is about 18-24 inches tall with conical pseudobulbs. Each pseudobulb gives rise to a single stem from which develops a single bloom. The flowers usually grow well at an elevation of 1400 to 2500 metres. It’s preferable that one grows a swaddled baby orchid plant in a shady and moist place.

Call these flowers “beautifully strange” or “strangely beautiful”, they are sure to leave one both amazed and bewildered at the same time. These flowers most definitely make one marvel at the diversity and beauty of nature and the dexterity with which our Creator has created them.


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