9 Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France 2019

When we talk about the country with the highest number of tourists, France comes to our mind. It has a magic in its air and surrounding. One will fall in love with the architecture, museums, vineyards, snow-capped valleys and countryside of France. This country is rich in culture and offers a lot to the visitors.

Not to forget the famous Cannes Film Festival and many other international events are held in this cosmopolitan country. It is home to world famous monuments, palaces, museums and beautiful coastline. Below is the list of best destinations to visit in France:

9. Arc de Triomphe

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France 2019

A symbol of power and unification, Arc de Triomphe is standing tall in the capital city of Paris. The magnificent piece of art was installed between 1806 and 1836. It still retains the original thought even after centuries. One of the marvelous and jaw-dropping monument attracts millions of visitors. After watching the monument one will get a glimpse of 19th-century architecture. Arc de Triomphe is dedicated to fighters who participated in Napoleonic wars. The visitors can read the names of Generals which are engraved in the arch. It reminds us of the important events that had occurred in this route.

8. Rocamadour

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

Next on the list is Rocamadour, a village located in south-central France. Around 600 people reside in this village. Rocamadour is perched on the top of the mountain. Millions of tourist visits this place round the year. This millennium village is also one of the holy places in France. According to the inhabitants, the place has healing powers and so it became a holy destination. Moreover, moving around the village will take you into the past. Climbing the region will make you adventurous. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranks as the best village in France. Ancient architecture and spiraling alleys will make the visitors amazed.

7. Carcassonne

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

A medieval city surrounded by lush greenery and rests near the Aude River. If you are a nature lover then this city has a lot to offer. The vineyards in the periphery are worth giving a visit. The length of the wall surrounding the city is around 3 Kilometers. It has been protecting it for centuries. The walls are accompanied with long towers. In total 52 towers are built along the wall. Wooden parapets were built on the upper part of the walls. These wooden embankments provided protection to the soldiers during wars. Many poets were mesmerised by the beauty of this walled city. It also houses one of the national monuments, Basilica of Saint-Nazaire.

6. Chamonix

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

When you are in France, how can you miss the famous French Alps? Chamonix or Chamonix Mont Blanc is situated in the south-eastern part of France. It holds the record to conduct the first Winter Olympics in the world. Well-known as the oldest ski resorts in France, Chamonix is located adjacent to the peaks of Aiguilles Rouges. Apart from Skiing, one can also enjoy paragliding, hiking, golf and rock climbing here. Snow peaked mountains and alpine air will make you awestruck for hours together. The visitors can enjoy the ride in Tramway du Mont Blanc; visit the largest glacier in Europe at Mer de Glace or just head towards Brévent – Flégère Ski Resort.

5. Alsace

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France 2019

Next in the list is Alsace, a region of historical importance. It is near to the border of Germany on one side and Switzerland on the other side. Alsace lies in the eastern part of France on the banks of Rhine River. Most of the people in this region are influenced by German culture and tradition. To our surprise, Alsace was once a part of Germany and later became a part of France. One can get immersed in the traditional culture of this region by watching the villages, timbered houses with steep slopes, bakeries, and many boutiques. Apart from the above one can enjoy the city life of Strasbourg and Mulhouse, two major cities in this region. The cities offer beautiful churches, historic centers, and annual Christmas market, and world famous car museums.

4. Loire Valley

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

Beautiful landscapes, castles, and wines describe the very existence of Loire Valley, located in the central region of France. One can get the taste of rich Renaissance culture and architecture of Western Europe here. Loire River, the longest river in France passes through Loire Valley. It also houses the world-famous Chateaux like Chenonceau and Châteaux d’Amboise. You would be astounded to know that there are around 100 castles in this valley. Some of these castles are open to visitors. When you are in Loire Valley, wine tasting will excite you. This is the right place to taste the best wines in the word. Many vineyards are spread across the fertile riverbank. Nature lovers will be lost in the pristine landscapes of Loire Valley.

3. Versailles

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

One of the top most places to visit when in France is Versailles, located in the outskirts of Paris. There are many interesting spots in the city of Versailles-like Gardens of Versailles, Royal Opera of Versailles, Grand Trianon and Notre-Dame de Versailles. Among the above list, the Palace of Versailles is well-known throughout the world. This palace comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site and was installed in the year 1623. It houses marvelous architecture and valuable gems. With more than 350 mirrors the Hall of Mirrors inside the palace is a must visit. Earlier it used to serve as a place to hold royal meetings. If you are not tired then you can stroll through the 800 hectares Gardens of Versailles which is full of greenery.

2. Louvre Museum

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France

It has many hats to its name like the largest museum in the world displaying 38,000 exhibits. Some of these exhibits belong to prehistory and also has objects from the 21st century. It receives the second highest footfalls of tourists when compared to other museums in the world. Spreading across a wide area of more than 72,000 square Kilometers, Louvre Museum is not only big but huge. Even one day is not enough to have a look at each object in the museum. The list is long as one can see the Egyptian antiquities, beautiful sculptures, and paintings. Separate halls are allocated for Greek and Roman displays. This grand museum is a part of Louvre Palace. Apart from the above Louvre Pyramid is a must visit.

1. Eiffel Tower

Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In France 2019

In the top of the list is Eiffel Tower, which was completed in the year 1889. One of the most visited spots in France, this tower has become a cultural ambassador of France. This is the tallest tower in Paris and rises up to 324 meters above the ground. It is equivalent to an 80 storey- building. It is also registered as one of the tallest man-made towers in the world. The tower can be divided into three sections; first and second levels are meant for restaurants. Topmost level serves as an observation deck which can be reached with the help of stairs or lifts.

Above describes the top 9 destinations to visit in France 2019. The list has been created by referring to online sources and we have tried our best to present the updated list. There are lots of interesting places to be visited in France and searching for 9 out of it might not be justified. Even the parks in France are attractive, the hotels and cafeterias will make you more comfortable. This country can provide the tourist round the clock entertainment. So next time when you plan to visit France, make sure you don’t miss out the above list.


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