Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In England 2019

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country. You can see greenery everywhere with its beautiful countryside and beautiful lakes and rivers. The country has some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not many people know that the United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful villages in the world as well.

The best part of the villages in England is that you can find some of the most beautiful architecture. Every village in the country has some historical background attached to it. Usually, you have castles and mansions in the villages in England. You have your quota of lakes that plays a great role in enhancing the beauty of the place.

The most positive factor about all the villages in England is that you get the purest air to breathe. Pollution is nowhere to be found. Hence, the most beautiful villages in England should qualify as the healthiest places in the country as well. Each village is beauty personified. Hence, we are not listing them on a scale of 10. Each of the villages described below can be termed as equal as far as beauty is concerned.

10. Bibury: Gloucestershire

Beautiful Villages In England 2019

Bilbury in Gloucestershire County is famous for its honey-colored 17th century stone cottages. At one point in time, weavers used to occupy these cottages. They used to supply cloth to the Arlington Mill. Of course, there is no mill today but the memories remain. The River Coln flows right through this village bisecting it into half. You can usually find Japanese tourists here because Emperor Hirohito camped in this village during his European tour. Described by 19th century artist William Morris as one of the most beautiful villages in England, this village has been used as a film location especially for films like Stardust, and Bridget Jones’s Diary. With population less than 1000, this is a quiet village in every way.

9. Amberley: West Sussex

Beautiful Villages In England

Situated at the foothills of South Downs, Amberley is a beautiful village in the West Sussex County. One of the few villages to have a railway station of its own, Amberley is famous for its thatched houses. The biggest irony is that there is a house named The Thatched House, but it does not have a thatched roof. The biggest attraction of this village is the Amberley Working Museum. This museum served as a set location in the James Bond film, ‘A View to a Kill’. The River Arun flows just beside the village. You can also find wild fowls in this area.

8. Lamberhurst: Kent

Beautiful Villages In England

The beauty of England is that they have preserved their age-old castles and mansions. The Scotney Castle in Lamberhurst village in Kent County has a reputation of being one of the romantic castles in England. The 18th century garden, Sprivers Horsmonden is also a tourist attraction where you can have a nice cool walk through the woods. This is a historical place having some memorable locations like the Georgian Finchcock House that has an amazing collection of keyboard instruments. The countryside is breathtaking as you get to explore the Forest of the Lamberhurst Vineyard and the Bedgebury National Museum.

7. Avebury: Wiltshire

Beautiful Villages In England

One of the few places in the world where you can find stone circles even today, Avebury is one of the most beautiful villages in the UK country side. Though the numbers of stones have reduced over the years, there is evidence of the prehistoric stone circles in this village. The main attraction of this village is the stone circle as it is open for all hours. The beautiful climate in this place allows you to have your lunch while sitting on these stones. Do not forget to visit the largest man-made mound in Europe, Silbury Hill.

6. Polperro: Cornwall

Beautiful Villages In England

Located on the south east Cornwall Coast, Polperro is a picturesque fishing harbor village. The beauty of the village is the presence of narrow lanes lines with houses on both sides. Voted as one of the most beautiful villages in Cornwall County, one should enjoy the boat rides to visit the nearby picturesque islands. The key attraction of this village is the heritage museum about fishing. Once the favorite hot spot of smugglers, you get some of the best seafood in the county. A simple walk along the river estuary would be enough for you to soak in the beauty of nature.

5. Clovelly: Devon

Beautiful Villages In England 2019

Clovelly in Devon is another harbor village in this list of the most beautiful villages in England. The best aspect of this village is that you cannot see any motorized vehicles in the village at all. Situated in a cleft of a steep hill, you have dense woodlands all around the village. The breathtaking view of the sea from the mountain slopes is a sight for the Gods. You can still see donkeys carrying the goods up and down the steep slopes and sledges. This is a private village where the tourist has to pay an entrance fee to enter. Meticulously maintained by the craftsmen, this village is the ideal place to rest in the summer months.

4. Ambleside: Lake District, Cumbria

Beautiful Villages In England

If you want to have a glimpse of the daffodils, the best place is to be in Ambleside in Lake District during the spring months. You can see hundreds of daffodils surrounding a 21-feet high waterfall, the Stock Ghyll Force. In addition, you can have a glimpse of some of the oldest water mills in the country. There are 12 of them in this village. You can take steamers and have a fine view of the surrounding mountains. This village is the base for several hiking and mountaineering expeditions. You can enjoy a ride on the mountain bike as well. It can be an event you would never forget in a hurry.

3. Plockton: Scotland

Beautiful Villages In England

Scotland also forms a part of the United Kingdom. Hence, it is proper to have a representation from this beautiful part of the country as well. Scotland, in general is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plockton, situated on the sheltered bay of the Loch Carron was a fishing village at one point in time. Today, the main occupation of the village is catering to tourists, especially photographers who come to revel in the beauty of Nature. A visit to Duncraig Castle, a mansion built by Sir Alexander Matheson is recommended for tourists from all over the country.

2. Beddgelert: Wales

Beautiful Villages In England

Wales is also a part of the United Kingdom. One of the most beautiful villages in Wales, Beddgelert lies at the converging point of the rivers, Glaslyn and Colwyn. The village has a very rich history having got its name from the hunting dog Gelert belonging to the Prince of Wales, Llewelyn in the 13th century. Birdwatchers can have a gala time in this village watching the nesting ospreys during the summer months. This village has some of the most beautiful flower displays in this part of the country.

1. Castle Combe: Wiltshire

Beautiful Villages In England 2019

This village, Castle Combe in Wiltshire County can claim to be the most beautiful village in England. You can find some exquisite stone-walled cottages on both sides of the pretty streets in this beautiful village. This village has served as a set location for films like Stardust and Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. The biggest point of attraction in this village is the oldest medieval clocks in the country situated at St. Andrews Church. The best part of the clock is that it is still in use.

The list of beautiful villages in England and the United Kingdom can go on for several pages. We had to leave out some beautiful villages in Scotland and Northern Ireland like Luss and Cushendun respectively. The very fact that Britain manages to maintain the rustic nature of the villages by taking care of the medieval castles and forts is a tribute to the UK administration.


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