Top 10 Best Amusement Parks in India 2019

All of us are too much occupied with monotony of our lives. Adults are engaged in the mundane jobs or household chores while children have their own hectic schedule of school and tuition. After a weekday that is full of activity, finally we get weekends or holidays to relieve our stresses and to invigorate our senses.

Paying a visit to an amusement park is undoubtedly the best way to spend our vacations or holidays. Whether you want to relish with your family or are planning to chill out with allies, amusement park is the best place for you to visit. From enlivening and relaxed rides to a variety of food, drinks, shows and attractions, Indian parks have some or the other thing to offer to people of all age groups. The theme parks of India are so marvellously built that 6 of them featured in the list of ‘Top 25 Amusement Parks of Asia’.

Bereft enjoyment there are a copious of other reimbursements that one gets from amusement parks. It helps in conquering the fears, fosters the bonding amid family and friends, improves the mood and helps in casual workout.

There are numerous theme parks in India to visit. If you are planning to visit a theme park and are perplexed in making decision then don’t worry we are there for you. We have compiled our list of top 10 Best Amusement Parks of India in 2019 in order to assist you in planning your itinerary.

10. Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon

Best Amusement Parks in India 2019

Kingdom of Dreams is a leisure destination that portrays the real essence of Indian culture. It was opened in 2010 and is India’s first live entertainment and theatre. It has two theatres christined as Nautanki Mahal and Showshaa Theatre. There is a cultural and cuisine area known as Culture Gully. One can explore food and arts of various Indian states while strolling through Culture Gully. You can visit the abode to go through a journey of Incredible India.

Entry Fee: The entry fee to culture gully is Rs 599 in weekdays and Rs 699 during weekends.

09. Queensland Theme Park, Chennai

Best Amusement Parks in India

Queensland Theme Park is a well renowned park of India that is visited by legion of people. It has a wide expanse of 70 acres. The park offers 51 enticing rides out of which 33 are for adults and 13 for the kids. Few of its rides include: free fall tower, roller coasters and super waves. The park’s specialty is its Queen Land fairy tale. Bereft that the park contains food stalls as well as shops for visitors.

Entry Fee: Entry fee for adults is Rs 550 while that for children is Rs 450.

08. Funcity, Chandigarh

Best Amusement Parks in India

Funcity as the name depicts is a park that offers a day full of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

It has a park as well as a water kingdom. It contains 20 breathtaking hydraulic rides and 17 water rides. It also has a gaming arcade and a 5D theatre where plenty of movies can be seen. There is a wave pool in park where everyone can dip to get relief from the sweltering sun in summers.

Entry Fee: The entrance fee for amusement park is Rs 400 and for water park is Rs 830.

07. GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore

Best Amusement Parks in India

GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore is famous for its amalgamation of casual as well as daring rides. It contains several casual rides for the children and tons of thrilling rides for daredevils. The park can be visited either accompanying your family or your pals. It has an expanse of about 40 acres and is indeed an inexpensive park.

Entry Fee: The entry fee for adults is Rs 650, Rs 530 for children and Rs 380 for senior citizen.

06. Nicco Park, Kolkata

Best Amusement Parks in India

Nicco Park is an amusement park ideally made for the children. It is listed in Asia’s top 25 amusement park. It has oodles of rides, warter parks and offers entertaining games like bowling, dashing, billiards etc. The icing on the cake is a 4D show of Robin Hood that is hosted for the kids. Parents along with their children come to this park and enjoy their day together. The entry fee is economical making it feasible for larger masses.

Entry Fee: The entry fee to the park is Rs 200

05. Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai

Best Amusement Parks in India 2019

Essel World is one of the oldest and well-known theme parks of the country. It has copious of savage as well as wet rides ranging from dry rollercosters to damp slides. The water kingdom adjacent to Essel World has over 30 attractions for the visitants. It has world’s largest wave pool of about 100 metres stretch. Its aqua play pool christened as Lagoon is India’s largest pool. At Essel World, you are guaranteed with a breathtaking and euphoric day.

Entry Fee: The entry fee for adults is Rs 949, Rs 699 for children and that for seniors is Rs 399. The entry fee for water kingdom is Rs 999 for adults, Rs 699 for kids and Rs 399 for seniors.

04. Wonderla Amusement Park, Kochi

Best Amusement Parks in India

Wonderla Amusement Park is situated atop Pallikkara hill making it one of the most loved parks among venturous people. It is encompassed by picturesque greenery and offers eco-friendly ambience to its visitors. It has a plethora of comfy as well as enthralling rides. You can enjoy a variety of rides while your seniors can behold the quaint views around the park. It also has few food stalls where visitors can have a buffet.

Entry Fee: The entry fee for adults is Rs 900 while that for children is Rs 720.

03. Adlabs Imagica and Aqualmagica, Mumbai

Best Amusement Parks in India

Imagica is the newest and most intricately constructed amusement park of the country of international standards. It is listed in Asia’s top 25 theme parks. Its construction was completed in 2013. It is a park with amalgamation of shops, food stalls, fun filled rides and a stirring water kingdom. It offers 21 thrilling rides to its visitors. Imagica has a snow park that is an exclusive snow based theme park.

Entry Fee: The entry fee in Imagica during weekdays is Rs 1299 for adults and kids and Rs 999 for seniors. During weekends the fare is Rs 1499 for adults and kids and Rs 999 for seniors. Entry fee of Snow Park is Rs 499.

02. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Best Amusement Parks in India

Ramoji Film city is a themed holiday destination as well as a film city. It is one of the most visited parks of the country and receives an annual footfall of over 1.5 million. Its entrance is one-of-a-kind where one has to walk through the mouth of a mammoth Genie. Its expanse is around 2000 acres, thus making it the largest integrated film city in the world. It featured in the list of Asia’s top 25 theme parks and also holds Guinness World Record for the world’s largest film studio. It is a place that offers something for everyone irrespective of his or her ages.

Entry Fee: It’s entry fee is Rs 1,000 for adults and Rs 900 for the kids.

01. Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore

Best Amusement Parks in India 2019

Wonderla Amusement Park acquires the numero uno spot due to its immense popularity among all fun lovers. It is one of the top 25 theme parks of Asia. The park boasts of its 61 merriment and thrilling rides. It contains a theme park, a water park as well as few food stalls. It can be visited all round the year either with you family or cronies. One can visit it in summers to get relief from the scorching sun or in winters to enjoy the rousing rides.

Entry Fee: For adults the entry fee is Rs 920 while for the seniors and kids the entry fee is Rs 740 during weekdays. During weekends the entry fee is Rs 1150 for adults while that for children and seniors is Rs 920.

Amusement Parks offers us a day where we can keep our tensions aside and enjoy to the fullest. It is an ideal place to develop bonding with family or friends. India has got loads of amusements parks that ought to be visited. The list contains best of the best so you can choose either of them to have a bravura experience. You can plan an itinerary to a park that fits your requirements in terms of rides and other amenities as well as the one that fits your budget.


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