Top 10 Best & Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia 2019

In the whole world Australia is renowned for its beaches which are abundance and tourist from all over the globe flock here for holidays. With more than 30,000 miles of remarkable coastline Australia boasts some of the longest stretches of sand covered coastline in the planet.

When a country has over 10,000 beaches that are universally high quality, clean, and are pollution free then the task for choosing the best amongst these can be an uphill task however we have hand-picked for you the top 10 finest stretches of paradise and here is a list of top 10 Australian best beaches in 2019.

10. Bondi Beach, Sydney New South Wales

Best Beaches in Australia 2019

Any list that concerns top best beaches in Australia cannot be complete without listing Bondi Beach. This beauty of this beach is accredited from its spectacular natural surroundings, silky sand, warm Aussie sunshine, the cool atmosphere, rich beach culture and the history of the people and don’t forget it’s the home of Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand hence its Aussie most iconic beach.

This iconic beach is the birth place and home of the world’s first Surf Life Saving Club in the world which was founded more than a century ago and also due to various bathing suit protests in early 1900s we have bikini the universal accepted swimming costume which we are using even today. Though the beach is crowded which means it’s a nice beach it has relatively clean shores and its good for those who want to engage in sunbathing, walking and swimming.

9. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island Queensland

Best Beaches in Australia

It feels right to include the largest sand island beach on the list of top 10 best beaches in Australia .75 Mile Beach got its name from its length but don’t just conclude that it’s the only reason why it’s in this list. There many reasons why this beautiful beach has to be among the best Australia beaches and some of the reasons are its rugged white sands, crystal clear blue water, great surf, the champagne pools which are popular and add the unique experience, the Maheno shipwrecks and even volcanic rock formations of Indian head. However you have o be careful since this is not the best beach to swim since there are dangerous current and also a big population of tiger sharks.

8. Bells Beach, Victoria

Best Beaches in Australia

Located near Torquay on the south coast of Victoria Bells Beach has a local as well as international reputation as one of the Australia’s best and popular surf beach. Over the Easter weekend this is the meeting point of the world’s top ranked surfers who meet to tackle colossal waves at Rip Curl pro surfing competition event.

High cliffs do portray a dramatic backdrop to the Bells Beach large swells and provide a spectacular view of car parks .At Bells Beach you will find several quality surfing sports from Southside to the Steep Reef. You will find its sandy golden shores being just being impeccable for sun-bathing and a good place to watch the costal scenery. Bells beach is just an amazing spot either out of the water or in the water.

7. Cable Beach, Broome Western Australia

Best Beaches in Australia

You need to step on this beach shore to actually understand why so much hype on it and why it’s the most dramatic beach at Broone in Western Australia Kimbery region. This hidden gem on Australia’s western the beach was not known by many and it was little under the radar but off late it’s being commercialised.

The main reason why this beach and the only reason it’s on this list it’s because sunsets on this beach is just a spectacular most beautiful view you will ever see. When you are here please do ride a camel along the beach during sunsets or sunrise and have a photographer close by and you will never forget that day. This 22 kilometre long stretch of pure white sand and the turquoise water make up a perfect place for beachcombing, fishing spot, picnics, sunbathing and swimming as well.

6. Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

Best Beaches in Australia 2019

Burleigh Heads Beach on 2016 was named and voted the best beach In Queensland by the states lifesaving organisation. This national surfing reserve within a national park in 2016 summer it registered more than 180,000 beachgoers since its easily accessible, has all amenities and very safe. This clean unpolluted and pristine paradise has numerous walking trails with spectacular views for wildlife such as sea eagles, dolphin pods, whales, brush turkeys among others. A day here swimming or just having a picnic is a day well spent

5. Blinky Beach, New South Wales

Best Beaches in Australia

Although the best of the best beaches are located in Queensland South Wales too has its own perfect paradise. Blinky Beach which s on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island takes the crown as the best place to access the most amazing waves. If you are heading over to this beach just carry with your body board, surfboard, and fins since the beach has some of Australia’s least crowded waves making it an excellent place to surf. Blinky beach also boasts of fabulous powder white sand, it’s great to sunbath here, you can even snorkel and the most exciting part is that the beach also is ideal for beach fishing

4. Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

Best Beaches in Australia

In Queensland Sunshine Coast Noosa Main Beach is the most popular beach and stands out among other beaches since it has got a lot to offer to its visitors. The fact that it’s among the few beaches that are facing north that makes this are less breezy during the colder months hence viable all year round for those who would love to have fun any time of the year and also its gentle waves makes it the perfect place for families and not so experienced surfers.

The beach is easily accessible, ideal for swimming and sunbathing, and good to fish, has turquoise waters, boasts a golden shore and its rich in shore dwelling and marine wildlife. In addition to all this characteristics that makes it a postcard-perfect its mild climate all year round makes the beach popular among surfers and when we look at the safety the beach is well patrolled by surf lifesavers all year round.

3. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park Tasmania

Best Beaches in Australia

If you are trying to conjure an image of a perfect beautiful beach Wineglass Bay suits the title of a picture perfect beach. It’s located in Freycinet Peninsula a 4 hour drive from Hobart and Launceston it’s named from its perfect wineglass shaped curve the beach consists of stark white sand, sapphire coloured waters, which are set against the areas pink granite cliffs which completes the rainbow colours. The beach visitors normally come at this location to engage in activities such as fishing, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, sunbathing, hiking, and wildlife spotting. Its clam shaped shoreline makes it perfect for aerial photography as well.

2. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia

Best Beaches in Australia

Western Australia’s Coral Coast Turquoise Bay holds the second best beach position in Australia. The major reason why this beach is great and possibly one that will appeal in every visitor eyes is its stunning reef and snorkelling opportunities available here. The beach shallow waters that are warm and the presence of Ningaloo Reef just 50m-100m which is a home to more than 500 fish species makes the beach the perfect and ideal for snorkelling. If you’re looking for a place to relax, sunbathe and engage in water sports this is the paradise for you.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Best Beaches in Australia 2019

Considered by many and voted as the best and most beautiful beach in Australia no wonder it holds our number one spot on the list of top 10 best beaches of Australia. This four mile long Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island boasts the pure lest sand in the planet which is mainly Silica, has crystal clear water perfect for snorkelling, endless sunshine, is surrounded by myriad of coves, lagoons, and inlets which makes it an ideal place for exploration. While you are here to catch a grip of the perfect view hike up to the top of Tongue point during low tide and view a beautiful display of colours come to light. This beach is the most photographed beach in Australia due to its beauty.

The above beaches deserve to be on the list as they were selected based on what they can offer to their visitors. These beaches are the best to watch both offshore and marine wildlife, they are the best for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, they are the best for swimming, and they have lifesavers guards patrolling them and offer the best climatic conditions for you to enjoy your stay.


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