Top 10 Best & Most Beautiful Beaches In Florida

Well if you need a break from your everyday life and want to spend some quality time ,in Florida, the most popular getaway are the beautiful beaches across the city. So, cancel every plan for this weekend and get your flip flop on, apply some sunscreen and get to the beach. Sunbathing in the beaches on a bright sunny day just may be the cure you require to rejuvenate yourself.

Florida may be called the state of Beaches with so many different and beautiful beaches to visit; one wonders where he/she should start from. So, we are here to help you and we had narrowed down you the list to top 10 must visit most beautiful beaches in Florida.

10. Key west

Most Beautiful Beaches

Key state is a paradise for Beach Lover and is situated at southernmost tip of Florida Key. The island is stretched 4 miles in length and 1 mile in width. Key West is the launching point for swimmers who tends to swim across to Cuba due to its short distance. The Beaches in Key West are very ideal for swimming and snorkeling. These activities can be enjoyed at Fort Zachary Taylor State park which is one of the most beautiful spots in Key West. To get the best of your time at Key West, renting a glass bottom 2 person kayak and enjoying the surf along with sunbathing is highly recommended.

9. Clearwater beach

Most Beautiful Beaches

One the America’s luxurious and finest white sand beach, Clear Water beach is a must visit destination. It also includes a resort area in Pinellas county on the western coast. The famous sand white beaches spread 4km across the Gulf and sits on Barrier Island. The area offers shopping, restaurant and activities like parasailing, Jet Ski rental, boat tours, miniature golf and pirate ship cruises, making it a perfect destination for all age groups. A walk to the end of the very famous Pier 60 to enjoy the one of the best sunset you can ever experience. The Clear Water Beach has been frequently ranked the Best Beach in United States.

8. Sanibel Island

Most Beautiful Beaches

Sanibel Beach attracts tourist from different countries because of the large quantities of Sea shells that get washed up to the beaches frequently. The reason for these accumulations is that Sanibel Island is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. With a very small population of around 7000 distributed over 33.25 sq meters makes it one of the less crowded and peaceful beaches. The clear blue waters, breath taking views and the wonderful white sand beaches, Sanibel Island is a perfect getaway for families and couples alike. Finding the elegant brown spotted shell of Junonia can get you in the headline of the Local News papers.

7. Captiva island

Most Beautiful Beaches

Situated just to the North of Sanibel Island is another marvel in the Sea known as the Captiva Island. The most distinguished feature of the Island is its unique tropical ambiance .The Captiva island was named so because the pirate captain Jose Gaspar used to held his female prisoners on the island for ransom .Yet the beaches provides one of the best fishing and boating prospect. The crystal Clear Blue waters and the white sand beaches seem like endless. The locals and various travel blogs highly recommend watching the marvelous sunset at the Captiva Drive End. And during the day one can enjoy boating down the waterways of the island, the sightseeing, observing the Wildlife that includes the dolphins, crocodile and different and distinguished spices of birds.

6. Palm Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches

Palm Beach has derived its name from the namesake majestic tress and beautiful beachfront properties. The eastern most Beach in Florida is also the most elite with a string of high end hotels and resorts. The Palm Island is stretched 16 mile in length and half a mile in width. This is the only island across United States to have Coconut Palm Trees. The island is often referred as epitome of Wealth. it has hosted various elite guests such as the Vanderbilts, the Kennedys and other billionaires As it is perched right next to the Gulf Stream it often enjoys a warm blue water stream and breezy winds. Breakers Hotel, Four Arts Garden, Mar-aLago are some of the famous tourist destination on the Palm Beach. .

5. Siesta Key

Most Beautiful Beaches

Siesta Key is another barrier island situated between the Roberts Bay and Gulf of Mexico. The siesta is often labeled as the most laid back and enjoyable beaches in United States. The Siesta Key beach had been proud recipient of The Best Sand Beach in America in 2004 and 2015 top ranked in Trip Advisors list of top beaches in Unites States. Siesta beach is a perfect location to spend your next family vacation. It also had various picnic spots and playgrounds. Shell collecting, kayaking and other adventurous activities can lit your day. For couples looking for a romantic getaway candle light dinner and a rented cozy cottage on seashore is the best thing to experience.

4. Naples

Most Beautiful Beaches

Not to be confused with the antique Italian city, Naples is located on Southern Florida. The Gulf of Mexico offers an outstanding fishing experience at this particular beach. Some high end outdoor restaurants and a beautiful golf course lit up the ambiance of the beach. Camping in the Old Naples Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park and renting kayak for a long ride in water, snorkeling are some of the things you must try at Naples. The beaches at Naples are known for rich shore bird life. Naples is one of the few expensive yet beautiful beaches in Florida wand is particularly known for its laid back lifestyle.

3. South Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches

The South Miami Beach is very famous in internationally acclaimed beach for a perfect night. This is place where you can witness models doing photo shoots and typical beach crowd. The neon lit buildings indicates attractive night life, High end shopping, luxurious and elegant hotels and an amazing architecture cab very easily are observed in South Miami. The south Miami Beach is an ideal place for early morning run and topless sun bathing. The beach also hosts some of the most prestigious festivals and events. The Art Basel Miami art exhibition, The Food Network South Beach wine and food Festival Miami fashion Week, Miami International Film festival and many more are held in South Miami throughout the Year. Many Television series , music videos and Movies had been shot in Miami the most notable being Will Smith Starrer Bad Boys.

2. Delray Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches

One of the most famed family tourist destination Delray Beach is most visited Beaches in Florida. The 2 mile long beach fulfilled with fun activities like Sand Castle building, surfing and paragliding etc. Just around the corner is the very celebrated Atlantic Avenue, where one can enjoy boutiques, seafood, restaurants, hotels and Spa. A Cornell Museum, Roji-en Japanese Gardens, Spady Museum and the Wakodahatchee Wetlands complete what is the comprehensive family vacation package.

1. Atlantic Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches

So, one might think that it really need something unique , beautiful and glamorous beach to be number one in the list of most beautiful beaches in Florida. But Atlantis, is a very charming and simple beach which makes us believe that beauty do lies in simplicity. With sand as soft as sugar , a decent sunshine and blue crystal clear water with small town charm , Atlantis is once in a life time experience that can’t be matched. One can spend their leisure time in Atlantis strolling through the shores, taking a walk in the friendly neighbourhood Beaches town center. The Galleries, restaurant, live events almost makes it a flawless beach in Florida.

Florida holds a coastline of 1200 miles and is a year round travel destination for all. The different types of beaches and diversification in beaches offer every tourist a different aspect. From a family beach to a lit nightlife beach, a small town ambiance beach to high end Beach, Florida draws all type of enthusiasts from all over the World. The soothing salt water wave refreshes you every time it hits you. The best reason why one should visit a beach is that it keeps you away from the Mobiles or any other electronic device and acts a technology detox. So, now you had the list of most astonishing beaches, get your friends along and hit the road and visit the Florida Beaches.


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