10 Best & Beautiful Vacation Destinations in Europe 2019

Did you know there are 50 countries in Europe? From sunny warm beaches of Greece to towering icy cold mountain ranges of Switzerland, Europe is the continent that something to offer for every type of person.

Europe is filled with architectural wonders, historical monuments, exotic delicacies, scenic landscapes etc. Each country has something unique and wondrous to boast about. Whether you want backpack across Europe on your own, or take a romantic trip with your significant other or just enjoy a summer break with your family, Europe will cater to everyone’s desires making all your dreams come true. With over 50 countries to choose from, we have narrowed the list to top 10 places that you must see when you visit Europe in 2019.

10. Nicosia, Cyprus

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe 2019

We begin the countdown with Croatia, the land for Mediterranean lovers. This island is a must for people in history, mythology or simply a lover of breath-taking scenery. It is famously known to be the home of the legendary Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. It offers so much more than just sunny beaches. The people are known for being gracious and welcoming.

Nicosia is almost 10 centuries old, being the capital of Croatia. It is situated in the centre of island and it is commercial ground for traders and businessmen. The architecture is that of old romantic Venetian sandstone wall, and each house is a work of art. A place perfect for a night stroll in the narrow streets with overhanging flower pots. This destination is perfect for all lovers of beauty.

9. Madrid, Spain

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Madrid is a liberal city where entertainment and culture share a flourishing space. This Spanish capital can make everyone feel at home as it capable of providing them with the world’s most fascinating and interesting tourist attractions.

Madrid is one of the Europe’s liveliest, most pleasurable and vivacious cities during the day, but the night holds more to it as well. The Spanish capital offers more than just art, nightlife, shopping and excellent Epicureanism but it also provides for both visitors and Milanians with all imaginable opportunities for leisure.

8. Milan, Italy

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Fashion capital of Europe (of course Paris is too), Milan has been centre of attention from the beginning of roman empire. The city has always been vibrant and interesting. From colossus ancient architecture, purest marble constructed into awesome buildings to breath-taking churches, museums and churches. Each made with such artistic perfection, it will leave you awestruck. But, don’t think it is city stuck in 6th century B.C, as it has new form of architecture and contemporary art.

When you visit, the atmosphere of Italy’s traditional and modern culture will absorb you into it and leave you spell bound. The elegance, style and authenticity of Milan are mesmerizing. Of course let’s not forget the shopping experience you will encounter will have you making re-trips to this beautiful time and time again.

7. Kotor, Montenegro

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Now many will not have heard of Kotor. It might not be world renowned, but that does not mean we will ignore this wonderful city. Kotor is forever been a cultural and a world heritage for its natural beauty. Warm and alive with art and culture, this city is passionate about art, nature and history. There are so many places to visit in Kotor, for instance ornamental city of Perast, the wondrous islet “Our Lady” and Risan- the archaeological site Roman mosaics.

6. Brussels, Belgium

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Ah who can think of chocolate and not think of the best kind- the Belgium kind. Brussels is the home of 500 million Europeans, a melting pot of diverse lifestyles, culture and traditions. The multi-coloured heritage of Brussels is gracious and welcoming to its city admirers, and everyone is waiting to share its secrets and wonders of this fabulous city. Stay for a long time or a short time, irrespective of the duration, Brussels will have something brilliant to offer every day.

5. Vienna, Austria

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe 2019

Who can forget the masterpiece of Vienna’s Ringstrasse. It is considered as the most beautiful boulevard in the world. Nowhere in the world else can you find a city with such a dense concentration of so many archetypal buildings, parks and palaces.

All of these majestic buildings still have their full vivacity today. An elegant boulevard for the affluent and beautiful of the past has become a tourist spot for everyone. This city has attracts many city-dwellers and youngsters with its night clubs and bars.

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Eastern Europe’s most famous country, Bulgaria is rich in historical sites, wine, religious and shopping destinations. This city has so much to offer for everyone. It never fails to reveal the many characters this city seems to possess.

The history of this city, Plovdiv, is said to be the oldest inhabited city in Europe and ranks number 6 in the world. By the year 2019, the city will become the culture capital of Europe. Various locations and events turn Plovdiv into a real prize on Earth, making this destination you must discovered for yourself.

3. London, United Kingdom

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

Life in London is fast, fun and fabulous. This city is nothing short of invigorating and exciting. Nothing compares to this capital, which is the current leader in fashion, music, politics and finances. London will forever be wrapped in the olden days clasping hands with the modern London. You will find modern actors reciting Shakespeare’s lines, and that the Tower of London and Tate Modern are equally mesmerising and popular.

The Queen and her family are till respected and tea is stereotypically popular amongst everyone (fret not coffee lovers; they still have Starbucks here and there). One thing you can be assured of, London is not a city you can discover completely in just short span. You will need to come and visit several times to understand and appreciate the wonder that is London.

2. Athens, Greece

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe

The ancient Greece is still alive today. From the iconic Acropolis that rises above the city, majestic ruins of the past and Olympic games that has been passed down from the legends of Greek folklore. Greece is one off the oldest cities of the world with a complete recorded history of 3,500 years. There has to be constant building renewals in order to keep up with the modern times and not be lost in the ancient world. A city that has been crushed between old and new, Athens will take you back in time and leave you with a fulfilled desire. Athens is the city you must visit before you perish or the city perishes!

1. Zadar, Croatia

Amazing Places to Visit in Europe 2019

Saving the best for last, we have Zadar, Croatia. This fabulous city has been competing at the number one spot for the best destination of 2016. A beautiful city that has fantastic things to offer for everyone, irrespective of their age or gender. According to the famous Alfred Hitchcock, Zadar has “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. It is full of tradition and modernity. Situated next to the sea, you can long strolls by the seaside and listen to the music of the “sea organ”.

You can delight your taste buds while watching the city come alive with its music and beauty. A fairly new discovery by vacationers, Zadar is a cosy and comfortable city for people who do not want to be in hurry. It carries the perfect atmosphere of serenity and atmosphere. The prices are reasonable whether you wish to purchase fresh fruits and vegetable or clothes and souvenirs.

After learning about our top 10 choice for the perfect holiday in Europe, which one will you visit? Europe has found a balance between a perfect combination of tradition and modern lifestyle; it is home to a diverse culture and sights that will leave you breathless. Hope you find your ideal holiday and bon voyage.


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