Top 10 Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India 2019

Bikes have always been the fantasy vehicle for most teens. Ever since they learn how to ride a bicycle, all they can dream of is when will they get their first bike? Not only is it a fantasy vehicles for you younger generation, but it is also one of the most convenient modes of transport in a country which is ranked as the second most populated country in the world.

In cases of emergencies and traffic jams, bikes are often the saviour as unlike cars and other vehicles bikes occupy very little space, which means a cluster of bikes rarely result in a traffic jam unless they come in a random form from different directions and don’t allow each other to move away.

Being one of the most effective modes of transportation in such a big country often results in Bike makers having a really huge role to play in the market. Bikes often rule the market as there are numerous individuals who have daily needs of transportation and bikes provide them quick transportation within lesser time as compared to cars or even buses, additionally bikes also have much more mileage than most vehicles.

Here, we have prepared a small list on few of the top Bike Manufacturing Companies in India in 2019. If you are one of those individuals who likes to look into details before purchasing something then this list will surely be worthy of your time.

10. Kawasaki

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India 2019

Kawasaki is a brand known worldwide for excellence in sports bikes. Recently, Kawasaki came to India and instantly became a big hit among the youth. Some of its Ninja Sports Bikes which are really affordable can be seen speeding on the roads frequently. Not only do they offer Ninja Sports bikes, but Kawasaki is also famous for Supersport bikes, touring bikes, Versys, dual purpose bikes, off-road motorcross bikes and more.
Some of its popular bikes are Z250, Z800, Z1000, Ninja 300 and Ninja 650.

9. Mahindra

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Even though Mahindra is prominently known for manufacturing some world class SUVs and trucks, it has also managed to create quite a place for itself in the 2 Wheelers department ever since their merge with Kinetic Motor Company Limited (KMCL) in 2008 with the launch of Mahindra Centuro bike as an example. The popularity of Mahindra as a bike brand is as high as it has ever been and year after year they are managing to upgrade their models with latest engines and unique automobile engineering techniques. Some of the famous bikes of Mahindra are Centuro, Centuro Rockstar and Pantero.

8. KTM

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

KTM duke is one of the dream brands whose bikes every youngster wants to have thanks to its style, stunning looks and incredible design. It is one of the most popular and well-known brands in India due to its bikes which are incredibly fast and appealing. KTM duke bikes are really costly, which is one of the reason it is highly coveted and a dream bike of every youngster. 125 Duke is the latest bike whose launch is highly awaited in India and will cost around 1 lakh. KTM offers bikes under categories of Super Sport, Naked bike, MX, Enduro, Freeride and more. Some of the most famous KTM bikes are 125 Duke, 200 Duke, 690 Duke and 1290 Super Duke R.

7. Suzuki

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the most well-known and popular brands in India. Being a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan it is obvious that this brand is an incredibly hi-tech brand which comes with the latest technology and is engineered in such a way that is lives up to its maximum potential every time it is taken out for a spin. There is a manufacturing plant in Gurgaon, Haryana that is spread over 37 acres and manufactures around 5.5 lakh units of Suzuki bikes every year. Some of the most well-known Suzuki bikes are Access 125, Swish 125, Gixxer and Hayate.

6. TVS

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

TVS is one of the oldest brands in India as it was founded in the year 1877 by T.V. Sundaram Iyengar in Madaras. They started out as a finance, insurance and automobile sector and only in the year 1955 started focusing on manufacturing automobiles. They joined hands with Suzuki motors and launched classic bikes like Suzuki Shogun, Suzuki Fiero and Suzuki Samurai.

They are also dominating the scooterette market in India as they have been on top for almost two decades. TVS still remains the first choice for working women and college girls. Few of the most known TVS bikes are TVS Wego and Jupiter.

5. Royal Enfield

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India 2019

If there is a brand whose name is enough and doesn’t need an introduction then that brand is Royal Enfield. It is a dream bike for those bikers who are really passionate about riding bikes and use riding a bike as a way of letting go of their worries and just enjoying the moment. For more than a century Royal Enfield is known worldwide for creating the Bullet motorcycle. This marque range is clothed in a disarmingly appealing in a post war styling. Some of the most famous models of Royal Enfield are Continental GT, Thunderbird 350, Thunderbird 500 and Cruiser.

4. Yamaha

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

India Yamaha Motors is the Indian division of Yamaha Motor Company Japan and is the producer of almost 4% of the Indian motorcycles that run around the country. They are also known to sell more than 15,000 scooters per month which is a big achievement. Yamaha recently launched YZF-R1M which comes with a price tag of around ₹29 lakhs whereas another recently launched model R1 is priced at around ₹22 lakhs. Some of Yamaha’s most famous models are R15, Fazer, FZ16 and Crux.

3. Bajaj

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Bajaj is another old automobile manufacturing brand which has been in business for a long time. Bajaj not only manufactures two wheelers, but it is also known for manufacturing three wheelers as well as four wheelers. From the early 60s Bajaj’s vehicles have been ruling the streets and scooters like Chetak, Priya and Vespa 150 will go down as classic best sellers. Once these scooters lost their spark and motorcycles took over, Bajaj was quick to turn their attention to motorcycles and it has been a leading Bike manufacturing brand ever since. With the launch of Pulsar, Discover, Platina and Avenger, it will take Bajaj quite some time before it loses the amazing brand value it currently occupies in the market.

2. Honda

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Honda Activa is easily the first name that comes in the mind of almost every Indian whenever they are making a transition from a bicycle to a two wheeler bike. It is not a co-incidence considering Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India sells more than two lakh units of Activa in India every month.

Ever since it launched Honda Activa in 2000, Honda has been in the race for the top Bike manufacturing brand in India. Their incredible success has resulted in them launching new models with amazing enhancements and unique qualities. Some of its most known bikes are Honda Unicorn and Honda Shine.

1. Hero Moto Corp.

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India 2019

As far as the number one position is concerned, there is not a slightest doubt that it should be any other brand other than Hero Honda. Hero Moto Corp is world’s largest two wheeler maker and offers an incredible range of bikes which come with amazing features and are easily affordable for everyone. Recently, they launched the most fuel efficient bike in the world called Splendor iSmart; it gave a mileage of around 102 KMPL.

Their Splendor brand bikes are easily the most selling bikes in the Indian market and their closest competitor is Honda Activa which is a scooter. Some of the other popular bikes of Hero Moto Corp. are Achiever, Passion, Glamour, Karizma and CBZ.

These were some of the biggest bike manufacturing companies in India. There amazing companies have made life so much easier for everyone be it a college going individual that needs a Honda Stunner to impress his friends or be it a common man who is looking for a bike which has good mileage and will provide value for money such as Bajaj bikes or Hero Splendor. There are lot of companies that give you a variety of amazing bikes with different features and there is a guarantee that none of the users will end up feeling disappointed as customer’s happiness is one of the main mottos of most of the companies.


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