11 Best Biotech Companies In India 2019

Biotech sector of the India is growing progressively as it is currently holding 2% of total market share globally. Biotechnology is a massive industrial hub which plays the vital role to improve the national economy by massive demand for Indian biotech products. Generally, biotechnology is an application of technology in biology to create beneficial products such as hybrid crops which a disease resistant, gene therapy for humans and vaccination for humans and animals.

Moreover, the field of biotechnology is composed of other subcategories such as Bio-IT, Bioagri, Bioservices, Bioindustrial and Biopharma. According to Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), India will have $100 billion US dollar market globally by 2025 if the growth continues last longer with the current rate. Here is the list of top ten biotech companies in India in 2019 that plays the major role in terms of producing top-tier biotech products to make the human life easy.

11. Zydus Cadila – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best Biotech Companies In India 2019

Zydus Cadila Pharmaceutical is one of the Top Pharmaceutical Companies having its HQ located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. with an annual revenue of 54.7 Billion INR the company is India’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company which provides range of health care solution that includes formulations, animal healthcare products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. moreover, they are the pioneered in development for the for the treatment of diabetic dyslipidemia by patented NCE – Lipaglyn, a drug that cure the disorder. the company has significant experience in this field since it was established in 1952 by Late Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel. in 1995, the company started with turnover of 250 crores per annum which increased at Rs. 10000 crores by 2015-16. the company has manufacturing plants and hospital located in Ahmadabad.

10. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd (Sanofi)- Hyderabad, India – Vaccines, biosimilars

Best Biotech Companies In India

Shanta biotechnics Ltd was founded in 1993 by Sanofi group having HQ located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Shantha biotech is leading company for development, production, and marketing of recombinant human healthcare medicines. This company is in business now for two decades have developed vaccination successfully for diseases like diphtheria, cholera, influenza and tetanus. Moreover, the company is also supplying the vaccination to other countries across the globe.

9. Indian Immunologicals -Hyderabad, India – Veterinary Biologics, Vaccines

Best Biotech Companies In India

One of the leading company producing the vaccination for foot and mouth diseases such as measles, rabies, DPT, MMR, hepatitis, canine vaccines & bacterial diseases. The company was founded by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1982 having HQ in Hyderabad. The company has manufacturing plants in Hyderabad, Ooty, and Rajkot.

8. Novozymes – Bangalore, KA, India – Enzymes

Best Biotech Companies In India

Novozymes was established in 2000 having HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark. This danish company has earned the reputation of the top tier pharmaceutical company as it is exporting pharmaceutical products across the globe including countries like the United Kingdom, India, China, Canada, and Brazil. The company mainly is known for producing biopharmaceutical enzymes but it is also involved in sectors like bioenergy and biopharmaceutical. In India Nozoymes’s HQ is located Banglore and in business for the almost decade now.

7. Bharat Serum – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – pharmaceutical and biotech products

Best Biotech Companies In India

Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited was established in 1971 and has its HQ located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This public sector company is known for producing biotechnological and pharmaceutical products such as hematology, critical care, and nephrology. They have been covering the wide range of pharmaceutical products across the India. With their largest production capacity and latest biotechnology, they managed to rank #7 on the list of top ten biotech companies in India.

6. GlaxoSmithKline – Mumbai, MH, India – Generics and Vaccines

Best Biotech Companies In India

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited was founded in 1924 making it most experienced biotech and one of the world’s top research based health management and pharmaceutical companies in India. They have the wide range of products which provide service in medical fields such as gynecology, oncology, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, & anti-infectives. Moreover, they are providing vaccinations for chickenpox, tetanus, rota- virus, influenza, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and cervical cancer.

5. Wockhardt Biotech Park – Aurangabad, MH, India – Biosimilars

Best Biotech Companies In India 2019

Wockhardt is the popular name in the medical field and their specialisation to cure heart-related diseases. Wockhardt was established in 1967 in Aurangabad, India and currently, they are providing service in more than 15 counties. Their products include pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical formulations. The Indian company has more than 8000 employees across the globe and numerous hospitals across the India with doctors and equipment to cure the heart diseases.

4. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – Hyderabad, India – Small Molecules

Best Biotech Companies In India

Dr. Reddy’s laboratories have manufacturing facilities not just in India but also in the USA developing biotechnology products, diagnostic kits, and pharmaceutical Ingredients. They are the largest supplier of biotech products in North America and export their products in other companies like Africa, European union, and Asian countries. India’s leading biotech company was established in 1984 in Hyderabad, Telangana. Moreover, they have highly skilled labor, engineering equipment, advanced R&D house and state of art technology to create the solution for every diesis.

3. Panacea Biotec – New Delhi, India – Differentiated generics, vaccines, biosimilars

Best Biotech Companies In India

Panacea Biotech Limited is Indian health management and the research-based pharmaceutical company which is highly concerned with research work of vaccines, pharmaceutical formulations & natural products. The company was established in 1984, having its HQ in New Delhi with production facilities across the India, they supply the biotech products to over 60 countries. They have also the significant contribution in the medical field by providing products in medical fields such as respiratory, diabetology, orthopedic, & nephrology.

2. Serum Institute of India Ltd – Pune, MH, India – Vaccines

Best Biotech Companies In India

Serum institute of India was founded in 1966 & currently owned by Poonawalla group having the HQ located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is India’s second-ranked biotech company which is known for manufacturing immunobiological drugs and providing vaccination for Rubella, tetanus, measles and diphtheria vaccines. Moreover, they are highly concerned with research to cure certain diseases with their cutting edge engineering equipment and technology. Serum Institute of India Ltd supplies vaccines and medicines to over 100 countries across the globe.

1. Biocon – Bangalore, KA – Biosimilars

Best Biotech Companies In India 2019

Biocon is the well-known company not just in India but also across the world for their world-class biotech products. They are supplying the products in more than 70 countries and they have large demand especially in an American market. The company was founded by Kiran Majumdar Shaw in the year 1978 having its HQ in Bangalore, Karnataka. The manufacturing plants and research & development houses widely spread across the globe. Their main products are branded formulation, small molecules, biosimilar etc. These bio pharmaceutical company ranked #1 in Indian and ranked #3 across the globe as the top biotech company.

The biotech sector of India is one of the fastest growing industries in India and many private and public sectors are getting into this business which will help India to the rapid economic development of the country with advanced R&D houses, production facilities and abundance of technology. Due to these companies and support of government Indian biotech sector aiming to provide employment to millions of Indians. Moreover, India is now becoming the hot favourite destination of clinical trials, biotech products, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and outsourcing of research contracts across the globe.


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