Top 10 Best Coastal Trails in The World

Nature is beautiful in its own way. People only can see that beauty and enjoy it. We all know that there are three fourth part water and one-third part of the land in the world. So it is natural that most part of this globe is surrounded by water body. These trails are designed to connect the entire coastline with the help of nature’s own hand.

People are such a creature that travels out of the wild. Coastal trails are the best hiking place among so many adventurous people. Every vacation is the proper time to travel such an amazing place. It not only brings mental peace but also keeps the body healthy.

10. Fjord Coastal Walks, Norway

Best Coastal Trails

FjordKysten has plenty of islands along with deep fjords and mountains. Fjord Coastal Walks is a 200 kilometers hiking trail located in Norway. It is a narrow way with steep side cliffs formed by glacial erosion. The huge coastline is in the Arctic country of Norway. The view of the sight trough the way is enchanting and amazing which can attract trekkers. The main feature of this cliff is it is considered as the highest sea cliff of the Northern European region. Fjord coastal cliff is one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in the world.

9. California Coastal Trails, U.S.A

Best Coastal Trails

Californians love and respect their coasts and California Coastal Trails is an expression of the passion and desire for responsible access. It is an extensive sea coast located in California. This coastal trail starts from Mexico to Oregon. This coast is adjacent to the Pacific ocean which encompasses with lagoons, forests and colorful flowers. It is considered as a great job to complete the walk over the trail.

8. Sydney Coastline, Australia

Best Coastal Trails

This coastal walk follows some most famous and beautiful beaches. This route is also joined with the magical view of the ocean which is another form of full enthronement. The lines run near about 35 kilometers which are easy to complete for a passionate trekker. One can gather amazing experience after becoming the testimony. This way is lies between the Balmoral beach and Chinamans Beach. This coastal way is located at Sydney, in Australia.

7. The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Best Coastal Trails

The Kalalau Trail is a trail on the Kauai island, in Hawaii. The route is too much panoramic and popular as well to each and every trekker. The entire route of the Kalalau trail is carved out of a cliff which is covered with green forest. This journey is not so easy in the term of its nature. It needs lots of energy and enthusiasm to trek this coastal trail. The trekking is quite arduous. But the natural beauty which can easily be captured in the eye of mind regarded as the best memory to gain.

6. Kosi Bay Hiking Trail, South Africa

Best Coastal Trails

Kosi Bay Hiking Trail is an incredible place and a beautiful ecological part of South Africa. It is the place where four lakes are interconnected along with an estuary. This estuary opens in the Indian Ocean. This trail is flexible for its natural features. Trekkers stroll along the beautiful sandy beaches. This coastal hike offers the experience which is quite enticing and enriching. This trail is placed in the 6th position among the delightful coastal trails around the world. It is a unique example of nature’s wonderful creation.

5. Anglesey Coastal Path, United Kingdom

Best Coastal Trails

Anglesey Coastal Path is another famous coastal trails in the United Kingdom. It is a part of West coast path. Anglesey Coastal Path is a 200 kilometers long path which is located on the island of Anglesey in North wales, the UK. This way is also designated as UK National Trail. In the UK the coastal trekking is very famous among travellers. It is an inland way which helps us to remember the Cambridge Duke and Dutches named Prince William and Kate. This coastal trail is a meeting place of green grassy meadow and deep blue water.

4. Gokarna Beach Trek, India

Best Coastal Trails

Gokarna is situated on the western coastline of India with several beaches which offer the best place to trek over and spend in a healthy atmosphere. This place is popular for Boulder on the coasts with fresh water and feels the beauty of nature through the white waves touching the coastal line. The humid conditions offer a challenging experience. It is a conflux between Arabian sea and Sayadhris. This place also offers some virgin beaches which are beautiful in their own natural way. The various types of the beaches and the geographical location also add an extra remark. The route is covered with thorny plantations. The best feature of this trail is it is the lack of crowd.

3. Lycian Way, Turkey

Best Coastal Trails

Lycian Way is the best and most popular coastline of Turkey. This place has a unique appeal among travellers. Turkey has the passion which added more charm to travellers. This is the best feature of this nation. This coastal trail covers more over 540 kilometers path and it is spread from Fethiye to Antalya. This walk is popular in its own way for the historical past and can give an idea of uniqueness about Mediterranean Turkey. It is considered as one of the long distance paths of Turkey. The path is marked in a red and white striped way. This way passes over a valley named Butterfly valley.

2. Cinque Terre Coastal Walk, Italy

Best Coastal Trails

Cinque Terre is a Coast in Italy which is located in the west part of La Spezia city. Usually, people traveled to this place for a long time as one of their preferable places. The place is so nice that people will be in love after seeing them the first time. Cinque Terre is comprises of five villages where cars are banned. The narrow path is the main reason behind this decision. In this coastal walk path, the Azure trail is the popular pathway among people. This is one of the best coastal trails of human reach in this world.

1. GR34 Coastal path, Brittany, France

Best Coastal Trails

France is a country where there are more than 37,000 miles paths for walking. This long path is called Grandes Randonnees. The GR34 coastal footpath is also in this way. This is the most delightful coastline which is located in Brittany, northwest part of France. This coast is more about 360 miles long from Morlaix to Mont-Saint-Michele and it is very easy to walk. The best time to hike along the GR34 Brittany coast is from the month of May to September. The major facility of this trail is it follows the coast line all the time. So it is easy to conquer. One can see seven islands while travelling throughout the coastline. This view is superb to gather experience and People are happy to be witness to this beautiful natural beauty.

Mountain trails and deep forests are the alluring places to travel or trek. But nowadays people want to feel the adventure and natural freshness through the spectacular views of coastal trails. Although the situation is not always pleasant, but people are very much aware of that idea. They think that it is an integral part of their own life. We all should leave the monotonous life and absorb this absorbing aspect of nature to revive ourselves.


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