Top 10 Best Companies To Work For In USA 2019

They say life is about stages or phases. Some stages are tough some are smooth sailing. Among the toughest stages is choosing a career and finding the perfect job. When someone decides to look for a job sometimes settling for the perfect job becomes an uphill task since one might be forced to choose between a big fat check and going for something you have passion on. But at the end of the day many do take fat check since that’s what’s putting food on the table. However if you get the right place to work then you are relieved the burden of making a choice.

In united states there so many companies you could go for but these top 10 have been reviewed by top job sites, review companies such as PayScale, Glassdoor and survey sites and they emerged to be the best in offering the best employee work environment. The methodology involved looking at salary, job satisfaction, stress levels involving working, and other factors such as other reviews. Here is the list of the top 10 best companies to work for in USA in 2019.

10. Power Home Remodeling

Best Companies in USA 2019

With a 4.3 stars power home remodelling has become one of the best places in the United States to work in. They usually provide customers with up to date and most deluxe energy saving home systems which basically remodel a customer’s home fulfilling a client expectations and dreams. Most of the staff here start off their careers in an entry level position and with constant training and guidance rise to success. Power home remodelling has one of the best management which as seen there CEO rated 25th position in 2015 and 2016. In the category of employee satisfaction the company took the 10th position overall in 2017 and in 2015 they were at position 15th which is a big improvement.

9. Adobe

Best Companies in USA

The company that usually is behind your ability to download a pdf and it’s the global leader in digital media and marketing solutions is one of the best companies you could work for. They have been rated with a 4.3 star due to their great company culture, attractive employee reward package and the potential career advancement. Adobe CEO has been rated at position 20 in 2016 and 47 in 2015 out of 100 best CEOs in the United States. In relation to employee satisfaction Adobe has taken position 9 in 2017, in 2016 it took position 19 2015 position 18 and in 2011 position 39. From the analysis we can say the company has improved and we can predict the results will be positive even in coming years.

8. LinkedIn

Best Companies in USA

The world’s biggest professional network site that connects professionals and has transformed the way companies hire sell and market their products is one of the best places to work in. their working environment has made the company to be rated with a 4.4 star. Here you will not only get attractive employee reward pay check and other packages but also in relation to career advancement you can be assured you have a chance to excel. The company management has been rated at position 5 out of the 100 best CEOs in 2016, in 2015 they were rated position 12 and in 2014 the CEO of the company took the top position overall in US. In regards to the work environment LinkedIn has taken position 8 in 2017 and in 2016 they were at position 6 while in 2015 they were at position 23.

7. In-N-Out Burger

Best Companies in USA

In-N-Out Burger is based in California and has over 250 burger joints in California, the company has one of the best packages for its workers and due to this has made it appear in the list of the best [places to work in in US. Usually the companies only deals with French fries, cheese burgers, hamburgers and double-double cheese. The company received a 4.4 start rate and their CEO took position 17 in 2016 regards to work environment evaluation the company in 2017 has taken position 7 and in 2016 they took position 13 while at 2015 they were at position 8.

6. Fast Enterprises

Best Companies in USA 2019

The world’s greatest consultant on issues of software’s , developer and installation of software’s which are meant for government agencies is one of the best places you could look for work and you can be assured of better work environment. The company has received a 4.4 star and their CEOs has been rated at position 10 overall in 2016. In 2017 the company took the 6th position in regards to the best places to work and in 2016 the held position 9 although in 2015 they were at position 2.

5. World Wide Technology

Best Companies in USA

One of the best companies to work in is World Wide Technology. It was founded in 1990 and today is rated 4.4 star for it provides its employees with one of the best benefits packages in the job market and has a very good management which not only looks at the welfare of employees but also the clients. They usually deal with providing services revolving supply chain solutions to large local and international both private and public organisations and in addition provide innovative technology solutions. They have been ranked in position 5 overall in 2017 and they were ranked position 12 in the awards of the best place to work in.

4. Google

Best Companies in USA

The internet and technology company which has become the world’s leading search engine company is rated with a 4.4 star and has provided its employees with one of the best environments to work in. They usually take their employees with outmost respect, give them a voice and they listen, provide them with a tailored made compensation package that is too unique, fair and attractive. This company has lived to its promise of making worlds information universally accessible and rewarding the human resource behind its success Google has one of the highest rated CEOs in the united states taking the 7th position overall in 2016, in 2015 taking the 1st position and in 2014 and 2013 taking the 11th position. When we consider the best places to work Google took position 4 overall in 2017, and in 2016 they took position 8, in 2015 they were at position 1, 2014 they were at position 8, 2013 they held position 6 and in 2012 they held position 5.

3. Boston Consulting Group

Best Companies in USA

Boston consulting Group Company has got 4.4 stars rate from the analysis of employee satisfaction. It was founded in 1963 and today has become one of the best places you could wish to work in. it’s one of the best global management consulting firm and one of the world’s best in advisory on matters revolving business strategy. The company has over 80 offices in more than 45 countries. This global consulting group has received several awards in relation to the best place to work as an employee. In 2017 they have taken the 3rd position, in 2016 they took 7th position, in 2015 they took the fifth position and in 2013 10th position, 2011 6th position and 2010 they held the 7th position overall.

2. Facebook

Best Companies in USA

Working for Facebook can be very rewarding. The company has been given a 4.5 stars out of 5 star. The social networking company has given billions of people the power to share ideas, jokes, general information or just what matters to them as they connect with each other. The tech company has surpassed all other companies from perks, culture and general employee satisfaction The company has received several awards among them having the best rated CEO in 2016 taking 4th position, 2015 taking 4th position as well and in 2014 taking the 10th position in the classification of the best CEO,s. on the awards of the best places to work Facebook took position 2 overall and in 2016 they were at position 5. The rest of the years were as follows, 2011 took position 1, 2012 took position 3, 2013 took position 1 and 2014 took position 5.

1. Bain & Company

Best Companies in USA 2019

This is the company that has been rated with a 4.6 star overall in the United States out of 5 star. its one of the world’s leading consulting firms with branches in more than 50 cities in the world. This firm has taken the first position based from data from top survey sites and employee’s an employee you can be certain that a career with this company is truly the best of all worlds. The company has very attractive employee’s benefits such as medical, life insurance, dental, vacation, disability and overall employee wellbeing among many others.

The other amazing thing about Bain & company is the benefits are not just meant for U.S citizens but it’s inclusive to all their employees even in the international offices. Bain and company has received several awards from the glass door awards programs such as it has the highest rated CEOs in 2016, and has scooped the awards of being the best place to work in 2017 being number 1, 2016 the company took the 2nd position overall, 2015 they took the 2nd position overall, 2014 they took the 1st position and in 2013 they held the 4th position. Other years were 2012 (4th position), 2011 (3rd position) and 2010 (4th) position.

When looking for a place to work you need to look whether the company offers you attractive compensation package, training opportunities, health insurance, vacation package, 401k program among others. A company should always reward you for your productivity and its your right.


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