Top 10 Best Countries For Women’s Rights in The World 2019

Females contribute about 49.6% that is almost the half of the total world’s population. Despite in some countries the sex ratio is not equal(1:1), the overall ratio is considerable, in the world there are 101 males per 100 females. So we can say that the world is having equal male-female population. But do you know the rights, authority and responsibilities are not shared equally world-wide.

Some countries male dominated and forbid females to enjoy their rights and do what they want. Some countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan have introduced laws for the things women can’t do without getting a written permission from any of their male relative. These countries are male dominated and most gender-segregated. Living in these countries can be a head ache for a women. There are some countries that are best for women’s rights in 2019, these countries provide equal opportunities, rights, authorities and responsibilities. Here the income gaps are negligible between males and females, nation’s economy depends equally on both.

10. Nicaragua

Best Countries For Women’s Rights 2019

Nicaragua is a country of central America. The total population of Nicaragua is about 6,205,785. According to a survey, people love living in Nicaragua. It is voted one of the best retirement destinations, retirees adore the beautiful landscape, and also because of the affordable cost of living. According to World Economic forum report Nicaragua has done very well in narrowing the gender gap, since last 10 years it has reached 78% of equality from 66% in 2006 and thus secures a position in list of worlds best countries to be a women. Although of it’s top rank in this list, Nicaragua is also mentioned in the list of nations having poor economy. Thus coming in the top of gender equality doesn’t raise the standard of living of the women as compared to other parts of the world, but it is comparable with the men living in Nicaragua.

9. New Zealand

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

New Zealand is a country in Oceania. It has population of 4,597,898 people ranks ninth in the list of the best countries for women rights. But previously in ninteenth century, women in New Zealand were not allowed to participate in politics. After many efforts and campaigns New Zealand became the first ever self-governing country in the world, thereby women got right to vote in the elections. New Zealand has moved ahead by four places from last two years, the country has crossed 78.1% gender equality and is still moving ahead. Because of the gender equality, the country offers equal pay and job opportunities to both. Being a women, living in New Zealand is a nice thought.

8. Switzerland

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Switzerland ranks seventh in the list of top ten countries to live right now, for a woman. It is a country in Europe and has a population of 8,454,083 people. Switzerland slipped out of the list, in 2014, and secured 11 rank in the list in 2016. It was able to come up in the list because the political empowerment of its female ministers. It is able to bridge the gender gap upto 78.5%.

7. Slovenia

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Solvenia ranks eight in the list of the best countries to be a women in the world right now with a score of 78.6% gender equality. The country is in Central Europe with a population of 2,071,252. Slovenia is the fourth country in having a big leap to secure its position in the list. 2015 was the first year for Slovenia to enter into the top ten’s race. In 2014, Slovenia had only 18% of women in its politics and it took a forward leap to 44% of ministers who are women in year 2015. Slovenia provides equal job opportunities and payment to both. Thus it is easy to live and earn in Slovenia if you are a women.

6. Philippines

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Philippines is located in southeastern Asia, and having population of 103,796,832 people. It ranks sixth in the list of top ten countries to be a women. It has a score of 78.6% gender equality, which is quite comparable with the percentage of trailing countries. The reason of securing higher rank in the list is having equal in all categories. The country has made an up climb since 2006. All sectors like economic participation and opportunity, political empowerment, health, education and survival need equal growth for narrowing gender gap, but Philippines is slightly regressed in education sector. But the authority say that Philippines will cover-up this gap very soon and will move towards narrowing the gender gap.

5. Rwanda

Best Countries For Women’s Rights 2019

Rwanda is a country from sub-Saharan region( East Africa). It has a population of 12,159,586 people, and secures sixth rank in the top ten countries to be a woman. Although the east African region is the region were most of the nations are underdeveloped and have wide gender gap. The countries from this region comes under the worst countries to live for a woman. This region has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS and females here are highly dominated and brutally violated. Then also Rwanda holds a nice place for itself only because of its strong political empowerment, the country provides equal job and payment opportunities, health, education, political rights for both men and women. Thus it’s score of gender equality is 80%. Women feel a sense of equality in the air of Rwanda.

4. Sweden

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Sweden a country in Europe, having population of 9,920,624 people. It ranks fourth in the list of top ten countries in the list of best countries to be a woman. Also it is very consistent in the list from last eight consecutive years Sweden has maintained its fourth rank. Previously in 2006 Sweden has topped the list produced by the World Economic forum. Sweden takes care of its civilians that there should not be any biasing on the basis of gender, all citizens should get equal opportunities, education, health and obligations. This has narrowed the gender gap upto 81.5%. The World Economic Forum says an increase in the number of female ministers and senior officials, narrowing the gender gap also increases the economic participation of the country.

3. Norway

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Norway is an European country having population of 5,330,800 people. It ranks third in the list of top countries to live for a woman, because the country has more female part-time workers than male and both have equal opportunities and payment options. Top most positions in big firms are occupied by females also they are now a part in the board of directors team, this reflects that women are now employed at higher positions. Norway is always nominated in the top countries having gender equality. It has covered the gender gap upto 84.2%. According to the survey led by World Economic forum, Norway has the minimum differences between the average time invested per day for unpaid work by men or women.

2. Finland

Best Countries For Women’s Rights

Finland secured second rank in the top ten countries to live for a woman. It is also an country with population of 5,541,274 people. The country has narrowed the gender gap upto 84.5% , also it is the highest ranked nation in the European union. In the report submitted by the World Economic forum, in 2015 Finland lost its second position to Norway and secured the third position. Despite of this, Finland is one of those countries which has more than 50% females in its governing body. Finland has 63% female ministers in its government, also Finland is in one of those nations which have completely covered the gender gap in education and health sector. Thus Finland is actually a good option for women to live.

1. Iceland

Best Countries For Women’s Rights 2019

Iceland being on the top of this list for the eighth consecutive time. Iceland has the least gender inequality in all sectors covering education, health and survival, opportunities and obligations etc. It has bridged the gender gap upto 87.4 %. Not only in the above mentioned sectors, but also in the political empowerment of females Iceland has top ranked. Iceland is the only a country in Europe, that had a female head of states for 20 years out of last 50 years. Iceland also provides the highest paid paternity leave of three months to equalize the gender gap practically. Thus Iceland is a better place for women to live but this country is not a feminist country. It treats its civilians equally.

Gender equality is an important topic now-a-days, women across the world are coming ahead and asking for their rights and facilities. They don’t want to live in a male dominated world, women don’t seek for better place than men but they demand for at least equality for both. World Economic forum conducts a survey every year for finding out different reports and lists of the world-wide ranking for countries. They consider the basic sectors for comparison like equal opportunities, health, education, political empowerment etc. This not only shows the ranking for the particular nation but also indicates the areas in which the nation has to work on to progress. The final conclusion from this article is that the whole world should become best place to live for both men and women.


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