Top 10 Best Dental Colleges in The World 2019

Education in field of dental courses has become vital in today’s era as more and more number of people is suffering from teeth problems. The root of people facing teeth infection problems lies in consumption of irregular diets which harmfully affects their health. However, you can now assure the reduction in this problem, as more number of renowned dental colleges is flourishing gradually all over the world. The students studying in topmost dental colleges acquire knowledge of diagnosing and handling oral diseases. The colleges and institution engrossed in this field offers dental course that highlights knowledge of various branches of dentistry.

You can assure sound basis of dentistry education now, as below you can get to know few of the topmost best dental colleges that are prevalent in world in 2019:

10. Faculty of dentistry, Kuwait

Best Dental Colleges 2019

The Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait recognised by Amiri proclamation in year 1996, is a quickly growing institution, entirely committed to offering quality dental education. The college is commended with the growth and implementation of the undergraduate curriculum, the beginning of research projects, the formation of postgraduate specialities and research educational programs in dental education. The Curriculum of dental education from Faculty of dentistry, Kuwait is divided into three phases, i.e. phase I, II and III.

The first year of the program (i.e. Phase I) is a Pre-professional program while phase II consists of three years education. Dental students learn the same Phase I & Phase II curriculum as the medical students in the Medical Faculty and attain the degree of Bachelor of Medical Sciences (B.Med.Sc.) at the end of the Phase II. The Phase III program comprises of three full years, comprising three summer semesters, which are clinical years at the completion of which students are bestowed with the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

9. Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine:

Best Dental Colleges

This dental college, situated in New York City, is an outstanding choice for those pursuing dual degrees. Columbia College offers both the DDS/MPH as well as the DDS/MBA. You can avail total of five dual degrees from this college. It is known that location, degrees offered, and students’ experiences are enriched with innovative and unique subjects that lend Columbia a surrounding that’s inviting more and more student to learn dental courses. Columbia College is a bit expensive dental college though it stands at this position in the list due to its strong reputation and excellent student life.

8. McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry:

Best Dental Colleges

Modern facilities and an imposing reputation propel this dental college well above the average dental colleges prevalent today. A varied student population, with a solid clinical background offers students a unique dental learning experience. McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry is embedded within a hospital setting to offer more practical learning.

Students in 3rd and 4th years devote time in the hospital dental clinic which offers an extra advantage of treating medically compromised people. Students even rotate over other disciplines inside the hospital as well in this college. Generally, this offers McGill graduates a more self-assured ‘leg-up’ over other dental alumni. Apart from this, Montreal is a city identified within Canada as a “party city” as well as McGill dental students have a status that does not disappoint you.

7. University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine (UPenn):

Best Dental Colleges

This is a nationally high ranking school with imposing rates of funding from the NIH, UPenn Dental owns high position in the list with its curriculum powerfully integrated with medicine as well as an added interdisciplinary approach. Students seeking admission into UPenn Dental can suppose a severe educational experience in both clinical as well as biomedical sciences. The college also boasts a latest clinical facility that started its operation in 2002 – combined with a good patient mass. It provides a pleasant clinical experience for UPenn dental students studying.

6. Faculty of dentistry, Malaysia:

Best Dental Colleges

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia`s is recognized as the oldest university, located on a 750 acre vast campus in the southwest region of Kuala Lumpur, in the capital of Malaysia. It was initially started in year 1905 in Singapore as the King Edward VII College of Medicine and later in year 1949, it turned out as the University of Malaya with the union of the King Edward VII College of Medicine and Raffles College (established in year 1928).

5. School of Dentistry, Japan:

Best Dental Colleges 2019

Nagasaki University, School of Dentistry is a renowned dentistry college of Japan and by now it has enjoyed its 35th anniversary of foundation in year 2014. There are 1,800 of qualified graduates as dentist from this college located in Japan. Many of the graduates contribute actively in the education, dental healthcare, research and welfare. The institution stands by the principles to impart the basic education in an extensive range of dental skill, consequently it can lead the creation of a dentist who can open up new horizons for an inclusive oral health care. Since rapid aging of Japan’s population has posed a new situation, predictable roles for dentists are transferring from “cure” to “cure and support” as well as from “disease-oriented” to “patient-oriented”.

4. University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry:

Best Dental Colleges

This dentistry college works on principle of strong education, strong research, and a strong sense of service to the society. It is one of the top dental colleges in the North California due to its strong performance across maximum benchmarks. It is the only dental college in the nation, but lack of patients for students doesn’t poses an issue, and UNC Dental’s students owns a fantastic clinical practise. It is known that upperclassmen assist fresh faces as they wind through every hurdles a dental school can toss at a new student. Companionship, curriculum, research prospects, and limitless patients create for a great experience at UNC.

3. Kings College, London:

Best Dental Colleges

The institute located in London focuses on accepting disease, improving health and restoring function. The institute is known to be the successor of King’s College Hospital Dental School, Royal Dental Hospital of London School of Dental Surgery, Guy’s Hospital Dental School, and the United Medical, Dental Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals. This college was a share of King’s School of Medicine and Dentistry till year 2005. As per recent the 2017 Complete University Guide, 8 out of the 30 subjects presented by King’s rank inside the top 10 nationally, including Dentistry at 5th position. It was established in year 1829 by the Duke of Wellington and King George IV.

2. Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine:

Best Dental Colleges

This is the first ever university-based and university-affiliated dental educational institution in North America. Prior its establishment, dental schools and the field of dentistry itself was not familiar as a significant sub-specialty of medicine; hence the heritage of this school in this regard cannot be ignored. It is a world-class educational institution overall – exceeding most rankings all over the world in broad categories. This college possesses a strong research backbone and has attained an excellent legacy for discoveries inside its walls. It leads in assimilating new discoveries from the laboratory to changing such discoveries into a strong curriculum presented to their students.

1. University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery:

Best Dental Colleges 2019

This is an afresh renovated dental college with the discrete history of becoming the first dental college all over the world. This dental college is recognized as undoubtedly the innovator of dental education. This institution has strong foundation base as it was founded by founders namely Drs. Horace H. Hayden and Chapin A. Harris, who are known to be world renowned fathers of dentistry.

Apart from its history, unique post-graduate programs like experimental pathology to seven of the eight credited post-graduate residency programs obtainable are provided at this exciting college. Several of these post-graduate programs have well-known faculty and undergraduate dentistry offers a student population with a strong admission average, outstanding faculty, constant curriculum improvement, and a solid patient base. The compilation of all these aspects turns out to be the best mix for an excellent dental education experience. This new UMB Dental building that started its doors in year 2006 secures this first place finisher right from historical to modern.

In order to make bright career in field of dentistry, an excellent base of dental education is must. This prime requirement can only be fulfilled by selection of appropriate topmost dental college of world. These dental colleges impart dental education in finest possible way to mould its students towards success in the field.


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