12 Best Dental Colleges In India 2019

There are many prominent dental colleges in India which are providing the high level of training and educations to people who are aspiring to make a career in the dental health sector. They are providing modern facilities to the students with an excellent and friendly environment for learning.

The faculty staff of these colleges is highly educated and eager to guide the students with their level best. The role of the college is very important in building the career of an aspiring student and there are many colleges in India which help students in moving towards a promising future. Below is the list based on a survey to figure out the top 12 best dental colleges in India in 2019.

12. Government Dental College, Nagpur

Best Dental Colleges In India 2019

This dental college is situated in Nagpur which was established in the year 1968. It is an old college which is nowhere less in quality than the colleges of modern times. The institution solely aims at transforming the dreams of the students into reality and provide with world-class education in the dentist health sector.

The students from across the country come here to pursue a career in dental education and management. This college has got recognised by the Dental Council of India (DCI). Over the journey of years, this college has gained popularity and reputation at National as well as International level which is another characteristic of this renowned institution.

11. Faculty Of Dental Sciences, Varanasi

Best Dental Colleges In India

Banaras Hindu University is one of those Universities of India which are well known in the field of academic and research input. The University has a history which is regarded as the legacy of Indian culture. This University has an elite infrastructure with having 3 institutes, 140 departments, 16 faculties and four advanced centers.

The University is building its remarkable identity in the field of Science, Social Science, Technology, Agriculture, and Medicine and so on. This University is for sure holding a promising future. It is one of the most reliable institutions in the country which at no cost compromises with the preference and choice of the deserving students.

10. SRM Dental College, Chennai

Best Dental Colleges In India

This college is situated in Ramapuram and it was established in the year 1996-67. It was founded long time ago hence it long durability attracts the candidates. It has developed rapidly and within a short period of time, it has become one of the most eminent dental colleges in India.

It is the very first dental college in India which received the status of a deemed University in the year 2002. The Outlook Magazine awarded it as the 11th best dental college in India. Moreover, it was declared as the best college of Tamilnadu in the year 2012. This college has an ISO 9001: 2008 certification which indicates towards its reliability.

9. Bapuji Dental College And Hospital, Davangere

Best Dental Colleges In India

This dental college was founded in the year 1979 and since then it is providing its services to students as well as the society. At present, this college is headed by one of the most prominent orthodontics in India, Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty. He is striving hard to transform this college to one of the best dental colleges in India. This college is one of the most vital and vigorous dental institutes in India and it is serving the society to a large extent.

8. SDM College Of Dental Sciences, Dharwad

Best Dental Colleges In India

This dental college was found in 1986. The perception of this institution is to bring out the hidden excellence, knowledge, service and skills who may serve the humanity with all their potential. In 2002, the University of Grant Commission (NAAC) awarded this institution with five-star status and it assures the credibility of this institution. The priority of this institution is building a shining career for the students studying here above all the things.

7. PG Institute Of Dental Sciences, Rohtak

Best Dental Colleges In India

It is the most famous dental college of Haryana which was established in the year 1960. It was formerly known as Medical College, Rohtak. It has gone through a huge development process within 50 years of its journey and has set a goal of “Health for all by 2020”. The students are provided with the best modern facilities and an eco-friendly environment here which helps them in better learning.

6. Faculty Of Dental Sciences, King George’s, Lucknow

Best Dental Colleges In India 2019

It is the very first hospital in the country which has association with King George’s dental University. The first postgraduate examination in this hospital was held in 1918 and this fact implies towards the marvelous history of this hospital. It has a huge campus which has spread over an area of around 1, 00,000 square meters. The students from all over the country come here to become skilled dentists and turn their dream of serving the society into a reality.

5. Government Dental College, Bangalore

Best Dental Colleges In India

It is the first dental college in Karnataka. It is one of the few post-independence dental colleges in the country. Within a short span of time, it has built a unique reputation among the country by serving humanity and providing an excellent education to the candidates studying in the institution. It is serving the population by delivering oral health and care and a better dental health in all over India is the motto of this institution.

4. Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai

Best Dental Colleges In India

It is another popular dental college situated in Mumbai and like the previous one; it is also affiliated with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik. It has got the approval of Dental Council of India (DCI), Ministry of Health as well as Government of Maharashtra and India. The institution aims mainly at training the students in a way so that they become well-versed and skilled dentists in future. It is the one of the best choices of the students who want to pursue a career in dental health and care.

3. Government Dental College, Mumbai

Best Dental Colleges In India

It is one of the leading dental institutes in India which is providing dental services and education in India as well as overseas. It is a historical institute because it was established in the year 1938. It was listed among the top three dental colleges of India by the Outlook Magazine. It is affiliated with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik which is also a famous University. A high qualified teaching staff, world-class equipment, and friendly learning environment are the perks of this institution which makes this institution more attractive.

2. Manipal College Of Dental Sciences, Manipal

Best Dental Colleges In India

It is the second well-known and prestigious dental college of India which was formerly known as the college of dental surgery. It was established in 1956 and it is the first self-financed college of the private sector in India. It provides a four-year degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) followed by one year of internship. Its master’s program is known as Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) and its duration is three years. This college is the first choice of people who can afford private education and with its world class amenities it is worth the money.

1. Maulana Azad Institute Of Dental Sciences, Delhi

Best Dental Colleges In India 2019

It is located in Delhi which is the capital of India. It is surrounded by most loved places of Delhi like Chandni Chowk, Ferozshah Kotla, Cannaught Place and Daryaganj. It is an institute of global and regional excellence which provides education at a great level with a friendly environment. It is a non-profit government organization which provides easily accessible, affordable and comprehensive dental education, especially to underprivileged people. This is the first choice of the candidates who want to take admission in a renowned dental institution.

India is a growing economy and it is rapidly developing in the field of education. As far as the medical education is concerned there are many colleges in India which are providing best facilities and education to the students. There are many governments as well as private dental colleges in India which are equipped with world-class amenities but if we see through the angle of quality and credibility the above mentioned list of dental colleges may help to choose one of the best among them.

One should never compromise with the dignity and reliability of the institution he is studying at because that is from where the future is created. The dental health and care is one of the biggest requirements of a healthy life and these college are initiating many appreciable steps which assure good dental health for the citizens of the country.


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