Top 10 Best Electronics Companies in The World 2019

The discovery of subatomic particle called electron is what gave birth to electronics. Electronics is one of the largest industry sectors in world today. There are a lot of electronic companies in world.

It is quite difficult to count on their number in fact. It is resulted into a very high competition among all these companies and every company wants to dominate the market. The overall beneficiary of such competition is off course consumer who gets quality products and after sale services. Below is the list of top 10 best Electronics Companies worldwide by 2019.

10. Intel

Best Electronics Companies 2019

Intel was founded in year 1968 and it was started by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. The company is presently headquartered at Santa Clara, California, United States. The leading multinational company Intel is the maker of processing chips present in personal computers and laptops brought out by PC vendors like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, HP etc. This American company employs around 1.07 Lacs people. At present the company is doing annual revenue of USD 11.4 billion.

9. Microsoft

Best Electronics Companies

Basically Microsoft is a technical company. But looking at the huge scope and the market opportunities, it has fairly started now dealing in electronic gadgets as well. The richest person on the earth Mr. Bill Gates is a founder of Microsoft. Microsoft has been founded and under operation since year 1975. It has its headquarter in Microsoft Redmond campus, Washington, United States.

The total number of employee strength is close to 1.19 Lacs people. It is one of the dominating companies amongst the all and well known for its high valued and user friendly products. Some of the products and services Microsoft offers are Windows OS series, Office, Server, Skype, Visual Studio, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox, Surface, Mobile, MSN, Bing, One Drive, MSDN,, TechNet and Xbox live. The annual turnover of the company is estimated around USD $15 billion.

8. Panasonic

Best Electronics Companies

Panasonic Corporation is also a very popular giant amongst the all other companies. It has been founded by Konosuke Matsushita as a duplex lamp sockets manufacturer around 98 years ago. It’s been headquartered at Osaka, Japan. Panasonic is one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world. It has three major business units namely Consumer, Solutions and Components & Devices. Panasonic’s products like Camera’s, Television, home appliances and office appliances are always considered as reliable. The total number of employee strength is around 2.54 Lacs people. As per latest records the estimated annual revenue of the company is USD $18 billion.

7. IBM

Best Electronics Companies

IBM is one of the well-known brands all over the world. It is also well known for pioneering and exploring some extreme possibilities in the field of technology. It’s a USA based company and incorporated in year 1911. Presently, the company is having its showrooms and outlets in all parts of the world. Since year 1911 to till date IBM is serving the clients with great pride and confidence. The approximate yearly revenue of the company is USD 20 billion.

6. Fujitsu

Best Electronics Companies 2019

Fujitsu is again a well-known Japanese brand and company. The products of the brand or company Fujitsu are known worldwide for their high performance and reliability. Fujitsu is again an old company which came into existence in June 1935. Currently, the company is enjoying annual revenue of USD $30 billion.

5. Dell

Best Electronics Companies

Dell is US based company and headquartered in Texas, USA. Dell Inc is one of the biggest electronic and tech devices distributors in the world. It has its offices and showrooms in all the nook and corner of the world. The company is having wide range of products. Currently, Dell is selling more than 103400 products to its global customers. Presently, the company is enjoying about USD $40 billion of revenue.

4. HP

Best Electronics Companies

The Hewlett Packard Company is commonly known as HP. The company founded by William Hewlett and David Packard in year 1939. The company is headquartered at Paulo Alto, California. HP is famous and well reputed electronic and IT products making company. HP sells computers, mobiles, home appliances, PC’s and various other products. It is also famous in networking hardware and software manufacturing as well. In present the company is employs around 3.02 Lacs people. It has approximate annual revenue of USD 50 billion.

3. Apple Inc.

Best Electronics Companies

Apple Inc. is been incorporated in year 1976 and it has been founded by the legendary personality Steve Jobs in association with his friends Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company is headquartered at Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, US. This innovation giant has been currently headed by Tim Cook after the sad demise of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs were handing the company till last iPhone series 5 releases. This is the one of the leading and amongst most dominating companies in the world.

The company has its sub-offices and stores or divisions in all major parts of the world. Apple employs around 1.15 Lacs of people. There are good number of products and services in Apple’s portfolio, they are – Mac, iPod, iPhone, Apple watch, Apple TV, OS X, iOS, watchOS, iLife, iWork, Apple Pay, Online Apple Store etc. Apple’s estimated annual revenue is USD $60 billion which is increasing day by day due to its increasing popularity amongst the people or user.

2. Foxconn

Best Electronics Companies

Foxconn is belongs to Taiwan. Foxconn is famous and well versed Taiwanese transnational electronics company. The company is incorporated in year 1974. The company promises its customers to provide them reliable and well performing products. And that is the reason the company is operating proudly since its incorporation. Company manufactures mobile phones for most of the companies around the world. Due to sudden increase in the smartphones worldwide the company is also expecting good growth. This might be the reason that the estimated net revenue has also climbed high in last couple of years. Presently, the estimated revenue of Foxconn is USD 70 billion.

1. Samsung Electronics

Best Electronics Companies 2019

Samsung Electronics is the South Korean multinational electronics conglomerate. It has been founded 78 years ago by Lee Byung – chul and it has been headquartered at Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. Generally, when Samsung name comes people are aware of electronics and consumer durables but Samsung is having very diversified range of products.

Some of the products and services include Apparel, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Ships, Semiconductors, Telecommunications Equipment’s, Advertising, Construction, Entertainment, Financial Services, Hospitality, Health Care Services and many more. The giant employs around 4.89 Lacs people. It is also rumored that Samsung is the first brand which will release the first ever phone with the flexible screen in year 2017. The current estimated net revenue of the company is USD 90 billion.

This is the list of top 10 companies amongst the huge number. The list has been derived based on the popularity of brand, net revenue of the company and overall brand value. It is very important that these companies still progress the way they do now and deliver the best possible configurations of the electrons and their sources. The companies should contribute into technology front to develop more and more handful products for its valued customers.


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