Top 10 Best & Most Popular Android Games In The World 2018

Android games are today the heart of game playing enthusiasts as they provide the necessary fun in appealing way. There are few android games which are costly and nothing valued than simply poor spots of a console game. Whereas others are just a scanty amount but are sincerely more amusing as well as enthralling than anything perceived on a game console some years ago.

Some android games function well with headphones, while others don’t – and you actually need to find those games that function best for you. People in greater amount make use of android os in their devices; hence you can find more number of people playing with popular android games. Get complete details of the most popular android games of 2018 which people admire more by reading below:

10. Penarium

Best Android Games

For people who like a great platform challenge, you must play Penarium android game. Created by Self Made Miracle and Team17, the people responsible behind the famous Worms franchise — Penarium conveys the story of a humble farm boy named Willy, who is stuck in a wicked circus forever. This android game appears and plays attractively, with all the accomplishment confined inside a single screen. Hence, all you need to do is obey the circus master’s tutoring and continue for as more as you can. Penarium presents a story mode as well with 30 gradually tough levels to play, with an “endless mode”, which verifies your skills. It verifies your skills when you contest yourself to understand how long you can continue while gathering coins.

9. This War of Mine

Best Android Games

This is another popular android game of current times, known to be an outstanding survival game and best to go for in in 2017. In this game, users can play in form of a cluster of war survivors living in a city which is presently being engaged by the enemy. Your major task is to retain your little collective live by collecting crafting things, supplies, and creating few absurdly inflexible choices. The hallmark of this android game is such that it is not essentially fun, but it’s actually interesting to play. This is the game you would probably wish to replay to perceive if you can accomplish things contrarily.

8. Neon Chrome

Best Android Games

Neon Chrome is a popular and must-own game in present year 2017 because of its exciting features. This android game is a top-down twin-stick handgun with wonderful formalized visuals as well as procedurally produced levels. Primarily released in year 2016 on Steam and later for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this game arrived on android platform earlier this year. It is a truly polished game designed by keeping in mid aspect of replay ability. Every playthrough is intended to offer exclusive challenges as well as weapons, when you operate your way over the compound on your mission to convey down the Overseer.

7. Crashlands

Best Android Games

Out of many popular android games, Crashland is previously considered among the finest adventure type android games from year 2016. Users usually play in form of a space trucker named Flux and this game begins with user deafening onto an unfamiliar planet. The major task is to save your shipment, build a base, battle with bad guys, and ultimately to protect the world. Crashlands has got many game elements, comprising combat, crafting, RPG-style character levelling as well as you can also tame living being to combat for your side. This game is considered as a deep game with lots of content that users can play on mobile as well as desktop.

6. Pokémon Go

Best Android Games

Irrespective of you love it or hate it, Pokémon Go is the game still extensively popular worldwide. Moreover, Niantic still owns large plans to provision it round the year. This organization has added the second generation of the game-Pokemon with additional five generations of this game yet in the bank. There are a bunch of worldwide and region-based occasions in the progression as well as there is the potential for many new and refurbished features. Besides, as winter is over hence users may see a renaissance of Pokémon Go throughout the warmer season.

5. Star Wars: Force Arena

Best Android Games

As the name implies, this android game is all about star wars, regarded as most popular and best one to play. Assimilating the card-casting system from Clash Royale in connection with MOBA-style game, this is a very thrilling game. It is thrilling in a manner that it combines fast-paced action with profound strategic components whenever you arrive in as general for the Empire. You are free to select from your favourite Star Wars heroes as well as some villains from the trilogy and Rogue One of the game. Later on, you are allowed to lead your military force into battle against opponents playing online.

4. Fire Emblem: Heroes

Best Android Games

This is also a popular android game that represents Nintendo’s first raid into emerging games for Android platform. Moreover, this is the eighth name in the prevalent strategy-RPG permit to be launched on coasts of North American. It is known that in this, heroes conveys all of your favourite Fire Emblem based characters collectively for a new story that mines the honourable kingdom. Users can play the character of a mighty summoner who possess the power to let Fire Emblem’s finest heroes come together to support defend of the kingdom.

3. Island Delta

Best Android Games

Island Delta is also an extremely stylish top-down game that can fall under many categories like adventure, action and even puzzle. You can discover the secretive retro-futuristic isle lair of Doctor Gunderson with help of heroes like Baxter and Zoe, playing as a lead character. Applying your anti-gravity pistol, you should work your path over traps, mechanical minions as well as guards when you solve puzzles to create it finished to the completion of each level. At its finest instants, the game appears like a stripped down, third-person type of portal, which many people may not be aware.

2. The Battle of Polytopia

Best Android Games

Emphasized as a qualifier for the popular contest named Google Play Indie Games contest, this android game is an excellent game for people who are admirer of turn-based plan games. The android game highlights numerous game modes, comprising the infrequently seen pass-and-play choice for performing in contradiction to friends. Through several tribes to select from, this performs similar to a full-fledged strategy game packed with cartoony visuals as well as scaled down flawlessly for operating on a smartphone device. It is known that the turn-based gameplay played against the AI is abrupt and you can supplement more enemies or raise the difficulty level, provided you are in necessity of a superior challenge.

1. Reigns

Best Android Games

If in case you have fantasized of being king for a day, you must once play Reigns. This is basically a stylish game with modest gameplay mechanism as well as razor-sharp wit, in which you attempt to maintain your kingdom operating perfectly well. This is accomplished by interrelating with citizens, advisors, witches, and some prominent characters in kingdom. This android game is finest defined as one of those to select your own adventure from books, instead of tossing to few page, you just need to swipe right or left. Every decision you make lays an effect on four funds you must accomplish effectively: citizens, religion, the army, and your kingdom’s capital.

People today are crazy about playing popular android games to get refreshed, to kill boredom and develop their passion. When you play any of these games just once, you would become fan of it and would lie to have it again and again.


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