Top 10 Best & Most Famous Architecture Colleges In India 2019

Architecture demands a culmination of science with a creative vision of arts. A degree in Architecture helps an individual in blending a subtle mixture of culture, art and scientific advancements and technology. Architectural courses are a popular preference by engineering students, which allows them to reflect their creative ideas, using science and technology.

Unlike other science courses, Architecture covers all aspects of aesthetics, arts and ethical values, with social and technological advancement, which widens the scope of the degree. It is also popular because of its great career prospects, which can help you earn over 50K per month, if you are able, enrol in a reputed college. Here is a list of India’s top 10 best Architectural colleges in 2019, which can be categorised depending on their popularity and teaching faculty.

10. Manipal School of architecture & Planning, Manipal

Best Architecture Colleges in India 2019

The University was founded in 1978, and since then has been a top quality education provider under multicultural setting. They offer everything from degree to a doctorate in Architecture. They have a vibrant faculty, which promotes creativity and intellect in its students. They are popular for IT and architectural department.

9. Faculty of Architecture & Ekistic, JMI, Delhi

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The University was established in 2001. They are known for their teaching faculty which motivates and concentrates on each and every student with same dedication. They provide a consultancy cell, which comes as an exposure for students, in which they are pushed to gain a practical knowledge of the course.

8. Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurugram

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The college was set up by Chiranjeev Charitable Trust in 1989, as a response to bureaucratic shackles on architectural education. They focus on encouraging students to experiment with ideas and creativity, building a career. They offer a five year graduation degree in architecture, which is affiliated by IP University. The college has a very motivating faculty, which aims at building each student with a strong sense of knowledge and design, to help them gain an overall understanding of technical architecture in the beginning of their career. Several workshops are conducted by the university, inviting domestic and international professionals, to help them build a better understanding of the course.

7. Department of Architecture, NIT, Calicut

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The institute holds an international standing and aims to transform its students as the best research, evolution and exploration team. They provide a strong academic platform to aspirants who can work hard for a good rank, as well as walk out of the college, and become the best architects in the Country. The college consists of a well built library with a vast collection of books. It also holds a great computer center, lecture halls, seminar halls, digital resources, laboratories, hostels and a great health care center. They are also known for organising regular workshops to give a practical outlook to their theoretical knowledge. Considering the health of students, the campus has an adequate sports facility.

6. Department of Architecture, NIT Tiruchirappalli

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The university was established in 1992. The educational institute started off initially with three faculties, a poor infrastructural state, however, it now ranks 6th in the best architectural college list. The college focuses on Architectural specialisation, with all its courses and variants relating to the subject. They have been in collaboration with United Kingdom government to work on a subject matter relating to energy. Several of these NIT students have contributed their expert knowledge for prestigious Colleges like Cambridge. Apart from this, the college also offers scholarship programs and amazing infrastructural facilities.

5. Department of Architecture, IIT Roorkee

Best Architecture Colleges in India 2019

One of the most reputed Indian engineering universities is a dream college for all science students. Its Department of Architecture & Planning was first established in 1956. In 1961, the increased popularity of the course forced the department heads to devote an independent building to their department. It was one of the first universities to offer a Master degree in Architecture in 1969-70. The institute served its purpose by playing a vital role in delivering technical manpower and architectural research team to the country. The university is seen as a trend setter in the areas concerning research and education.

4. Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The college was build in 1961, with an ambition of developing the educational realm of education of architecture in the country. Chandigarh College of architecture, offers a five year long course, which is affiliated by Indian Govt. Council of Architecture. The five year course is sub divided into five yearly semesters, which provides detailed theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of architecture to its students. They also arrange regular workshops, seminars and lectures, to help students gain a better understanding of the real life scenarios.

3. CEPT University

Best Architecture Colleges in India

Center of Environmental Planning and Technology is the third best architectural university in India. They are known for focusing on basic understanding, planning, constructing, designing and managing habits of humans. They have set a team of professionals, who work with the motto of delivering in depth knowledge to its students. Their architectural faculty was established in 1962. The school has a separate faculty for each education category in order to ensure 100% attention to their respective departments relating to interior or building science etc.

2. School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) New Delhi

Best Architecture Colleges in India

The school was established in 1941, as a sub department to Architecture of Delhi Polytechnic (Delhi Technology University). It is a popular autonomous institution which is backed by ministry of Human Resources Development and has also received the title of deemed University for its contribution to architecture. Being a govt. institute the college gets excellent facilities, and has a great infrastructure with perfect functioning. SPA has produced some of the best architects in the country, who have contributed in enriching the overall technical wealth in the nation for the last five decades.

1. J J School of Architecture, Mumbai

Best Architecture Colleges in India 2019

The institution has established itself as the best architecture organisation in India. It is considered the best architecture college in Asia, which has educated over a thousand architectures who are currently practising their knowledge in the field. The college has a history of some of the most famous names in the world of architects and was recognised for its work in 2013 in outlook magazine. The College reflects a gleaming history and trends of the Victorian architecture through its building and campus education. Its college library consists of over 60,000 books of various subjects. Naturally, they have the best teaching faculty in the country, and are well updated with the current treads of construction and architectural industry.

Architectural studies are slowly growing as a popular subject of study for thousands of students in the country. You can explore your love for science and art simultaneously by opting for a degree in Architecture. So you can start working on a career in architecture, by filling forms for these ten universities.


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