Top 10 Best & Most Famous Educational Websites In India 2018

Are you in India and looking for the best websites infatuated with valuable information? Hold your breath and relax because you are at the right place. We have compiled information outlining the most excellent educational sites in the whole of India in 2018. It is important to research for the sources which contain quality information. Because we care about you, we have explored everywhere collecting the relevant information, and we hope you will love it. We know how disgusting and time-consuming it is to move from one site to another looking for some information, but we have compiled to save your time.


Best Educational Websites in India

As the name advocate, this website contains most of the latest information about the education sector in India as well as abroad. It gives clear guidelines pertaining entrance exams, the various courses, institutions and so forth. You gain adequate counseling options including online tests. Information concerning different subjects inclusive of the offers from the governmental institutions can be easily accessed. The crucial information on this site is helpful to those planning to advance their studies. organized in the year 1998, which holds the complete guidance for education and career. Not just focus on the student education but supports on getting the job and enlighten the future and vision of the students.


Best Educational Websites in India

Indian gives guidance to the students concerning the selection of the best course, institute, and the most suitable college. On this website, you can find relevant articles and various tests for practice that equip students with adequate skills and knowledge. Another essential fact about this site is that it offers an opportunity for the students to engage in discussions while in the admission process concerning any challenge they come across. Moreover, the site allows students with revenue earnings for the content published through various divisions.


Best Educational Websites in India is the eighth top website that provides educational advice to students in India. This site is close to an encyclopedia as it gives immeasurable stuff that is rich in educational information. It supplies information pertaining exams, articles, colleges and career in India. The website hosts dependability of colossal of readers hence it has been performing like a guide to the students in India.


Best Educational Websites in India gives complete guidance on the Courses, Competitive Exams, and the Entrance Exams mainly focusing on the MBA field. Information on the website keeps on changing especially the exams in the Engineering, banking, UPSC, and SSC field. is the seventh best site which contains information useful to the students. It is essential for a student to weigh various options to come up with the best concerning a course or institution. Information in this online website is a collective data from well-frequented websites answered all over the world by MBA expertises.


Best Educational Websites in India ranks number six from the top Indian websites. On this site, students can access videos, textbook solutions, and study materials. These materials are specially designed to suit students from class 1 to 12. On top of this website offering study materials, there are also sections for gaming. Take-A-Break helps students in matters concerning recreation. It also has a mobile App mostly for the users of both IOS and androids. The videos help the student understand better than just reading notes as the intended impression is clearly put across. offers videos and online study materials with their expert intellectual ideas. The online courses are offered for and CBSE (both online and revision materials), ICSE online course materials, NCERT solutions, CBSE model test papers and much more on the official site.


Best Educational Websites in India is a unique site that majors in subjects concerning finance, commerce, and accounts. This site was established in 1999 to offer specific guidance to students taking professional courses including CA, ICWA, and CS. On this site, you will get critical articles on subjects like Accounts, Income Tax, and Corporate Law. It also provides an open forum where students can pose questions to the professionals. Professionals solve the accounts problem with their gathered knowledge.


Best Educational Websites in India

From the top, takes number four in providing proper guidance and educational materials to students of CBSE and ICISE board. This website offers comprehensive and intense regulation concerning entrance exams. These reviews cut across all fields like Medical, Engineering, Accounting, and much more. The forum is open for a student to attempt a test and consult the experts in the relevant field. You can access all the materials that you need including exams on this website.


Best Educational Websites in India

This website ranks number three as it contains useful educational information providing comprehensive guidance on different courses. It offers valuable information concerning the various colleges in India. This site was established in 2008 to help students pose questions to experts about their career. In addition to that, this site offers guidance for courses on institutes outside India. A student can get mocks and career counseling on this site. The students gain much knowledge as they get the past papers and other revision materials boosting their performance in class work. An Educational Portal which collaborated to serve the students of all ages across the nation by providing timely educational news from Universities, schools, and colleges, with scholarship news, programs, and admission notifications.


Best Educational Websites in India

IndiaBix is the second best website providing complete preparation resolution concerning Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, as well as verbal ability. This site offers numerous questions that are helpful for practice regarding all subjects. The website equips you with knowledge and facilitates you with good command on the various topics. On this site, you can also obtain placement papers, different discussion topics, and helpful interview tips. This information equips you with the right knowledge that gives you the confidence to approach either exams or the interviews. In the generalized student population, it is quite tough to practice for interviews along with the studies. Before appearing for an interview, practicing with comes handy and quick.


Best Educational Websites in India

Jagran Prakashan Limited is the owner of this most excellent website containing the richest information in India. This multidimensional site offers affluent information relating to diverse sectors including the Civil Service, SSC, Banking and much more. On top of that, this site also supplies study materials that are relevant for the preparation of exams like SSC, CBSE, and so forth. You can also get updates concerning the latest jobs, new affairs, and question papers for the prior year. Their app is readily available on the mobile phone as it is available especially for Android Smartphone.

The above-discussed websites contain useful information which is accessible to the students. As a student, you can get rich information from these websites. Wonder no more looking for other sites as this article has exhausted all the best websites. The advancement of technology has made it easier for your learning as an application for admission can be done online. These websites contain all the information that you require to do well in academics. You can attempt the tests and the exams from these sites to acquire more skills and knowledge. From the above information, we have seen that students can weigh the various websites to come up with the best institution to apply and the most suitable course.


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