12 Best & Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA 2019

The concept of fast food first originated in the USA and since then it has taken the world by storm. Every nook and corner of the world today has a fast food store and these are often adapted to their local tastes. Many of the fast food chains have franchises all over the world and one has to pay a royalty to be able to open a famous fast food center. The food ranges from burgers, pizzas, burritos, sandwiches, crepes and much more such yummilicious food items.

They are named fast food as they are quick to prepare and one can often eat them on the go. Following is the list of the top 12 most famous fast food chains in the USA in 2019 in the descending order. These companies are judged on the basis of their popularity, stability, and growth over the recent few years:

12. Zaxby’s

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA 2019

If you are searching for chicken wings and chicken fingers then Zaxby’s will serve you with delicious food. It was established in the year 1990 and currently headquartered in Georgia, USA. This food chain had been successful in spreading its branches to more than 700 restaurants. It is most prominent in the southern parts of USA. It doesn’t hesitate to represent celebrities as its brand ambassadors. Zaxby’s has also linked up with many football and basketball teams.

11. Marco’s Pizza

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

With specialization in Italian-American food stuff, Marco’s Pizza is a chain of restaurants leading the list from the bottom. It has more than 900 restaurants and soon will reach the mark of 1000. It follows franchise models to spread its wings throughout the USA. The headquarters of the food chain is located in Toledo, Ohio. The chain started in 1978 and the first joint was opened in Oregon, Ohio. It was founded by Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, an Italian immigrant. Most of the chains offer take-out, whereas others offer dining options to its visitors.

10. KFC

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American Fast Food company that specializes in serving fried chicken. After McDonald’s it is the world’s second largest restaurant chain. It started as a road side outlet selling fried chicken. It is famous for its slogans, ‘Finger licking good’. The fried chicken contains a secret mix of 11 herbs and spices which until today are considered the most famous trade secrets.

9. Chipotle

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

This restaurant serves food in the buffet-style. This also enables one to dish up their burrito on their own by choosing from the large varieties of tacos and salads, dressings and beans. You get to make your own burrito with fresh and local ingredients. It also won comments for its organic and antibiotic-free meat products and local ingredients. There is also an option of choosing low-sodium based items such as the fajita veggies and salsa dips. One can indulge in an awesome helping of the cheese and the sour cream dips.

8. Dominoes

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

This American Pizza chain restaurant founded in the year 1960 gave a tough competition to Pizza Hut. It was the first company to unveil its pizza delivery car and later its online app wherein one can order pizza online. It has since then been innovating different varieties of pizzas to amuse its customer base regularly.

7. Panera Bread

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

This café cum bakery has a whole range of healthy choices. It has managed to dish out RD- approved food items like the squeezable orange yogurt, grilled organic cheese on whole grain bread and many such other healthy choices for kids. It has also won awards for its kid-friendly delicacies. Nutrient packed combos like the Turkey Artichoke on Focaccia bread along with a bowl or black beans or garden vegetable soup are wholesome options which are not only delicious but ride high on the health charts.

6. Pizza Hut

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA 2019

Pizza Hut chain was founded in the year 1958. It has been since then famous for its American-Italian cuisine menu with pizzas and kinds of pasta along with some side dishes and desserts. It has more than 15,000 franchisees worldwide and also one of the largest restaurant companies.

5. Taco Del Mar

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

As the healthy food concept is taking over in the US, fast food chains are changing their menus with a lot of healthy food. The Mexican cuisine with fresh ingredients and fish is fast replacing the beef and chicken trend. Whole grain tortillas are now a raging trend to order rather than the processed ones. Its 320 calories chicken burrito is available in most outlets. Taco Del recently banned lard from its beans and is now baking the fish instead of deep frying as a healthier option. The Monditio-size burrito loaded with healthy calories is a good option to choose.

4. Burger King

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

This global chain of hamburgers was first opened in America in the year 1953. The basic ingredients wrapped in the most satiable way give Burger King its name and undying fame. With its wholesome burgers and milkshakes, the restaurant continues to be the favorite of many burger fans in the US.

3. Subway

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

Began in the year 1965, Subway still continues to rule the hearts of many. It has 43,916 numbers of franchised units the world over. Recently, it announced the elimination of artificial flavorings and food colors from its menu. It is the best outlet when it comes to thinking of healthy sandwiches with toppings according to one’s taste. One can prepare one’s own sandwich with the choice of bread, dressings a whole range of toppings to choose from.

2. Starbucks

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA

This famous American Coffee company sells delicious coffee, shakes, juices, sandwiches, and appetizers. It has a number of franchisees worldwide and the coffee house is popular for its darkly roasted coffee beans. Quite popular amongst the youngsters, Starbucks anywhere is a popular hangout joint for its amazing range of fast food items and the typical ambiance it has. It was also awarded for using recycled products for serving food. Though their coffees are made in automated espresso machines, none can beat their taste and flavor.

1. McDonald’s

Most Popular Fast Food Chains In USA 2019

None can beat the craze and popularity of Mc Donald’s which is leading the world in the number of franchisees all over. The patent burgers are the fries are now sharing the menu with some healthy happy meal combos which serve low-fat apple dippers instead of the fries and fruit juices instead of the soda. The fries are also made in healthy canola-blend oil which has less calorie content. It also has detailed nutritional information written behind the tray liners. The snack wraps are a good choice if one wants to omit the extra fats and have some good proteins.

Restaurants in America today are all trying to dish up items and menus with a twist and change towards the healthy and organic food items to stay in the competition as the whole of America is trying to go healthy and organic with food. Fast food today cannot be called junk food anymore because of the healthy ingredients. Each of them wants to make their customer healthy by eating these organic foods. So, next time you step into a fast food joint, don’t hesitate to taste the delicious items in front of you.


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