Top 10 Best & Most Famous Packaging Companies In India 2019

The packaging industry has been growing in India at an annual rate of more than 15% and is valued at Rs 85,000 crores i.e. $15 billion. It is expected to grow in the futures and triple to around $ 6 billion. The packaging industry’s growth has led to greater specialization and sophistication from the point of view of health especially in the case of packaged foods and medicines and environment friendliness of packing material.

The demands on the packaging industry are challenging, given the increasing environmental awareness among communities. The industry is also among the leading job opportunities creating industry of India.

Also for Indian packaging companies, there is increased competition from the foreign companies as well. There is increasing need to look for export markets to contribute towards the rising demand of appropriate and cost effective packaging materials and technologies. Below is the lists of top 10 best packaging Companies in India in 2019.

10. Uflex has total assets worth Rs 2,629.61 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India 2019

This company is India’s largest packaging industry. It was first started in the year 1983 and over the past three decades, it has earned a reputation for being the best packaging company in India and overseas. They have a wide production capacity for polyester chips, biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET), Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films, Printing & Coating Inks, adhesives, facilities for Holography, Gravure Printing Cylinders, Gravure Printing, Lamination, and Pouch formation. The company also has a wide distribution network across Europe.

9. Jindal PolyFilm has total assets worth Rs 2,231.91 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This company has been in the business of packaging since the year 1984. For almost 3 decades, Jindal PolyFilm is manufacturing a wide range of products such as BOPET film, BOPP film, Metallised BOPET film, and BOPP film and coated BOPET and BOPP films etc. they are also involved in different activities such as manufacturing of polyester films, Steel pipes and Photographic products etc.

8. Max Speciality Films Limited has total assets worth Rs 1,664.32 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

Max Speciality is a leading supplier of speciality packaging, coatings, labels and thermal lamination films. They provide these products in India as well as overseas markets. This company is the subsidiary of the bigger Max-Ventures and Industries limited which is a public limited company.

7. Bilcare has total assets worth Rs 1,565.94 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This is a global company providing packaging solutions to various industrial segments mainly healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. They provide effective and affordable solutions which in turn provide speedy delivery of drugs and genuine products to its clients. The company is involved in wide range of specialty polymer films and aluminium foils which are mainly used for packaging pharmaceutical products. The company has a wide client base across India and North America.

6. Time Technoplast Limited has total assets worth Rs 1,361.49 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This is a public limited company manufacturing polymer products. They have operations mainly in India, Bahrain, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc. the company is mainly involved in sectors like Industrial Packaging Solutions, Lifestyle Products, Automotive Components, Healthcare Products and Material Handling Solutions & Composite Cylinders. In India, this company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

5. ESS DEE Aluminum has total assets worth Rs 1,215.23 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India 2019

This company is a leading provider of primary packaging solutions, especially in the Asian market. ESS DEE Aluminium is the parent company and under this company, they have a 100% subsidiary company called Flex Art Foils Limited. This company was first in India to manufacture products such as cold-form Blister and child resistant blister packaging with dedicated and high-end solutions.

4. Huhtamaki PPL has total assets worth Rs 977.50 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This company was formerly called as The Paper products Limited. Their main aim is to provide innovative and flexible packaging solutions depending upon the requirements of the clients. They provide services globally all around the world. They consider themselves as manufacturers of primary consumer packaging and labelling products. The company has a huge order book and is also a debt free company.

3. Balmer Lawrie has total assets worth Rs 969.96 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This company started mainly as a partnership firm and is a manufacturer of MS drums. They hold the largest market share in India and has its factories based out in various parts of Indian states. Their product range in the industrial packaging sector comprises of plain steel drums, lacquer lined drums, composite drums, galvanised drums etc. they are ISO certified company and termed to be safe and secure with respect to environment norms.

2. Flexituff International has total assets worth Rs 931.75 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India

This company takes care of all packaging and bulk transportation requirements of its clients. Also, their in-house designs & Development Center offers samples really quickly and efficiently. They manufacture products such as high-end bags for food and pharma industry, sift-proof bags, Baffle bags, form-fitted liner bags, builder bags etc. they are located in the special economic zone in India.

1. Garware Poly has total assets worth Rs 861.35 crores.

Best Packaging Companies in India 2019

Gareware Poly is one of the largest manufacturers of plastics and polyester films. The company has enhanced his capabilities to produce in-house technology to manufacture polyester films. The company is based out of Maharashtra and in the year 1964, it was the first plant to manufacture polyester films in the entire South-East Asia. These polyester films are used for a variety of end applications such as packaging electrical and cable insulation, shrink films for label applications etc.

According to the Indian Packaging institute, the growth in the packaging industry in India is mainly driven by the food and the pharmaceutical packaging industries. The large and growing Indian middle class, along with the growing organised retailing in India has contributed towards the growth in this industry. Another factor, which has provided substantial strength to the packaging machinery industry, is the rapid growth of exports in India and this requires superior packaging standards for the international market.

Thus, this has increased the use of quality materials to enhance the better quality products to match the International markets.

As can be seen from the above list, Indian packaging industry is a mix of large scale and small scale companies. It has become utmost important to all units to adopt scientific and functional packing to produce high-quality products.


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