Top 10 Best & Most Famous Stock Broking Companies In India 2019

Stock broking companies in India are known as member of the stock exchanges like BSE, NSE and MCX. These companies work to execute trades for their customer who highlights traders in retail, share market investors and institutional clients.

In retail brokerage industry of India, the brokerage firms basically works as agents for selling and buying of securities namely stocks, shares, and some financial instruments and gross commission for every transaction. Majority of Stock Broking Companies in India possesses many branches all over the country with main goal of trading financial instruments. Here is the list of top 10 best and most famous stock broking companies in India in 2019.

10. Aditya Birla Money

Best Stock Broking Companies in India 2019

Aditya Birla Money is the brokerage division of the Indian corporation named Aditya Birla Group and headquarter is in Mumbai. This company possesses 150 branches all over India and it mainly deals with broking and distribution, corporate and treasury services, wealth management, real estate advisory and online money management. In total 2,500 employee works for Aditya Birla Money. Aditya Birla Money is known as a Depository Participant with NSDL as well as CDSL and even offers commodity trading on MCX along with NCDEX by its subsidiary company. This is the only brand providing combined products and services of Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited, Aditya Birla Money Limited, and Aditya Birla Customer Service Limited

9. Reliance Securities

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

Reliance Securities is referred as the broking division of Reliance Capital. It is known as leading retail broking houses of India that offers access to derivatives, equities, currency, mutual funds, IPOs, bonds, and corporate FDs. It attempts to assure safe online trading platform as well as implementation of investment activities in a cost-effective approach. The key attractions of this company are live chat, offline trading, branch dealing desks, call and trade, and network of affiliates are. The company guarantees that through its best-in-class research, revolutionised equity trading solutions, modest brokerage plans and special reward program prepares you with the best trading experience.

8. Kotak Securities

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

Founded in year 1994, Kotak Securities is subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and works collaboratively with NSE and BSE. Currently, it holds more than 11.95 lakh customer accounts and carries out over 5 lakh trades per day. The company is even registered as depository participant with NSDL (i.e. National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (i.e. Central Depository Services Limited). Its service spans across 400 cities in India, has 1209 branches, franchisees as well as satellite offices.

7. ICICI Direct

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

ICICI Direct is known as a subsidiary of the prominent private bank named ICICI Bank and is headquarter is in Mumbai. The company works in businesses like mutual funds, equity, ETF, fixed deposit, life insurance, bonds and loans. This Stock Broking Company holds around 300 branches all over India and more than 2,000 employees are working in ICICI Direct. You can avail a trade account at the ICICI Direct at least price of Rs. 750. ICIC Direct is one of the largest Equity E-Broking house holding 35 lac customers. The company offers seamless, secure and integrated 3-in-1 trading account i.e. Bank, Trading and Demat Account. You are free to share trading in both NSE as well as BSE, new offerings like – Margin, MarginPlus, SPOT, BTST, Derivatives trading, mutual funds, foreign trading, IPOs and on-line life insurance.

6. HDFC Securities

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

HDFC Security is one of the superior broking houses of India, based in Mumbai and possesses more than 1 million customers. The kind of business services that HDFC Securities deals with are equity, mutual funds, national pension system, IPO, NRI offerings, insurance, bonds, fixed deposits, and loans. This company has more than 100 branches in India and has employed 1,500 employees within it. The key attractions of this company are research desk, mutual fund investments and portfolio management services. The company offers different products and services for different asset classes such as gold, equity, debt and real estate. Whether it derivatives, stocks, mutual fund, fixed deposits, insurance, NCDs, bonds, currency derivatives or PMS, HDFC Securities delivers service outfits each of customer’s investment needs.

5. Angel Broking Limited

Best Stock Broking Companies in India 2019

Angel Broking is a Stock Broking Company of India that began its operations in year 1987 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company contributes in the businesses like portfolio management services, equity trading, mutual funds, IPO, Life Insurance, Investment Advisory and Depository Services. In total, Angel Broking has around 5,500 terminals in all its 400 branches across India. Its huge network includes branches and franchises spread across 900 cities and 8500 franchises. Customer can use its trading platforms for the device based on their choice.

4. Sharekhan Limited

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

Sharekhan Limited began its operation initially in year 2000 and is known as one of the top brokerage firms in India presently. It has its head office in Mumbai, and the company spreads across 450 cities, serving over 9.5 lacs customers by its 429 outlets across the country. This Stock Broking Company has two branches located in Oman and UAE as well. The services presented by the company include portfolio management, equities trade execution, delivery of mutual funds and commodities, organized products and insurance. You can avail a trade account at the ICICI Direct at price of Rs. 750 (Classic account) and Rs. 1000 (Trade Tiger).


Best Stock Broking Companies in India

This is another reputable Stock Broking Company operating from Mumbai, securing the third position in the list. It possesses 20,000 clients in India and offers competitive rates of Rs 20 per trade regardless of the size of the trade. Facility of ODIN and NEST platform for trading is the key attraction. The latest mobile based platform named Upstock from RKSV has great look and its account opening process is quite easy with easy online completion of work. Its android trading application named Upstox offers seamless trading while on the move at quite fast streaming rate, suggesting the fast rates updating on your mobile screen.

2. Indiabulls Securities

Best Stock Broking Companies in India

Indiabulls Securities is known as the leading brokerage firm in India since year 2000. The businesses of company include home loans, power, real estates, securities and IT. This Stock Broking Company has it’s headquarter in Gurgaon and consists of 4,000 staff. It has 450 branches and provides its services both via off-line and on-line channels. Indiabulls Securities claims of running one of the most effectual and fastest trading platforms in India. You can avail a trade account at the Indiabulls Securities at price of Rs. 1200.

1. Zerodha

Best Stock Broking Companies in India 2019

Zerodha is recognized as one of the major and oldest Stock Broking Company in India, making it to stand at this position in the list. The company has over 50,000 clients and major attraction of the company is simple brokerage structure at Rs 20 per trade and reliable customer service. Simple opening process and online achievement of work are the important features of Zerodha. This is the first Stock Broking Company who brought the concept of discount brokerage to India. Owing to their deep discounted rates and excellence of platform and service, they by now own a base of more than 47000 clients with average turnover of over Rs.4500 crores.

Stock Broking could be lucrative way to make money with less effort by the listed companies. Though, if you are a novice player then you can lose high amount of money without any understanding of the stock markets. Thus, you should gain knowledge before buying and selling stocks. You can consult few of the best brokerage companies listed above in India if you want to flourish in share markets.


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