10 Best & Most Popular Street Foods In The World

Food lovers can never escape the relishing taste of street foods. The special place that street foods hold in the heart of people who love to grump upon various delicacies is well understood by everyone. And this is the reason why street foods being little messy and unhygienic are everyone’s all time favorite.

The world is full of different tempting food items but when we talk about street foods that are famous for their taste worldwide, only a few makes a significant impression. Let’s get an insight view on some of the most popular and yummylicious street foods in the world.

10. Gol-Gappe

Best Street Foods

One of the most relishing and mouth watering street food of India that can be found easily in any city with tasty tangy flavor is the Golgappe. Being called by numerous names in different cities the main ingredient remains the same in all of them. Small round dumplings made from the floor and filled with spicy water that contains pea, onion and mixture of spices golgappe is one of the most relished street foods of India. Once you wander India don’t forget to splurge on golgappe that will undoubtedly give you another amazing experience of the country.

9. Durum

Best Street Foods

Famous all over the world, Durum, the street food of Istanbul is a wrap made from flatbreads. But it’s not just the flatbreads as inside it are stuffed spiced meat generally of lamb. Although as per the preference you may change the stuffing from lamb to chicken or beef. Properly cooked meat, cooked with vegetables like onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other herbs make this one awesome lip-smacking dish. It is usually served with hot sauce and yogurt. The crispiness and awesome taste is something you can’t escape to grab upon.

8. Chicken Rice

Best Street Foods

Planning to visit Singapore? I bet you won’t be able to resist the famous chicken rice that can be found easily anywhere in the country as a street food. It is also commonly called as Hainanese rice by the local people since the original recipe came from Hainan, a tiny Chinese island. A simple yet delicious dish is not only nutritious but equally tempting as well. chicken is cooked perfectly and is allowed to remain little moist and juicy. In the same broth, the rice is cooked that impart a special aroma and flavor to the meal. Sautéed with ginger and garlic, it is then served with sliced cucumber and hot sauce.

7. Rou Jia Mo

Best Street Foods

China is world famous for some of its dishes that are super tasty and delicious. Xi’an is the best place where you can find Rou Jia Mo as a street food which is also one of the oldest sandwiches worldwide. It is estimated to be as old as 2000 years. However, with time, the dish keep on modifying and updating as per the people’s preferences. Today one can get it with sliced pork with heavy spices and condiments. In some parts, pork is replaced with lamb or chicken too. Cooked properly and then stuffed in flatbreads make Rou Jia Mo one amazing dish to grab upon.

6. Pork Satay

Best Street Foods

Bangkok is not just famous for its luxurious life but for a few street foods as well among which Pork Satay is one of them. Although beef and chicken are being used while is preparation in many parts of the world, but Thailand prefers pork the most and this is the reason why it becomes the most yummy dish of the country. the meat is sliced into thin pieces and marinated in coconut milk and different spices and condiments. It is grilled over charcoal before cooking. It is then served with pickle and cucumber salad along with peanut sauce which is made sweet and spicy both.

5. Choripán

Best Street Foods

Sandwiches have varieties and sausage sandwiches have taken a toll on many countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and much more. Choripan is what world famous sausage sandwich is that comes from Argentina. A simple yet mouth watering dish that one can relish at Buenos Aires. Pork and beef sausages when grilled and placed on crusty crunchy bread it makes one wow some dish called as Choripan. It is then topped with special chimichurri sauce which has special flavor and taste of garlic in it. Highly relished at the street stalls and parlors it can’t be neglected if you are visiting the country.

4. Bhel Puri

Best Street Foods

If you have been in India and haven’t tasted Bhel Puri then you have wasted your trip. Famous worldwide, although Bhel Puri can be relished in any part of the country but to get the authentic flavor and taste, you need to visit Mumbai at least once. Being called as chat in the local language Bhel Puri is a combination of fried vermicelli which looks like noodles, puffed rice, different raw vegetables which are minced minute and different spices and condiments. Served with chutney which is special kind of sauce and salt, bhel puri is one lip-smacking spicy street food of India that has a combination of tastes like sweet, salty, spicy and tangy.

3. Egg Waffle

Best Street Foods

If you love eggs then egg waffle will get added to your list of the favorite dish once you taste it in the streets of Hong Kong. The history of egg waffle is way old and is being reported to come to the streets in the year 1950. It becomes one popular snack to eat at those times in Hong Kong and now is famous street food all over the world. The look of egg waffle is unique in itself as it is made by putting in between two metal plates. The batter of eggs are placed in semi-spherical cells of the metal plates and then cooked in an electric heater or open flame. There are some spots of the dish which can be filled with chocolate syrup of fruits to add extra taste.

2. Falafel

Best Street Foods

Controversial yet one awesome street food of Tel Aviv has taken a place in the heart of millions of food lovers who love to eat street foods. It is controversial because many countries like Egypt, Palestine, Israel and much more have claims it to be their own delicacy. The term falafel implies deep fried chickpea’s balls and thus makes one nutritious recipe. It is topped with raw onion, cucumber and tomato salad along with pickles and hot sauce. Tahini sauce and spices add extra tangy flavor to the meal. Although found in many countries the authentic taste could only be fetched from the streets of Tel Aviv.

1. Halo-Halo

Best Street Foods

Literally meaning ‘mix-mix’ one can have halo-halo from the streets of Philippines. It is one crazy yet tasty delicacy that is being made with ice and milk. Shaved ice and evaporated milk along with some of the nutritious and delicious food items like kidney beans, coconut, caramelized plantains, jackfruit, sweet potatoes, crushed rice, sugar palm fruits and ice cream all are mixed and used to prepare lip smacking halo-halo. It’s a dessert that can satisfy your hunger pangs and sweet tooth all at once.

No wonder if you are an adherent foodie you would have started mouth watering while reading the article just as I have. Once you get the chance to visit these countries do not escape any offer to try out the above-written delicacies from. Grab them instantly and enjoy to the core.


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