Top 10 Best & Most Famous Theme Parks In The World 2018

Visiting a theme park is always fun and entrainment. It really doesn’t matter who you are what your age is, these parks are meant to entertain everyone. If you have ever visited a place like this, you can understand there is no limit on doing fun. Actually, these parks are designed keeping in view what exactly people want and how they like to entertain themselves.

Some of the common attractions you can find at a theme park include water rides, restaurants, shops, roller coaster and so on. It is actually a good idea to visit a park during a free day with your family or someone special. There are lots of things.

These days theme parks are located all over the world and you might have no idea that almost all of them are best in their own ways. In case you haven’t visited there till date, it is suggested to do so if you actually need a relaxing experience. As already mentioned theme parks are present all over the world, some of them are so popular that they have a record number of visitors every year. The top 10 most famous theme parks in the world in 2018 are listed below. If you will be in any of these cities as a resident or as a tourist, visiting them is a must for you.

10. Universal Studios, Singapore

Best Theme Parks

It is located at Sentosa Island and attracted record number of people in the last few years. It becomes operational in the year 2010. Covered some of the very difficult time in early years, it’s now a number one choice for many people. Recent investments in some huge projects have attracted many people and the park is gaining a lot of popularity day by day.

9. Busch Gardens, US

Best Theme Parks

Located in Virginia, this park is a well-known arena. It attracts younger guests at a very large scale every year. There are things which can be enjoyed alone or with the company of others. The best thing about this theme park is the entire park is divided into different regions. Each region reflects the style of a European country which is what makes it extremely popular. Immersive themes as well as simply the best roller coasters are the two other factors that have made it a well-recognized place.

8. Universal Studios Japan

Best Theme Parks

This is one of the finest theme parks in the world which has attracted around 3 million people in the year 2015. Jaws Ride is the wonderful ride to enjoy if you are here. The rides have been themed on some of the popular superheroes of the world such as Spiderman, Captain America and so on. In addition to rides, you can enjoy delicious food in the restaurants and food courts inside.

7. Six Flags Great Adventure

Best Theme Parks

This is another popular theme parks of the world located in Los Angeles. It was started in the year 1974 with an initial investment of around $ 11 million. Since then it is attracting a lot of people. The rolling thunder and amazing water rides are the most attractive features of this park. The good thing is you can visit here any time of the year. There are some large-scale attractions and in case you love food, there are food arenas inside to end your hunger. Kingda Ka roller coaster constructed by Six Flags in almost all their parks attracted people on a very large scale. This is also a reason for the success of this park too.

6. Wonderland, Canada

Best Theme Parks

Located in Vaughan, this theme park covers a total area of around 330-acre. It is one of the theme parks in the world with amazing roller coasters. It has total 16 in number, much more than other parks generally have. The most amazing feature of this park is it has a separated area decided to kids. Therefore it is the best place to visit with family. There are thrill rides for adults which are best in every aspect. Many people call this park as one of the best ones in the world.

5. PortAventura, Spain

Best Theme Parks

Well, this European park is popular all over the Spain. There are a very large number of rides that can be enjoyed by anyone who has a strong heart. The park features some of the great attractions including Furius Baco which is winged launch coaster with innovative design. A lot of emphases has been given on theme to attract the attention of people. They also serve kids. There is a 250 feet ride which is the tallest roller coast in entire Europe. It runs at a speed of 85 miles per hour and gives an amazing experience.

4. Alton Towers, UK

Best Theme Parks

It is one of the well-known theme parks of the world where you can enjoy beyond your imagination. A lot of factors including the shoot of some popular Hollywood movies have played a significant role in making it popular. The total area covered by this park is 500 acres and you can see people of almost every age enjoying here. Alton Towers has a great architecture and it is truly inspired by some other theme parks of the world. If you ever been here, you cannot forget the experience throughout your life.

3. Walt Disney Studios

Best Theme Parks

There are 8 dark rides for those who can control their heart and think one step ahead. Also, there are 7 roller coasters that attract the attention of visitors. It is a piece of art in itself and has secured a good reputation in the world mainly due to its design and other similar factors. It is located in France and was first opened in the year 1966. Toon studio area is its key attracting feature.

2. Tivoli Gardens

Best Theme Parks

It is one of the oldest theme parks in the world which was operated in the year 1843. The name of this park is in reference to gardens of London and Paris. Huge rides along with live entertainment made it very famous. There are some historic structures you can enjoy. They had also invested in modern thrill rides and the floorless roller coaster is a perfect example.

1. Fantawild Adventure

Best Theme Parks

Located in the official capital of China, this theme park attracts more than 1 million people every year. It is actually a great player when it comes to best theme parks located across the globe. There are total 4 roller coasters which are extremely popular. Entire Park has total 15 different zones meant for full entertainment. You might have mo idea but this park is visited by a lot of international tourists as well. The most charming feature of this park is its Disney-like themes. The entry fee is normal and you can spend as much time as you want in this park.

These theme parks are best in every aspect and are a must visit if you ever been in these parts of the world. One important thing to be kept in mind is some rides are not meant for those who are a heart patient. In case you also have any of these issues, you must avoid heavy rides. However, there are lots of other things you can enjoy without worrying about anything.


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