Top 10 Best & Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Brazil 2019

Brazil has the best scenic features among the South American countries. With a range of historic monuments, natural forests and impressive landmarks, it is an ideal spot for a tourist. Spiced with outstanding accommodation facilities, Brazil is among the best and sought after by both local and international tourists. Tourism is also considered to be among the main revenues earners for the Brazilian government. With the country having numerous attraction facilities, here is a list of top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Brazil 2019 to give you ease in selecting the most convenient place to visit this year.

10. Cathedral of Brasilia

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil 2019

A religious icon, the Cathedral of Brasilia is one of the scenic sites in Brazil. Otherwise referred to as the ‘Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida’, the cathedral opened its doors to the public in 1970. It features 16 different columns used in its construction and offer a great view for those with interact in architectural designs. The columns also represent hands raising to heaven hence their religious significance. At the entrance to the cathedral, three bronze sculptures meet the visitors which are 3 meters in height. The glass used between the columns gives a natural illumination from sunlight. It is home to the white linen that covered the body of Jesus after cruxification.

9. Amazon rain forest

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

60% of the worlds Amazon rain forests it’s found in Brazil. With its extensive forests, Brazil boasts of being home to numerous wild animals of different species. Despite the difficulty in navigating g through the forests, tourists are always lucky to spot a variety of animals in an expedition of the forest. This is through use of boat rides where experienced guides always conduct tours through the Amazon river giving tourists a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoy the deep culture of people who along the banks of the river.

8. Botanical Garden of Curitiba

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Located in Parana in the Southern Brazil, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba is home to many different plant species. It was opened in 1991 and is designed in the style of French gardens. The greenhouses within the garden are the main attraction with their art nauveau style of construction where both metal and glass are used. Within the gardens is the botanical museum that plays home to a large collection of native flora and botanical species. Through use of photos, video and other forms of publications, tourists visiting the gardens get an opportunity to learn more on the available species including their history. The garden is a main attraction of student tourists alongside others seeking knowledge and experience on different plant species.

7. Canoa Quebrada

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Located in Ceara, Brazil, Canoa Quabrada is an international beach that attracts million of tourists and holiday seekers. Visitors to this beach are treated to a wide range of activities that include hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and wind surfing. This is offered alongside a string of cuisines from sea food to cater for the taste of different tourists in the region. Oysters, Shrimps, crabs and lobsters are among the common delicacies available in this region. These are offered alongside a variety of local traditional dishes to give visitors an opportunity to get the real taste of the local delicacies.

6. Amazon Theatre

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

This is a historical theatre that plays host to numerous tourists every year. Amazon theatre is located in the central part of Amazon rain forest in Manaus, Northern Brazil. The classic architectural design of he theatre is its main attraction alongside the Amazonas opera festivals held in the month of May every year. With the construction undertaken by a famous architect Celestial Sacardim, the materials used in construction of the theatre were imported from different countries making it a centre with rich cultural connections. Other than the annual event held in May, the center is also used as the host for Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra alongside other musical and entertainment performances.

5. Fernando De Noronha

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil 2019

Despite its global popularity, this is one of the tourist attractions in the world where the number of visitors is limited. This is done to ensure better conservation efforts. Fernando De Noronha is an archipelago that connects 21 islands in the regions. The island is rich in natural wild with over 230 fish species. It is also home to five shark species alongside two turtle species. Alongside the sea animals, beautiful vegetation covers the islands giving a clear an unmatched beauty of nature. A walk or ride through the beaches is the best and preferred method employed by tourists in the area. Other major activities include diving, snorkeling, horse riding and surfing among a variety of other water sports.

4. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Lencois Maranhenses is considered among the wonders of the world. It covers an extensive area that measure at over 383,000 acres. Among its outstanding features include the white sand dunes that dot the extensive landscape. The unique sand dunes are white in color. During the rainy season the area changes completely and is filled with water offering tourists during this season an opportunity to have a good view of lagoons appearing in blue and green colors. A variety of fish species also appear during the period. A major of sporting activities are conducted in the region that include jeep and boat riding.

3. Iguazu Falls

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Placed among the list of seven wonders of the world, Iguazu falls is one of the biggest attractions in Brazil. It is located in the boarder of Brazil and Argentina. The fall divide river Iguazu into two levels known as the upper and lower Iguazu. They are among the largest fall on the globe with a height considered to be between 197 and 269 feet. Established facts indicate the fall is bigger than the Niagara fall considered to be the world’s biggest for years. A speed of 450,000 cubic feet per second has been recorded at the fall during the rainy season making it among the highest ever recorded natural speed of water. Alongside the sight of the falls, tourists also enjoy beautiful scenes from vegetation that surrounds the region.

2. Rio Carnivore

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

An annual event, the Rio carnivore is one of the greatest festivals in the country. This is a five day event that takes place six weeks before Easter holidays. The event takes a total of five days starting on Friday and ending on Tuesday. The festival features great entertainment that takes place through the days and nights and covers the whole city. Entertainment performances are scheduled through the streets where performers use the streets as the stage. Visitors are free to dance, sing along and engage in the activities involved. It is also a great opportunity for visitors to get a taste of the different Brazilian cultures and traditions.

1. Christ the Redeemer

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil 2019

A religious statue in the heart of the country, Christ the Redeemer is the biggest tourist attraction in Brazil. The statue of Christ is located on the peak of Corcovado mountain and bears a height of 92 feet. This is alongside the peak of the mountain being over 2,300 feet. The open hands of the statue have a span of 92 feet making it the fifth biggest statues of Jesus all over the world. The construction of the statue was undertaken between 1922 and 1931 with the process involving constructing the pieces on a different site and transporting and assembling them on the current location.

Natural beauty and historic pieces make the biggest attractions in Brazil. They always ensure there is adequate for all irrespective of taste and preference or the purpose of the visit. The top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Brazil are among the major attractions that give areal taste of Brazil. Those who get an opportunity to enjoy visiting the sites always have a memorable moment through their lives.


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