Top 10 Best Finance Companies in India 2019

The economy of India is closely related to the financial system with financial services companies accountable for the vigorous economic growth. It is necessary that formation of a direct link between the regulatory institutions and the intermediary institutions should be done while defining the financial system of India.

This requirement is fulfilled by best financial companies operating since several years. Some of the important financial services offered by finance companies that are fund useful include insurance, mutual funds, housing financing, debt collection, stock broking, credit reporting, portfolio management, and investment advisory. Check top 10 best finance companies in India in 2019.

10. DSP Merrill Lynch Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India 2019

DSP Merrill Lynch excels in areas of the equity and debt market in India and it offers financial advices to diverse companies and organizations. Using a collection of wealth management as well as investor services, corresponding services are personalised in a way that they satisfy all the investor requirements. DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd. is prominent name in the financial industry, established in year 1914 and has been conveying outstanding financial services since 100+ years with head office in Mumbai.

9. L&T Finance Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India

This Finance Company was founded in the year 1994 by the Larsen and Turbo group which has become a noteworthy name in the financial segment and its financial operations were started in the year 2006. L&T offers funds for agricultural instruments, automobiles and they support secured loans as well, because they have all kinds of loans for a long period. You can avail your loans financed for a long period, offered in exchange of valuable assets. It includes extensive range of services and products for finance division like personal loans, corporate loans, home loans, construction loans, commercial loans, etc.

8. LIC Finance Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India

LIC Housing Finance Limited was established by LIC of India to accept the developing mortgage market and it has headquartered in Mumbai. Currently, this finance company employs more than 1400 employees working under different regional offices all over India. The company is incorporated in the list as in year 2012; it was awarded with Best Outstanding Company in Home Finance sector. This finance company was initially incorporated in year 1989 under the Companies Act, 1956 and was later promoted by LIC of India publically in year 1994. It is registered with National Housing Bank and registered on NSE and BSE as well.

7. PNB Housing Finance Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India

This finance company is known to deliver premium solutions for releasing the borrower segment and hence placed in this list. This company’s Home Loan Life Insurance Plan was collaborated with TATA AIG, through the lowest premium in comparison to the peers. The company started its operation in year 1988 whereas the financial service group has been established in year 2009. This is the subsidiary branch of the PNB has registered a growth a 73% making it a leading finance company of India.

6. ICICI Group:

Best Finance Companies in India

In order to expand field of financial services, ICICI Group offers solutions like InstaBanking, Insta Insure, Online Trading, ICICI Bank imobile etc. The major aim of the company is to offer high class financial services in every segments of the society and it deals with mutual fund, securities, private equity, and life insurance etc. The organization was founded in year 1954 and has headquartered in Mumbai. It owns an outstanding team of CA, MBA that strives hard to deliver best in quality financial services to people.

5. Bajaj Capital Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India 2019

Recognized as one of the leading financial services companies in the country, Bajaj Capital delivers best investment advisory and financial planning services since year 1965. The services are spanned out to NRIs, corporate houses, institutional investors, individual investors, etc. whoever in need. Apart from this, Bajaj Capital is also acknowledged as the major provider of finance products presented by public and private administrations, many government bodies, investment products namely bonds, mutual funds, general insurance etc.

4. Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC):

Best Finance Companies in India

Prevalent as a best financial solution for home loans and NRI loans, HDFC is the suitable solution for personal finance. Apart from India, it has its outlets running in overseas branches in Kuwait, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and many other countries. Housing Development Finance Corporation was founded back in year 1977, headquartered in Mumbai and owns more than 1833 employees working hard to provide best services. Apart from home loans and NRI loans, this financial company offers mortgage loans and other personal financial services to eminent clients.

3. Birla Global Finance Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India

Birla Global Finance Limited is the subsidiary of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd and this company excel in the corporate finance and capital market field. An association with Sun Life Financial of Canada, the administration have given rise to foundation of Birla Sun Life Distribution Co., Birla Sun Life Insurance Co Ltd., and similar other. The motto of the company is to become the leading choice of the users as a foremost provider of financial services over technology and value formation. Birla Global Finance is more acknowledged in field of corporate finance and capital market.

2. Indiabulls Housing Finance:

Best Finance Companies in India

Indiabulls Housing Finance is the part of 300 billion Indiabulls group, hence positioned at the top position in the list. It offers easy housing loans and benefits customers to purchase dream home. This finance company is notorious for conveying hassle free loan services and owns incredible team of customer’s support that are dedicated to help you. It excel in area of loan against property, home loans, on easy terms and low interest rates. It is the 2nd largest private housing finance company in the country, controlled by the National Housing Bank (NHB) and possesses a ‘AAA’ ratings. Since year 1999 the company has its business spread across real estate, housing finance, and wealth management.

1. SBI Capital Markets Limited:

Best Finance Companies in India 2019

This is known to be one of the oldest organizations in India in the areas of capital market. It has initially been started in the year 1986 and has turned out as the second largest project advisory provider all over Asia, making it stand at first position in India. This belongs to public sector group that offers excellent services to the clients whose subsidiaries are SBICAPs Ventures Ltd, SBICAP Trustee CO. Ltd, and many more. Their segment comprises Treasury, which contains the whole investment portfolio and trading in foreign exchange agreements.

In order to fulfil basic financial and investment needs of common people, a financial company is required. Under this circumstance, the need of insurance, loans, mutual funds, financing can best be accomplished through selection of best financial companies matching your requirements.


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