Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations (by Cities) in India

India, being the 7th largest republic in the world has a great deal to offer to its guests. This gorgeous land of variety and mysticism is a buffet for all intellects. Well-known for its beliefs, principles, art, music, literature and tradition, the land grants hundreds of magnetism to the travellers.

Be its backwaters, houseboats, seashores, shrines, citadels, deserts, mountains, cascades, flora and fauna, Ayurveda or forts, India is an epitome of natural and man-made miracles. Every single city in India fights for courtesy, with an assortment of exciting lures and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, it tends to be a bit burdensome to pin down the best destination. Let’s dive a slightly deeper and talk about the top 10 remarkable destinations of the country.

10. Jaipur

Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is one of three cities all over India that are mutually identified as the ‘Golden Triangle’. Gorgeous hills and mounts frame the populated city that is eminent for its flawless weather. It’s no wonder that the city is graded by an American mass media company, Conde Nast as the “7th best destination to visit in Asia”.

Designated as the “pink city”, Jaipur is categorised by the great structures tinted with different shades of pink. Jaipur likewise offers a delightful shopping experience to explorers who come from a number of areas around the world. The city is illustrious for its quite a few traditional handiworks, the widely held colored cloth, and the notable pottery that is made in the vicinity of Jaipur.

9. Ladakh

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Positioned in the Trans Himalayan region, Ladakh is one of the most notable places of the world. For the individuals who love adventure, the electrifying and nerve-racking sports here are just unparalleled. Here, you can join the boundless fun of mountain climbing, river rafting, trekking, camel safaris, polo, cycling and archery under the leadership of the specialists.

To boot, quite a few scenic landscapes make it a picture-perfect spot to observe the matchless beauty of nature. These backdrops take account of Padum, Leh, Phugthal, Drass Valley, Surn Valley, Zangla, Rangdum, Zangskar, Sani, Kargil, Shyok Valley, Salt Valley, Sankoo and the rest. Over and above, the flamboyant festivals in addition to the customs practices of Ladakh offer you a cherished holiday experience.

8. Kovalam

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Located in Kerala, Kovalam is one of the best beach resorts in the world where travellers can revel in truly luxury breaks. Offering breathtaking beaches and sightseeing opportunities, Kovalam boasts the mightiest views of opulent green backdrops. Adore the nature’s splendor in its purest form, leaving your tiresome life behind, away from urban hustle and bustle! You’d love to spend your time in an extravagance of outstanding resorts on the immaculate beaches of Kovalam.

These beaches stand with drawn-out arms to present an unforgettable retreat to all travel aficionados. Enjoy yourself while sunbathing and enjoying the spellbinding ambiances in the serene atmosphere of Samudra beach, Lighthouse beach and Hawa beach! Bliss at mouthwatering varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian hors d’oeuvres sold in the eateries along the beach. Adventure prowls can hang about while skiing, surfing and kayaking at the glamorous beaches of Kovalam.

7. Mussoorie

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Once defined as presenting a wonderland atmosphere to the tourists, Mussoorie is a perfect holiday destination and a prodigious ski resort. Seething with colonial allure, it provides the picturesque beauty, together with frenzied social life! A ramble down the city’s lanes discloses the most noticeable ancient spots in Mussoorie. Landour Bazaar, Lal tibba, Gun hill, Chaar Dukan, the cemetery on Camel Back, the Mussoorie Library, the Savoy Hotel and so forth!

Colossal natural beauty, spectacular scenic views, lush green and imposing mountain ranges are the wealth of Mussoorie. With an average altitude of nearly two thousand meters beyond sea level, Mussoorie is chilly and bitter under dense snow in midwinter. With its charming background and a variety of serenity and spirituality, it serves as a seamless destination for trekkers, travellers and honeymooners.

6. Mumbai

Best Holiday Destinations in India

A number of traveller charms in Mumbai in conjunction with its status as ‘The commercial capital of India’ get Mumbai a noteworthy status in the tourism map of India. Plenty of imposing structures in Mumbai imitate the ironic history, associated with the city. Quite a lot of tourist attractions together with Gateway of India, Flora Fountain, Prince of Wales Museum, Juhu Beach may entice you to join up in the delightful city tour.

Entertainment Industry is one of the major whys and wherefores that draw the tourist’s attention. In fact, Mumbai is famous as “The entertainment hub of the nation”. The vacationers are not just fascinated by the diverse places of interest but also by the spirit and essence of ‘Mumbaikars’. The public in Mumbai take extreme care of their guests and brings a popular aphorism alive — “Athithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is next to God).

5. New Delhi

Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

The modern capital of the world’s leading democracy — New Delhi – is a place where the shadows of the history find composure. Striking a flawless balance between past and innovation, Delhi provides an ironic variety of marvels and echoes for any tourist. Wandering through this city will be an exclusive experience as hardly any city depicts such an assorted appeal with past and modernism co-existing in such a brilliant way.

Tourist magnetism in New Delhi absorbs this character in a way that it embraces historic structures like Parliament House together with some topnotch shopping centres. If you are incredulous while roving through the metropolitan by the modern metro railway, the next instant you will be enthralled to observe the grand design of the Red Fort.

4. Ooty

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Huddled among the charismatic foothills, the popular town of Udhagamandalam or Ooty, dotingly known as the ‘queen of hill stations’, is a heaven for mountain-paramours. Honeymooners, who are engrossed to the mountainous areas, find it the preeminent option for outlaying quality time together. Outstanding views, comfortable accommodation and delectable food are the strength of Ooty. The Nilgiri Mountains provide a blue tone that imparts charisma to this hill town.

On top of that, the Botanical Gardens here are celebrated for the massive variety of vegetation, bushes, and plants, climbers along with striking and indigenous flowers. Furthermore, the Pykara Falls are an idyllic endpoint for nature devotees while the Ooty Lake is a fabulous hub of fun activities that is always throbbing with passionate tourists’. Quite a few tourist places in Ooty make it a perfect terminus for those planning a soothing and revitalising vacation in cool and pleasurable climate.

3. Manali

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Do you love adventure? Yes? Then you definitely cannot repel the temptation of vacationing at Manali. Granted with nature’s valuable magnificence, the place has a lot to offer for the adventure hunters. Here, you can explore an enormous scope for the activities including white water rafting, skiing, trekking, motorbike tours, motorcycle tours, paragliding, camping and a lot more.

Manali has a great deal to offer that can keep your adrenaline flowing. Due to this purpose, skiers, water struts and gliders all over the globe love to mass this amazing port of call. Soaring mountain peaks, recurrent whiteout, flourishing foliage, and incredible weather have made the landscape of the city one of the most gorgeous and dreamy destinations in the nation.

2. Varanasi

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Previously identified as Banaras or Kashi – the city of light, Varanasi owns a strong mystical past. As the Hindu mythology states, Varanasi is the beating core of Hindu religious conviction. Here, festivals are celebrated with a lot of fervor and zest. The city is an impeccable blend of antiquity, tradition, archaeology, and mythology that makes it noteworthy in terms of Indian philosophy.

Apart from the inexplicable Ghats, the city has stunning temples, brilliant architecturally built citadels, structural shrines and several cultural hubs. Since time immemorial, the place is associated with Buddhism and Jainism that delightfully reflects in the Jain temples and Buddhist Stupas found here. Considered as the most significant place of Hindu pilgrimage, this is a place where corporeal and divine world crosses itself.

1. Agra

Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

A city known for its colossal marvels, a conurbation covering ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’, a city known for handiworks and fine arts – that’s Agra! Situated in Uttar Pradesh in India, Agra entices lakhs of travellers every year from all over the nation and the globe. The place that has offered the blessing called ‘Taj Mahal’ to the world has quite a lot more up its sleeve.

The Itmad Ud Daulah, the Agra Fort and the Friday mosque enhances the overall experience. Likewise, the splendor of its traditional heritage makes this place, the eventual depot for ethnic buffs. With more than a few clubs, bars and pubs lining the city, Agra is rapidly catching up with the nightlife spectacle. Mughal Bar, Downtown Club Bar, Downing Street Bar and Le Bar and are the foremost hubs where club scene in Agra displays its spot-on colors.

The term “India” prompts us of a vibrant republic with diversities. Opening from traditional diversities to climatic diversities, India is one of the greatest places to walk around the natural beauty. From the mighty Himalayas to the gushing streams, from the rich wildlife to the mysterious seashores! And from the carnivals and festivals to the adventure excursions, India is a dream destination for vacationers. I hope that with our list of top 10 outstanding holiday destinations, picking your ultimate holiday tour package won’t be an unnerving task at all. Thereupon, if you’re mesmerised with these ‘out of the world’ destinations, then get all set to plan your holiday in India, right now!


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