Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2019

India is known for its flavorsome food and the way these foods is made, it involves lots of Frying and grilling resulting into high fumes, smoke and smell and grime in the kitchen.

To forego the same, in modular kitchen, the concept of Chimney was introduced so that it absorbs all sorts of discomforts and provides proper ventilation. It can be said as a replacement to kitchen exhaust fans as well. These Chimneys comes with various features, which helps in cooking at the hygienic environment.

Few things are to be considered while buying a chimney like its size, blowers, features, cost, noise level etc. There are so many types of Chimneys available in the market nowadays that it becomes difficult to choose upon. Here we would discuss the top 10 best Kitchen Chimneys brands of India 2019, which would suffice your requirement.

10. Pigeon (Rs 8000 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2019

Pigeon is well-known company for home appliances and has been trusted brand as well. There are lot many types of Chimneys available with Pigeon and as per requirement, you can choose from. The common feature in all the chimneys is the robust motor along with the efficient filter, which makes it more long lasting. The chimneys are made keeping in mind modern day homes thus are even stylish in design. Some of the Kitchen Chimneys even have speed controls, LED lights and are much cheaper than other brands. Its noise level is less making the kitchen atmosphere more serene.

9. Bajaj (Rs 7500 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Bajaj is again among the pioneers in Home appliances and bringing Chimneys in Indian Kitchens. They have myriad of options pertaining to contemporary as well as modern taste. Some of the features of Bajaj Chimneys are Baffle filter, Air Suction and Quality Motor which are durable. The Bajaj chimneys help in constant ventilation and flow of fresh air thus making cooking more comfortable.

8. IFB (Rs 11,000 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Known best for its high performance and modern design, IFB offers a wide range of Chimneys. The chimneys are specialized with advanced technology useful for easy use of Chimneys.IFB is present in the Indian market for more than 30 years and does have an edge over others with regards to kitchen appliances. There is not much power used in IFB chimneys which do not make a hole in your pocket with the high electricity bill. The Chimneys have a long-term warranty of 5 years and is easy to maintain as well. You can easily clean the chimney and have auto start option as well.

7. Kaff (Rs 11,000 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

The Kaff brand specialises in Pressure Die-cast Aluminium motor made to eradicate greasy surface and walls of the kitchen. All the chimneys of Kaff brand have 5-year manufacturing Warranty. The technology used in the Chimneys is said to be Ergonomic thus making it a futuristic design with Elite performance. Other key features of Kaff chimneys include an Aluminium filter, strong air suction and ventilation, metallic motor and easy maintenance.

6. Prestige (Rs 5700 onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Ever since Kitchen appliances have been introduced in the market, prestige has its own name. Operating since more than 50 years, Prestige is a very reliable brand when kitchen appliances are considered. It is also a listed company (TTK Prestige Ltd) which was founded by T.T. Krishnamachari. Prestige boasts of the high-end quality chimney which has aluminum filters, powerful suction and most important is very much durable. Over the years, Prestige has innovated with chimneys as well and has ranged from the classic chimney to modern chimneys as well.

5. Hindware (Rs 5500 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2019

Hindware is a famous brand worldwide for its unique designs and reliability. The functionality of Hindware Chimneys is exceptional and has always strived to meet the expectation of its customers by continuous innovation. Hindware is majorly into Sanitary but it has a wide range of Kitchen appliances as well. The chimneys from Hindware are less noisy and have the feature of Auto cleaning.

4. Sunflame (Rs 6000 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

In Line with other chimney Brands, Sunflame is trusted a brand when considered for Kitchen appliances in India. Sunflame believed in providing what the customers needed and have ensured quality at the most in each of their products. There are around 25 Chimneys provided by SunFlame Brands which are filled with unique features and carries an affordable price. Sunflame has made a niche for themselves in the Indian market. It is based out in Faridabad with centers in various cities of India.

3. Glen (Rs 6500 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Evolving as among the major Kitchen appliance brand in India, Glen came to India in the year 1999. There are four different types of Chimneys made available by Glen which is said to be highly aesthetic and high on performance. The Glen chimneys come with Baffle filter, timer, Low consumption LED lamps and Italian Motor. It is gaining rave reviews from users which hold a quite promising place in the Indian market in near future.

2. Elica (Rs 5700 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

An Italian brand which has quite recently entered the Indian market has been able to make a strong presence in the minds of people due to the Uber stylish and high-quality chimneys available at cheaper prices. In India, Elica has its main office at Pune while the assembly units are imported from its home country, Italy. The chimneys are made using ergonomically technology which in terms uses less power and is energy friendly. There are around 15 models of Elica chimneys and is an ISI certified brand. They have a range of stylish and super sleek designed chimneys which can be matched with your contemporary house design.

1. Faber (Rs 9000 Onwards)

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2019

Among the best Chimney brands in India of 2019, Faber is high in technology and built with modern designs. The chimney body have stainless steel ensuring excellent performance. It is basically a Switzerland-based chimney company having its main office in Pune in India. It has a presence in India from more than 16 years and has more than 2000 dealer outlets across the country. Faber has ISO certification along with five other international certifications providing unmatched quality, design, and technology.

The Kitchen Chimneys/Hoods are not only meant to be a replacement of the exhaust fans but is meant to be for a more comfortable way of cooking. As these kitchen Hoods are placed above the Kitchen burners, they absorb the smell, smoke more easily sucking the grim and dirt occurred while cooking. These chimneys are not only user-friendly but also environment-friendly as more clean and hygienic your kitchen is, the more fresh and purified food can be prepared. As per the modern day homes and Kitchens, chimneys are a necessity and not a luxury.


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