Top 10 Best & Largest Power Generation Companies in India 2019

India is drastically improving its power generation game. About 65% of electricity in India comes from thermal power plants. Country’s 85% thermal power is generated from coal based power plants. Electricity and other forms of energy are keys for the development of the nation, as everything works with these power sources.

With the Idea of sustainable environment in its mind, India is also turning towards more Eco friendly ways to generate power. These include solar, thermal, wind energy etc. In the past few years, these methods have gained wide spread popularity and now act as an integral part of energy providers to several established businesses.

Here is a list of the biggest power generation companies in India in 2019, which can be classified on the basis of their power generation capacity.

10. Torrent Power Limited

Top power generation companies in India 2019

Torrent Power is a leading power producer and distributor in India. Its power plants are spread across the country, including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Torrent is known for distributing power to various states like Ahmadabad, Agra, and Kanpur etc. Torrent Power Limited, Sabarmati power plant is one of the oldest, well maintained thermal power plants in India. Torrent makes over 3250 MW of power production from all its plants. It serves electricity to over 2.87 million customers.

9. Adani Power

Top power generation companies in India

The company was founded in 1996, with the sole idea of power trading in mind. However, in 2009 Adani Power transformed itself into a power generator by establishing its first power station in Mundra.

Adani Power is owned by its parent company Adani Group. It has four solar and thermal power plants, which collectively produce 10,440 MW of power. The company has adopted modern ways of power generation, which is required for a better tomorrow, and acts as renewable energy resources.

8. Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC)

Top power generation companies in India

CESC is counted as a top notch power generating company of India. The company is responsible for power generation and distribution across Kolkata and Howrah. CESC has three thermal power stations, which generate 1225 MW of electricity. It is the largest power distributor in India, with over 2.9 million customers in Howrah and Kolkata. They are also establishing two new thermal power plants at Haldia and Chandrapur, considering the rising demand for electricity in Kolkata.

7. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited

Top power generation companies in India

The power producing company was established in 1956. It’s headquarter is located in Chennai. The company has a thermal power plant set up in Rajasthan and three power plants placed in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu. Collectively these four power stations have the capacity of generating over 2740 MW of power. Its ventures include four Lignite Mines with ISO certification, located across Barsingsar, Rajasthan and Neyveli, Tamil Nadu.

6. Tata Power

Top power generation companies in India

It is one of the oldest power generating companies of India, which was established in early 1910. Collectively all its plants have a capacity of producing over 8747 MW power. Tata is a pioneer in power generation, transmission and distribution. It is a subsidiary of its parent group; TATA Group. Currently the company has several power plants running in almost 35 countries. It is the company, which brought the first 4000 MW Ultra Mega Clean energy power plant in India, which is located in Gujarat. Tata Power has also set its benchmark in international market with its collaborating work in South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore and Bhutan.

5. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Top power generation companies in India 2019

The company was established in 1992, it’s headquarter is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company had a vision of changing the power generation and distribution techniques in the country. Collectively, all their thermal power plants contribute in generating a power supply of over 3654 MW. They serve as an electrical utility company which is known for spreading awareness for saving electricity and promoting sustainable means of power generation.

4. National Hydroelectric Power Consumption (NHPC)

Top power generation companies in India

NHPC was founded in 1975 by Indian government in order to generate hydroelectric power with efficient and effective planning. The company has set it’s headquarter in Faridabad. It has a professional panel which works to create more sustainable ways to generate power. Recently, they were seen experimenting with other sources of energy, like Geothermal, wind and Tidal energy, which might soon get into production. NHPC covers and watches nine power plants and projects, which contribute in generating a power capacity of 4251 MW. NHPC shares a capital of over 150,000 million, through its power exchange.

3. SJVN Limited

Top power generation companies in India

The company was formed in 1998 by Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and SJVN, as a joint venture to generate hydroelectric power. The company is responsible for operating India’s largest hydro power plant in Nathpa Jhakri, at Himachal Pradesh. SJVN also generates solar, wind and thermal power plants across the country, as well as for Nepal and Bhutan. SJVN is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which has been honored with ‘Mini Ratna’ by Indian Government.

2. Reliance Power

Top power generation companies in India

Reliance is the largest power player of energy generation industry. It was established in 1995, and is a subsidiary of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, under the name Bawana Power Private Limited. In 2007, its name was changed to ‘Reliance Power Limited’. The company has four hydroelectric, six coals fired and two gas fired power plants in India. All of these contributed to make over 6000 MW. They also promote clean and more nature ways of energy generation through hydro and solar power, which they will be using more in the coming future.

1. NTPC Limited

Top power generation companies in India 2019

The company was established in 1975, and has it’s headquarter located in New Delhi, India. It is one of the major power generators of the country. NTPC has a capacity of over 45,584 MW of energy, since its foundation. They plan on tripling there power production by 2032, which will tag around 128,000MW. It has 7 gas based and 17 coal based power generation plants, which are spread across India. It has also been awarded as the ‘6th Best company to work in India’.

All the companies mentioned above are the reasons we are able of enjoy the luxury of technology. We pretty much require one or another source of energy to fulfil our daily needs. These power generating companies are also tilting towards the nature, producing power through wind and solar energy, which is a step towards a better environment, which will lead to a bright future. These are some of the most popular power generating firms in the country which are efficiently fulfilling our every day requirements of electricity use. We should be thankful for what we have rather than wasting away these resources.


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