Top 12 Best & Largest Shipping Companies in India 2019

There is an important role played by the shipping industry in India’s imports and exports business. Moreover, shipping is used as a premier method of transporting goods from one country to another for hundreds of years. Nowadays, India uses ships for transportation of many basic commodities such as machines, food, etc.

You might see that the exotic fruits from New Zealand available in India still fresh and juicy. All these things become possible due to the shipping companies in India. It is a billion dollar business that has played a great part in getting the mission of globalisation. In this article, we will tell you about the top 12 largest shipping companies in India in 2019:

12. ABG Shipyard Ltd

Largest Shipping Companies in India 2019

ABG Shipyard Ltd was founded in the year of 1991 and now they have become the India’s largest private sector shipbuilding yard. There is a great range of commercial vessels build by the company such as split barges, anchor handling tugs, self-loading and self-discharging bulk carriers, offshore supply vessels, dynamic positioning shops and much more.

After Pipavav Shipyard, they are the second corporate shipyard who gets the license from the government of India to manufacture warships and many other vessels for the Navy.

Total assets: INR 5,871 Crore

11. Varun Shipping Company Limited

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Varun Shipping is a well-known shipping company who owns a fleet of 18 vessels that consist of 3 crude oil tankers, 9 LPG carriers, and 5 anchor handling towing. They are known as the leader in the energy transportation and offshore exploration. The company’s headquarters is located in Mumbai while their international office is located in Singapore.

The company started off their operations in 1971 and went on to become the first Indian company who operated a large AHTS vessel in the North Sea. They have won many prestigious awards like “The Energy Award” (Llyod’s List Middle East & Indian Subcontinent Awards 2009) and Best Tanker Operator Award (Seatrade Middle East & Indian Subcontinent Awards 2009).

Total Assets: INR 1,323 Crore

10. Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd.

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd. Is one of the best shipping companies in India with a rich experience of more than 25 years. In addition to India, the company has NVOCCs operations in the Middle East and South East Asia market. The company’s service portfolio consist of bulk cargo handling, free trade warehousing zone services, offshore logistics services and turnkey and integrated logistics solutions. In 2002, Seaways became the first one to commence the container services at Paradip Port.

The company’s main head office is located in Hyderabad, Telangana while their branch offices located in cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Indore, Chennai, Kakinada, Baroda, Visakhapatnam and much more.

Total Assets: 1,893 Crore

9. Gujarat Pipavav

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Pipavav is one of the best shipping companies in India and operated by the APM Terminals, which is one of the world’s biggest container terminal operators. Working as a public-private company, Gujarat Pipavav’s major business operations consist of shipbuilding, offshore supply vessels, merchant vessels and pressure vessels. There are more than 4,000 people working with the company. The main head office of the company is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

They started their operations in 1997 and quickly become one of the largest shipping companies in India. Gujarat Pipavav is also famous with the name of Pipavav Shipyard.

Total Market Capitalization: INR 1,515 Crore

8. Global Offshore Services Ltd

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Founded on 20 September 1976, this company has now become a mainstay in the Indian shipping industry. They are presently employed by many E &P companies, such as British Gas, PTSC Vietnam, British-Petroleum, Total E & P, ONGC, Cairn Energy and Centrica. The majority of the company’s platform supply vessels is deployed in West Africa, Brazil, India, and the North Sea while their barge is deployed in Africa.

The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was formerly known as the Garware Offshore Services Ltd.

Total Assets: INR 762.5 Crore

7. Mercator Limited

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Mercator Limited is the second largest Indian private sector shipping company, according to the terms of tonnage. The company is mainly involved in operations such as shipping, dredging, offshore and coal services. The company started their operations in 1983 with just a handful of employees and now employ more than 3,000 people who work for the Mercator Limited.

The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company controls their offshore business through their two subsidiaries named Mercator Offshore Ltd. and Mercator Oil and Gas Ltd.

Total Revenue: INR 683.90 Crore

6. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd

Largest Shipping Companies in India 2019

Mazagon Dock is one of the oldest companies in the Indian shipping market. They have manufactured many warships and submarines for the Indian Navy. Additionally, they have also produced offshore platforms and support vessels for the offshore oil drilling. The company’s operations don’t end here as they also manufacture cargo bulk carriers, passenger ships, tankers, and ferries.

Some of the well-known warships, such as the Nilgiri Class Frigate, Shivalik Class Fighters, Delhi Class Destroyers and Kolkata Class Destroyers are made by this company.

Total Assets: INR 728 Crores

5. Bharati Shipyard

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Bharati Shipyard is ranked on the fifth position in our list of top 12 shipping companies in India. Additionally, it is also the country’s largest shipbuilding company. The company is basically involved in the operations related to designing, repairing and shipbuilding. The company is based in Mumbai with branch offices in other parts of the country. Bharati Shipyard was founded by Prakash Kapoor and Vijay Kumar in 1973 and now employs more than 3,000 people.

Revenue: INR 5,257 Crore

4. Essar Shipping

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Essar Shipping is one of the divisions of the Essar Group and offers end to end logistics services to the customers. The company owns a diversified fleet of 14 vessels that consist of supermaxes, handy-sizes, VLCCs and capes mini-capes bulk for offering bulk oil and crude oil transportation services. They are the first Indian shipping company who has published a sustainability report.

The main head office of the company is situated in Mumbai whereas they have many branch offices in other parts of the country. The company’s workforce consists of 4,500 employees. Essar Shipping was founded in 1945 and also known by the name of Essar Shipping Ports and Logistics Limited.

Revenue: INR 8383 Crore

3. GOL Offshore

Largest Shipping Companies in India

GOL Offshore is a prominent name in the India’s offshore oilfield services industry. They offer a range of services to many upstream oil and gas producers for carrying out production and offshore activities. The company’s service portfolio consist of drilling services, marine construction, terminal services and air logistics.

GOL Offshore was founded in 1983 and is currently offering their services to some of the major E&P operators in the country. Additionally, the company’s network has expanded to the Middle East, South Africa, North Sea and South East Asia. They own many state of the art vessels, such as offshore support vessels, exploratory rigs, and anchor handling tug supply vessels.

Total Assets: INR 1,500 Crores

2. Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd

Largest Shipping Companies in India

Great Eastern Shipping Company is the largest private shipping company in India who is mainly involved in the transportation operations of petroleum products, crude oil, and dry bulk things. It is an ISO 9001: 2000 standard certified company who has divided their operations into two major segments: Offshore and Shipping. The transportation operations are controlled by the shipping division, whereas the offshore business involved in carrying out exploration and production works.

The company was founded in 1948 and has their headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Great Eastern Shipping company is led by its Chairman KM Seth.

Revenue: INR 2245 Crore

1. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

Largest Shipping Companies in India 2019

Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. kicks off their operations in 1961 when the Western Shipping Corporation and Eastern Shipping Corporation merges to form a single corporation. The company’s head office is located in Corporate Centre, Mumbai. The company’s service portfolio consist of bulk carrier & tanker services, liner & passenger services, lighterage, container, break bulk, shipbuilding consultancy, and offshore services.

It is a government operated company who started off their operations with just 19 vessels and today counted as one of the largest shipping companies in India.

Total Assets: INR 11,508 Crore

Here we are, these are the top shipping companies in India, whose presence has allowed our company to transport and receive goods easily. However, there are many other shipping companies operating in India, but we have chosen the best ones.


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