Top 10 Best Nightlife Cities In Europe 2019

When we talk about nightlife, parties and clubbing, there is no better place for it than the whole of Europe. It is the continent which can offer you not just the best and the craziest of choices for parties, but also the ones which are not very expensive. Moving ahead of the common belief of Ibiza in Spain being the party capital of the world, you now need to expand your knowledge about the places with best nightlife in Europe. And trust us, the number of options you have, will make you go mad.

Countries in Europe are the ones which are filled with clubs and pubs that come alive in the night. These are truly the places to dance your guts out and put your stress or work blues away. If you are planning to visit Europe, or are looking for places with an enthralling night life, then this article is a must read for you. Today we bring you the list of 10 European cities with the best nightlife in 2019.

10. Lagos –

Best nightlife cities 2019

For those of you who want to party not in a Club, but on a beach instead, this Portugal city is the best place for you. Here you can experience partying in the open, on beautiful beaches. There are not many clubs here, but some really great beach party options; it also has cool makeshift bars that will serve you drinks as long as you party. The fishbowls, happy hours, rounds of pools and live sports are mainly what differentiate Lagos from other party destinations you can find in Europe. Here you will not only find bars playing pop or electric mix, but also music from the 80’s. One of the larger dance floors in the area are Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Casa del Habano, Victoria Island and Lagoon Plaza. The entire list of night clubs is incomplete without “The Shrine” which hosts live music events.

9. Krakow –

Best nightlife cities

This Polish city might be small, but is certainly the one which can offer you one of the most exciting options for night life across Europe. Apart from the ancient architecture, this city also houses a few of the most eccentric bars, serving vodka. As it is the favorite drink among the residents. One of the greatest benefits of partying here is, you can end up making lots of great friends, because the people here are very friendly. The main hedonist high streets are Szewska and Floriańska. The tourists at Podgórze and Kazimierz districts are expected to pay 7-10zł (2-3 Euros) for a large beer.

8. Zagreb –

Best nightlife cities

This city in Croatia is popular for offering tourists a beautiful scenic view, but what a lot of people do not know about this place is that it can also offer you a great night life experience. Bars here can be classified on what music they play, and you can then go to the ones you find the most exciting. Here you can experience rave parties till dawn. The popular clubs here include Aquarius Club, BP Club, Boban, Gallery, Grand Casino, Jackie Brown, Hemingway Lounge Bar, Route 66 and Spunk. These places are mind blowing for live punk, gothic parties, retro-DJ nights,, metal world and hippy nights.

7. Prague –

Best nightlife cities

Here you can find one of the largest clubs in whole of Europe, called the Karlovy Lazne Club. If you want to experience the life of a king, in the budget of a peasant, this city in Czech Republic is the best place for you. Here music plays from dusk to dawn, and you can have a great time without spending much. This was once very popular among tourists for low alcohol prices, but now they are not so cheap. The primary reason of tourists visiting the Prague is strip clubs, quasi-legal brothels, and massage parlors. However, compared to rest of Europe, here you will still need a lot lesser money than in places mentioned above. There are many elegant bars in Prague Tretter’s bar, Tynska Bar, Zapa Bar, ZanziBar and Books. There are some great discos as well like Radost FX, Roxy, Karlovy Lazne, Duplex, La Fabrique, M1 Secret Lounge and Lucerna Music Club. Other recommended places for blues and Jazz are U Maleho Glena, Blues club, Wenceslas Square and Ungelt Jazz.

6. Basel –

Best nightlife cities 2019

Switzerland is not just a place you should visit if you want to lay eyes on the most beautiful of places on earth, with lush green fields and meadows, but also a place where you can party all night. This is however not a cheap place to party, you can certainly get access to the best of clubs and DJs over here, but that will come at a cost. Which if you can afford to pay, you are certainly in for a great time. Basil has several places for entertaining tête-à-tête like Les Trois Rois Bar with fragrant cigars, facility of renting a bar tender and exquisite whiskies. Taking a walk to Bar Rouge club, Campari bar (terrace with bouquets of orchids), The CU Club and Club 59 offers inventive cocktails, euro beats and a lavish décor.

5. Budapest –

Best nightlife cities

Although the Hungarian capital is known for various ruined spots attracting tourists, what many people don’t know is that, it is also a great place for party lovers. A lot of the ruined places in the day come alive in the night as bars and party spots. This is thus a place where you can experience partying in the quirkiest of spots, with the best of DJs. The place is flooded with plenty of clubs, discos, dance halls and bars. The nightlife here offers tempting cultural entertainment like Liszt Ferenc square; a square full of open restaurants, café and bars, Baross utca; a cozy district, Raday utca; awesome to taste the typical hungarian wine and VII district: a triangular octogan for the best ruins pubs.

4. Copenhagen –

Best nightlife cities

One of the main reasons why Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world is because it has great nightlife in the capital city of Copenhagen. The Danish capital houses several clubs and pubs underground, playing electric music, along with offering offers like ‘all you can drink Heineken’, only for an hour, 11 PM to 12 AM. For those on a strict budget, this is certainly one of the great options you should explore. The nightlife of Denmark has everything from hip bars, mainstream discos, underground clubs and glamorous venues. This Danish capital has party village like vibe with Bar 7 an apartment building structure, Ruby a highly sophisticated and classy party dime, and 1105 known for amazing cocktails. For a den of hippy crack you can also try Simons, one of the party places with toughest door policies, NASA with a shade of white and K bar famous for its Martinis.

3. Berlin –

Best nightlife cities

One of the best places to experience the wildest of nightlife in Europe is the German capital. In Berlin you can come across clubs scattered throughout, all of which will come alive only after midnight. If you are the one who is looking for a place where fun begins late in the night, and ends late in the day, this is right place for you. A lot of the people from all over Germany opt for flying to Berlin over the weekends to experience a great nightlife, with no VIP culture. The place is legendary for insane and techno warehouse pubs. The mind blowing and freaking places for party in Berlin are considered as Berghain/Panorama Bar, Zu mir oder zu dir, Strandbar Mitte, Sisyphos, Salon zur Wilden Renate, and Kitkat. These pubs are the heaven for beer lovers and offers best electronic dance music. The clubs have zero camera policy.

2. Amsterdam –

Best nightlife cities

One of the best cities to party in, when in Netherlands is Amsterdam. This is the place where party scene is on 24*7. These are not very wild parties, but are great fun. The city is accurately known as “a city never sleeps” This Netherland’s Gem has set the standard for a rocking nightlife, as it has everything from salsa spots to swinging jazz joints. Also, partying in Amsterdam can be costly, as tickets are not very cheap. And the trains here do not run over night, so you will have to take cabs if travelling late in the night. If you are looking for hippest clubs then you should walk across Rembrandtplein, Dam Square, Jordan and Leidseplein.

1. Barcelona –

Best nightlife cities 2019

Spain is one of those European countries where you can experience a great night life in several cities. It is a city of party animal which does not go to sleep. Here people eat late and go to the bed even later. Apart from the famous Ibiza, Barcelona in Spain is equally amazing for clubbing and partying. Here you can find several clubs lined next to each other, the popular ones include Razzmatazz, Disco, Sidecar, RnB, Harlem Jazz etc. The party scene here is minimalist yet fun, you will not have to shell out loads of money to have a great time here. The majority of clubs do not have a standard rate. The clubbing rate varies largely based on who is on for the music in the party and number of people partying that night. There are so many clubs which offers free entry if you enter their before 1. Many clubs also offers free drinks or two for one drinks.

There are hundreds of other cities across Europe that you can go and experience a great night life, mainly because this is a kind of practice that is embedded in their culture. So wherever you go in Europe, is it London, Paris, Glasgow, and more, you will be able to spot some really amazing night clubs with an even more amazing night life. However, which one is best for you will depend on multiple factors.

Different people have different preferences, so best place for one, might not be best for another. These places might be ranked in order, but that is not strictly applicable, as you can find articles on the Internet which lists similar or different cities in a completely different order. Therefore, deciding the best one among these is certainly something that will differ for different people. Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam are the cities which are most popular among people of Europe as well as others across the world, who are looking for places that can make them dance away all their tensions and worries.


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