Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs for Moms

Job Advertisement “We are only hiring part time employees”. When such a message hits the eyes of many job seekers what definitely goes to their mind is insecurity of the job, unstable kind of work, low paying gigs, and many other more thoughts.

Even to some this looks like a poverty pronouncement. But the truth is the world is changing and companies are also diversifying their services a wider geographic area and they are unable to accommodate every worker at a central position. So what is happening is that companies need remote workers to work for them on part time basis and as a mom who is entrusted with the caring of her children sometimes it feels sick to do nothing the whole day hence you need a job to keep you busy and earn you some cash for the support of the family.

These jobs highlighted here are the top 10 part time jobs for moms across the world so check them out and see what you can do as.

10. Travel Agent ( $15/h)

Best part time jobs for moms 2019

Any working mum can multi task on this job. This job doesn’t require much of your time and certainly doesn’t require an office set up since you can practice it as a consultant right from your home. All you need is a degree or a diploma in travel, hospitality, business, tourism or any other relevant field. The job description of a travel agent is as follows. On typical day you will be required to sell or plan accommodations, transportation and other travel services. Attend to travel seminars, produce brochures, publications to travellers. Book hotels, collect payments, network with tour operators and prepare promotional travel materials among other responsibilities.

9. Life Coach ($30/h)

Best part time jobs for moms

Among the best part time jobs in the United States for working moms is being a life coach. It has become a very popular profession even though not many people are familiar with it. Life coaches normally use the skills they have and knowledge they have to help clients meet there objectives and make a successful change in their lives. Life coaches choose various career paths but many of them work independently, others join a business while others are in organization. To qualify for this position you need certification to make you look professional from International Coach Federation or ICF.

8. Masseuse

Best part time jobs for moms

This is a job which usually serves well to supplement someone’s income especially moms. A massage therapist usually performs specialized techniques that are directed to manipulate muscles and relax the muscles as well. Working as a masseur you are required to assists the client in relieving pain, stress and any other physical ailments. You may work in many fields such as aromatherapy, sports medicine, reflexology among others. In this job what is much required is interpersonal skills, some professionalism, and certification from national certification examination for therapeutic massage or National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. You can decide to self-employ yourself or look for opportunities in hotels, spas, and fitness centers.

7. Tutor

Best part time jobs for moms

This is one of the best part-time jobs for any working mom out there. It’s also one of the most flexible jobs that doesn’t require anyone to get out of there and stand in front of a class of students to lecture since you can purely do it online. You have heard that some students prefer evening class’s right? You can apply for that position and teach if you have the qualifications. Being a tutor is diverse than what you might be thinking. You decide on a weekend to be teaching mathematics in your house to some neighbourhood kids. You can as well take your advanced knowhow on the internet and teach the millions of people who need to know some of the things you know such a Spanish, Arabic English, SEO, marketing, and every topic on earth that you feel your more than a professional in.

6. Graphic Designer ($25/hr)

Best part time jobs for moms

Being a graphic designer can be rewarding part time for any working mom with the skills. Graphic designers usually create visual concept that convey a particular message, idea inspire, inform and its captivating to the intended audience. Usually they depend on design programs, their skills to produce graphic material and art that is intended for advertisement, promotion or any other use. This job doesn’t require getting out of your home since you can do it practically from any location even at your tea break.

5. Psychologist ( $30 – $40/hr)

Best part time jobs for moms 2019

Among the best well-paying part time job for a working mom today is being a psychologists. Phycologists study emotion, cognitive, social process, personality and human behavior by observing, listening, evaluating, interpreting and recording how people relate with others and how they also relate with the environment. Simply they study the human mind. They help the doctors understand the thoughts, emotions behavior of a particular patient. Their work is to counsel patients and promote good mental health among the patients. As a psychologist you can look for a job in learning institutions, hospitals, individual patients, prisons and in a business.

4. Freelance Writer ($20-$50 /hr)

Best part time jobs for moms

For those working moms with the gift of writing they have a skill that can earn them good money while working on a part-time basis. Being a freelance writer you are required to write articles, publications, books or any writing project. What you need is just perseverance, a good grasp of narrative, excellent grammar and writing skills, awareness of audience, excellent written communication, and just some education since you don’t need to be honor educated. Many freelance writers are making lots of money since they are independent and can work for several clients and the good thing is you can choose your rate. Different rates for freelance writers are line editing $30-$60/hr, Proofreading $20-$50/hr, Proposals Grants: $30-$70/hr, Tech Editing: $20-$80/hr, Technical Writing:
$30-$80/hr, Web Content :$15-$60/hr.

3. Interior Designer ($30-$45/hr)

Best part time jobs for moms

An interior designer job is not only interesting but also a perfect part time job for working an interior designer you will be required to make interior spaces functional by designing the spaces inside the building, make them safe, select decorative items such as the colors, materials, arrange furniture and bring out a beautiful home in general.

2. Clinical pharmacists

Best part time jobs for moms

Among the best jobs and one that can fit in as a part time job for a working mom is being a clinical pharmacists. A clinical pharmacists usually works directly with the medical professionals and patients in a clinic or medical center or health care a clinical pharmacists your role generally would be determining the best medication depending on the symptoms of the patient. It’s also your job to prescribe the best medication for a patient and monitor the progress of that patient and also identify untreated health problems .what you require is just some experience your licence for training, qualifications in relation to academics and some strong professional ethics.

1. Fitness instructor

Best part time jobs for moms 2019

A fitness instructor can be a very good job for a working mom. You can earn some money while you extends your life expectancy and age gracefully. Fitness trainers or rather a fitness instructor usually stands in front of a group of people and instructs them, motivates them and lead them in exercise activities such as aerobics, weight training, cardiovascular exercises among others. This job usually involves designing and training clients on the best training workouts that can be productive in achieving their objectives. Moreover you will be required to give clients information regarding nutrition, weight control and lifestyle issues, and perform some emergency first aid among other responsibilities. You can look for clients at your neighbourhood, or you can be employed at recreation centers, gyms, universities, resorts, hospitals, gyms and other fitness centers.

To make ends meet in today’s world you need at least two jobs. Any working mom should be delighted with the following list of the best top 10 part time jobs for working moms since it gives them an insight of where to start off.


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