15 Best Paying Jobs for Women 2019

Gone are those days when women were confined to their dwellings and the only job they had was to serve as a homemaker. Modern day women make a perfect balance between their household and job. On an average, women are paid $0.7 for every $1 a man earns but some firms are such that needs dedicated and sheer professionals.

Since women are so professional in their work, so a lot of companies look into hiring them and paying them as much as the designation they are assigned with deserves. There is no room for women stereotypes and they are treated as an employee irrespective of their gender. There are copious jobs that a woman is engrossed in and if you are looking for a job, then go through this well-researched list of 15 best paying jobs for women in 2019.

15. Information Architect ($ 92,500)

Best Paying Jobs For Women 2019

Task of an information architect is to design the shared information on computers. It is a task that requires skills and sound judgment as they make the blogs look attractive as well as relevant which is not a child’s play. The industry has about 49% of its employees as women who enjoy whooping salary of around 92,500 USD. The advantage of the job is that you can work from your residence.

14. Physician Assistant ($ 92,400)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Around 67% of Physician assistants are women. They are paid well and they do not go through the same pressure as the surgeon. They simply assist the surgeon and are never held responsible for any malpractice during surgery. Though it is quite a reputed and comfortable job but you need extensive training before becoming a PA. You should also be ready to sacrifice your sleeps sometimes as you might be called for emergencies.

13. Certified Nurse midwife ($ 92,500)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Certified Nurse Midwife has primarily two duties- handling pregnancies and performing matronly duties. They guide the pregnant women and take proper care of them. Women dominate the market of CNM as they are credible for pregnancies advises. However, to excel as a CNM you’d be required to possess adequate knowledge and undergo proper training.

12. Clinical Trial Manager ($ 92,800)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Department of Pharmaceuticals is having a blockbuster market in the US. Prior to releasing a drug, it is essential to test it for its effectiveness. For this, volunteers are called and a report is made mentioning what exactly happened to them after consuming the pill/drug. Task of Clinical Trial Manager is to find the volunteers, test the pill on them and report the results to headquarters. The HQ then makes decision whether to put the pill on shelf or scrap it. About 77% of CTM are women.

11. User Experience Researcher ($94,100)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

User Experience Researcher calls up people and asks them to test different product or services. Based on the feelings and reviews of the volunteers, USR reports to the companies about their products or services. About 57% of the researchers are women and they earn substantial amount of money from this profile.

10. Optometrist ($ 95,900)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Optometrists are the doctors that take care of eye related problems. About 50% of optometrists are women. All you need to do is to check the eye-sight of the patients and report them the power of lenses they’d be required to wear. Most of the day is spent in fitting glasses into patient’s eye and examining the one that suits their eye. You can even end up earning in six digit figures if you have a private practice.

9. Vice president, Human resources ($ 96,100)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

More than 67% of VPs of Human Resources are women. This position pays you quite well and the task is very satisfying. All you need to do is to deal with companies and its employees and to hire and fire the employees. You’ll have to treat them as friends sometimes to resolve their concerns while other times you’ll have to be strict to make them work properly.

8. Orthopedic Physician Assistant ($ 96,600)

Best Paying Jobs For Women 2019

An Orthopedic Physician Assistant is a more specialized designation. Since the post requires specific knowledge and expertise, it is a high paying job. More than 49% of OPA are females. In order to pursue this profession, you’ll have to get extensive training and knowledge about bones and bone related problems.

7. Pharmacist ($ 113,400)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

About 51% of Pharmacists are women. The task of a Pharmacist is to dispense pills to the patients along with guiding them about how to take them. They also check for the people who are having wrong medicines and report it to the police. Since it is doctoral job, so it takes several years to become a Pharmacist. However, once you have qualified, you can really make decent earnings.

6. Corporate Counsel ($115,500)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

A Corporate Counsel works for the jurisdiction where you need to choose you side and defend your client against criminal cases. 44% of the people in this job are women. This is quite a high paying job especially if you are successful in defending your client.

5. Chief Nursing Officer ($120,200)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Chief Nursing officer manages the hospital and ensures that it runs smoothly without committing any malpractice. Chief Nursing officers have lots of power and responsibility, so they enjoy handsome salaries. 83% of CNO are women and they enjoy this high paying job.

4. Nurse Anesthetist ($141,800)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

52% of Certified Nurse Anesthetics are women. The task of Nurse Anesthetist is to insert anesthesia into the patient’s body either to make them sleep or to numb their pain. It is the oldest specialized industry in America that pays so well.

3. Physician/Doctor, General Practice ($148,700)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Doctors make a lot of money as they are responsible for well-being of a patient. It is the third highest paying job for women with 46% women in the field. It is the most respected job but it takes years to become a doctor. Secondly, Doctors are constantly under pressure and stress.

2. Psychiatrist ($177,400)

Best Paying Jobs For Women

44% of Psychiatrists are women and enjoying six figure salaries. The task of psychiatrist is to listen to the concerns of the people and give them proper advice or diagnose them. The position requires understanding the psychology of patients, so you need to go through extensive training to become a Psychiatrist.

1. OB/GYN ($195,600)

Best Paying Jobs For Women 2019

66% of OB/GYN are women primarily because most of the time the patients are pregnant women. It a high paying job that may pay you around quarter million dollars a year. However, the job is tedious and you might have to take in the yelling of patients which are due to their hormonal responses during pregnancy.

If you want to work and are looking to find the best paying jobs, then you should try any of these 15 jobs. Some of them are easy to work while some are a bit tedious. Some have option of operating from home while some requires you to travel to offices. The judgment totally lies on your hand to opt for a job that is not just high paying but is also self-satisfying. Choose a job which you feel will suit your personality and at the same time earns you a decent salary.


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