Top 10 Best Police Dog Breeds in The World

Police dog breed are renowned all over the world for their stout personality and friendly nature. These are special dogs that are convenient to defend people and things from dangers in a manner similar to what police does, hence given this name.

Since several years, the most recommended pet animal to trust for commitments of safety are police dogs without any doubt. These breeds of dogs are well-known for being faithful with owners and always stay with you to safeguard you from danger. Apart from being a strong and fiery by nature, they also have a soothing heart to love its landlords. Police dog possesses good attitude encompassing crucial intelligence level than usual dog breeds ad most vital is their reliability and absolute love for you. If you are looking to raise the safety around you, read below section to know which police dog breeds to hire:

10. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Best police dog breeds 2019

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breed is recognized for their robust build up with a widespread head and naturally drop ears. The fur of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breed is short and faintly fairly stiff in look. It possesses brawny body and levelled back is maintained as elongated as the dog is tall at the shoulders. This dog breed is acknowledged for their alert, confident and outward nature, however they are less approachable with any outsiders. When you turn out as a best companion with the breed, it is stared as energetic, athletic and aware kind of dogs with a caring heart.

9. German Short-Haired Pointer

Best police dog breeds

This is a short dog breed as its name proposes, though due to it being so typically establish and bred, they are developed in noticeable numbers all over the world. The German short-haired pointer breed is positioned among the finest police dog breeds, prevalent in survival since era of 1800’s. While discussing about its look, this German dog breed has blotchy and frail appearance, however it shouldn’t be estimated by the class of its fur and skin as its one of the most approachable dog breeds. Apart from being a dog breed dedicated for the police force, it is also used as a hunter dog primarily for hunting game as well as birds.

8. Bloodhound

Best police dog breeds

Out of all the police dog breed appearance, this dog breed has unique appearance with huge hung ears that makes it different from the rest. Bloodhound possesses a long face, but do not mistake the long face because even though their look is similar to a cuddly teddy bear, they are very powerful dog with a more masculine character in it. This is the reason why it has been ranked as the top police dog breeds. The bloodhound dog breed has capability to hunt larger things like deer, wild bores, etc.

7. Argentine Dogo

Best police dog breeds

Argentino Dogo breed is considered very bold yet sensitive; they are vibrant at outdoors while calm at indoors. This large police dogs breed with muscular and plane body displaying the power to face any difficult situations. Research suggests that this dog breed owns great strength, command and rapid reactivity similar to a serious athlete. The appearance of Argentino Dogo is attractive because of its white coat which is very short and smooth. These police dog breeds requires regular exercise to upkeep its athletic situation and enjoyable temperament. In short, it’s one of the most belligerent dogs of world, originally used for hunting wild boar, cougar, Jaguar hound, and in certain areas it is consigned as family ban nurture dog.

6. Boxer Dog

Best police dog breeds

There is not much need for introduction as its name itself suggests that this is a more fighter dog and ranked high among the best police dog breeds. Till now, it is noted that there are chiefly two types of Boxer dogs prevalent on the police force i.e. the Schutzhund Boxer and the Deutscher Boxer, both breeds are equivalent in their doggie characters in certain strange but acceptable manner. Apart from being a police dog, Boxer dogs breed can be considered as the more Gymnastics or Martial Arts types of dogs because to their astonishing capability to spring up in a hurdle of high raised bars of levels that you encounter them to reach.

5. Labrador Retriever

Best police dog breeds 2019

Labrador Retriever has beautiful appearance that is stared as one of the cutest looking dogs to the females all over the world. This dog breed is included in the police database used to sniff out bombs, drug discovery and many other detection purposes. This is considered to be a huge responsibility to be provided to an animal with own intelligence and they detect suspicious things only by smell due to its skilled ability. Their easy to recognize power makes them to earn a high noted recognition.

4. Giant Schnauzer

Best police dog breeds

Giant Shnautzers have their unique look consisting of long fur which suspends from its mouth which appears like an old military man, or an ex-marine that has fought a war. As they own a large appearance, they create a unique impression in any police force that breeds and trains it. Giant Shnautzers huge in size and wide in body length also which provides them a ‘large’ look overall and their teeth jolt consistently in a scissor shape. This teeth shape gives this dog breed a fiery look as well apart from their fur and face.

3. Dutch German Shepherd

Best police dog breeds

This is a dog breed from Dutch descendant and it is consistently ranked high in the list of the best police dog breeds. Dutch German Shepherd have been adopted by police for several reasons over the years, is highly favoured as well as considered an asset by the Holland Police. This police force appeared to have created an out-dated home for Dutchie Shepard doggies in their force itself as they continuously need them. This dog breed has an astounding expected lifespan of between 13 – 15 years if raised and maintained good in terms of consistent medical check-ups, medicine treatments, washing of body, etc.

2. Doberman Pinscher

Best police dog breeds

Doberman Pinscher is not so biggie but also not a smaller breed and hence considered as the middle sized police dog breeds. This dog breed is one of the most common breed found in the United States, they are extensively deliberated by the K9 Family dog divisions in the police force. As their name is long, people call them by sweet name-Dobie. They are slim and sleek physique dog with lighter weight. Though being light weight, this dog breed has an added benefit of it being quick in speed, one of the reasons why it’s ranked among the best police dog breeds all over the world currently. Doberman Pinscher is more useful to Police Officers that suppose their dogs to hunt down, chase, and catch their criminals. These are the characteristic that offers this dog breed a credit to rank high in the list. It is found that it has ability to run at an ultimate fast speed, which guarantees a sure catch as they never give up till it ultimately meets the jaw end of its capture.

1. German Shepherd

Best police dog breeds 2019

German Shepherd is well-known all over the world as a wise old dog, hence ranked high in the list. Its style of action can be an ultimately associated to the strategic tactic of a man in the military; hence they are most preferred breed for police force. Known for its wit of intelligence and restraint, German shepherd dog breed has its personality and stern approach that is found so helpful. It is known that if appropriate care has been taken for grooming and training regularly, they would become even stronger.

Police dog breeds are of prime importance in today’s era where hazard and misconduct is common everywhere. You will find that any one out of the listed breeds will be a great help to defend yourself.


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