Top 10 Most Popular & Best Social Bookmarking Websites 2019

Social Bookmarking websites as popularly known and described are the websites that binds people to each other virtually across the globe. These virtual websites if we think in detail are the bridges to make people interact easily in this virtual world. In present time when the concept of nuclear family system is in fashion worldwide and the joint family culture is shrinking and disappear from our societies, it is but obvious and inevitable that people are losing connections both physically and emotionally then such social bookmarking websites come into the picture and play a very important role to overcome loneliness and feel bounded or connected to near and dear ones virtually at least.

Such websites open the endless doors to information of any given subjects, finding/ searching people across the internet and most importantly provide opportunities to interact to new people from different culture, race, country, interest, traditions etc. to whom we don’t know before. That makes are connections, friends, and mentors worldwide and from them we are free to learn different things and increase our happiness quotient. That way it is for sure that social bookmarking websites can be very useful to us but it depends on our ability on taste that how much and what type of information we like to gain very these useful and information and people rich websites.

Below Enlisted and discussed in short, are the top 10 best Social Bookmarking websites of 2019 that are very interactive and useful. These enlisted and discussed social bookmarking websites are surveyed among all the bookmarking websites in average number of visitors and the popularity quotient. Ranking surveys are done by many websites; one of the reliable websites is Have a look on the Best social marking websites below.

10. News Vine:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites 2019

This is one of the most popular bookmarking websites and positioned at number 10 in ranking survey. Its regular User or visitor traffic is estimated around 4,000,000 among other bookmarking websites on World Wide Web. News Vine covers the news from politics, science, human relations and culture, Information Technology and other interesting and latest topics.

9. MetaFilter:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

It on general basis is considered a weblog that actually is posting each other’s unique thoughts on unique subjects, topics, images, and other useful information that we found on web. Meta Filter ranking among other websites in the same category is at the pedestal number 9 and its estimated visitor traffic is approximately 4,500,000. This weblog covers the gap and let people interact to each other by posting their unique posts and information, in short a weblog.

8. digg:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

It provides you almost all the general information and latest news. It covers a wide range of subjects/ topics/ news such as Politics, Health, Technology, Entertainment, Science, Cosmetic products, Movies, Lifestyle, and other useful and interesting information. The website digg is ranked number 8 in survey across the websites in this category and its approximate number of visitors is 6,000,000.

7. Stumble Upon:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

Among the most popular and best social bookmarking websites, Stumble Upon is one of them and its approximate number of visitors is 28,000,000. Stumble Upon is positioned at the number 7 in survey done among the websites that are known and treated as social bookmarking websites.

6. Reddit:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

It was founded by Virginia university, and is a content base discussion website where the visitors need to sign in to participate to vote for the content quality and the content on the basis of voting is either up or down on the website. It is one of the most popular social sites and this year it is ranked number 6 among the websites in this category. Its regular visitors are approximately 32,000,000.

5. Tumblr:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites 2019

It is one of the social books marking website that was founded in 2007 by David Karp. It lets you do micro blogging as well. In a survey that took place in the year 2018-April, it is positioned and ranked number 5 and its approximate user base is around 110,000,000 in numbers.

4. Google+:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

It is one of the best web application software. It is on at the pedestal number 4 when its ranking comes into the picture. Its estimated visitors are approximately around 120,000,000. Its success and importance across the web need no introduction. The last updated ranking took place in the month of April-2018.

3. Pinterest:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

It is a visual treat to use this internet application software that actually is a collection of visual designs and creative ideas. Its founder name is Ben Silbermann. We need to sign in to this web application to use it. It employs around 800-900 creative people that must be given the credit of its success. Its usefulness to its visitors and creative idea are the reasons indeed to make it ranked at number 3 in all the web applications of this kind. Its estimated visitor base is around 250,000,000.

2. Twitter:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

Twitter is successfully earned the number 2 ranking among the bookmarking websites survey. The survey is based on the average number of visitor to all the websites, their content, interactivity, and popularity. It was last updated in the month of April of year 2018. As we all know Twitter is basically an interactive using which we can communicate/ interact/ share our thoughts to each other. It is a virtual world in itself that covers the gap virtually among people worldwide. Its estimated number of visitors is 310,000,000.

1. Facebook:

Best Social Bookmarking Websites 2019

It needs no introduction for sure. It is much obvious that it built up the user base of estimated unique visitors approximately 900,000,000 in numbers and is the number 1 social bookmarking website. It is very interactive and user friendly in nature and provides endless sources to gain information from. The concept of global interaction, friendship, and human relation is into fashion in today’s world and Facebook deserves accolades and credit to make it happen.

There is a lot of information has been given on social book marking and the websites available on the Internet that are in this category. The survey is done in 2018-May, to rank these websites among their user base or visitors, popularity across the Internet, and the quality of content available on these sites. Hope this provided information will serve your needs.


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