Top 10 Best Special Forces In The World 2019

Special Forces require no Introduction or any definition. Everyone around the world has an idea or a hint about what Special Forces are capable of doing. Be it the 1972’s Munich Olympic Massacre or the 1980s Iranian hostage rescue or the Killing of the most dangerous terrorist of the decade Osama Bin Laden in 2011, Special Forces has always made their presence felt.

Special Forces are the well drilled unconventional Military Special operational Forces that are bound to conduct special covert operations. These operations may include airborne missions, counter terrorism, hostage rescue operations, man hunting, intelligence operation and many more.

Special Forces are trained very hard to survive the very toughest of situations and conditions. The rejection rate in training is very high. They are trained vigorously for Reconnaissance, combat diving, and amphibious missions. It was started simply as hit and run division to eliminate high value targets, the importance and roles of Special Forces has increased significantly. Most of the countries posses their own Special forces with admirable missions under their name. But, in this article we look at the top 10 Best Special forces of the World in 2019 with their impressive portfolio.


Best special forces 2019

Country- Poland
Established- 1990
Nickname- The Unseen and the Silent
Headquarters- Warsaw, Poland
Motto- Strength and Honor for You, Fatherland

Jednostka Wojskowa Grupa Reagowania Operacyijno-Manewrowego or the JW GROM is an elite and one of the most brutal Special Forces in the World. They are also dubbed as the invisibles as it is very hard to sport them and they also remains out of any media coverage and publicity. The project was initiated in 1990 to counter the ever-growing threat of terrorism and train the soldiers for unconventional warfare roles and special operations. At present , the Polish special force is under the command of Colonel Mariusz Pawluk . Some of the prestigious operations of JW-GROM include 1996 UNTAES mission in Slavonia, 2001 Man hunt for criminals in Kosovo and Projects in Terror lands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

9. SSG or the Special Services Group

Best special forces

Country- Pakistan
Established- 1956
Nicknames- Maroon Berets, Black Storks
Headquarters- Tarbela, Pakistan
Motto- I am Vailant (Man Janbazam)

A regiment sized unit of Pakistan Army which is well known for their high risk and tough terrain operations. The squad was started in 1956 under Lieutenant Colonel Aboobaker Osman Mitha. The training regime is based on US Special force pattern with whom they collaborated during Cold War. The SSG has specialized units to operate in rocky mountains, deserts and marine operations. Some of their covet operations include eliminating a group of terrorists from Makkah in 1979, the 2009 counter terrorism operation in Pakistan Military Headquarters. At present, The SSG is under the command of Major-General Tahir Masood Bhutta.


Best special forces

Country- France
Established- 1974
Nickname- GIGN
Headquarters- Satory,Yvelines,France
Motto- To enlist for life. (S’engager pour la vie)

Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale GIGN is a French operation unit that was established under Major Christian Prouteau as the consequences of 1974 Munich Massacre. The project was started as a Swat Team specialized in hostage rescue operations. Since its creation, GIGN has been involved in 1800 mission and a impressive hostage rescue number of 600.At present, under the command of Colonel Laurent Phelip, it is one of the most mysterious forces in the world. Some of the best known successful operations of GIGN include, rescuing of 229 passengers and crew of Air France in 1994 and arrest of mercenary Bob Denrad in 1995. If you are fan of video games, the GIGN can also be observed in GTA: Vice City, Hitman, Counter Strike and many more.

7. GSG 9

Best special forces

Country- Germany
Established- 1973
Nickname- GSG
Headquarters- Sankt Augustin-Hangelar, Bonn

Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei or GSG 9 is a quick response counter terrorist police unit of German federal police. The squad was formulated as the retort to 1972 terrorist mission of kidnapping 11 Israeli Athletes in Summer Olympic Games. The group was solely based on British SAS ‘s expertise and The Israeli Special operation forces to counter act . GSG , so far, has been involved in many covert operations that include the 1977, Lufthansa Flight 181 mission of rescuing 86 hostages and the arrest of terrorist Brigitte Mohnhaupt in 1982 . So far the organization has successfully pulled up 1500 missions and is currently under the command of Thomas de Maiziere.

6. GIS Italy

Best special forces 2019

Country- Italy
Established- 1977
Nickname- Leatherheads
Headquarters- Carabinieri

Gruppo di intervento speciale , GIS is an tactical response unit of airborne cavalry in Italian military police. The special force is generally deployed to counter the urgency and threat of terrorism. The squad directly reports to the Carabinieri Headquarters and to Ministry of Interior. The organization, till date, remains one of the most mysterious and unknown special forces in the world. Not much about GIS is known but their alliance with top end CT squads as Britain’s SAS, France GIGN and German GIG 9 is reported extensively.

5. EKO Cobra

Best special forces

Country- Austria
Established- 1978
Nickname- AS Gendarmerieeinsatzkommando GEK and As Eiansatzkommando Cobra
Headquarters- Wiener Neustadt , Austria

EKO Cobra is a vicious counter terrorism tactical unit of Austria. The squad is directly under the command of Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. EKO cobra is generally equipped with indigenously built Austrian weapons making them one of the most feared entities. The squad prefers keeping a low profile but their remarkable speed and efficiency in warfare is admirable. The unit has been responsible for wiping out the plane hijacking incidents in Austria. The most famous successful mission of EKO Cobra was the 1996 Graz-Karlau Prison Case. EKO is the only CT unit in the world to end hijacking while the aircraft was still in flight.

4. Marcos

Best special forces

Country- India
Established- 1987
Nickname- Magarmach (Crocodiles)
Headquarters- Mumbai, Goa, Kochi Visakhapatnam and Port Blair
Motto- The few the fearless

The Marine Commando Force or the Marcos is a highly drilled unit of Indian Navy. The size of squad is classified and they are generally used in operations like amphibious warfare, close quarter combat, Direct action, Unconventional wars and hostage rescue. The squad is very well known for their marine time operations especially in Jammu and Kashmir. The Marcos commandos’ personnel used the Jhelum River and Wular Lake to conduct counter terrorism operation in the areas. Marcos has been involved in many missions and some of their outstanding missions include the Operation Rakshak in Jammu and Kashmir, Operation Black tornado in response to terrorist attack on Taj and Trident hotels in Mumbai.

3. Russian Spetsnaz

Best special forces

Country- Earlier Soviet Union, now Russia
Established- 1949
Mascot- Bat
Headquarters- Khodinka, Moscow

The very first Russian elite special force was formed in 1949 under military intelligence service GRU. The organization was initiated by IIya Starinov , who is also referred as the grandfather of Spetsnaz . The main functions of Spetsnaz were to infiltration behind enemy lines, committing acts of sabotage such as destroying the communications and logistics as well as the assassination of key leaders and military officer. Its major operations include Operation Strome -333, the successful assassination of Afghan president in 1979. Moreover, the Russian prime special force has been engaged in Syrian civil war, Chechen war , Russo-Georgian War and the soviet war in Afghanistan .

2. SEAL Team Six

Best special forces

Country- United States of America
Established- 1980
Nickname- Seal Team six, DEVGRU, Task Force Blue, and NSWDG
Headquarters- Dam Neck Annex, NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, United States

The Unite States Naval Special Warfare Development group NSWDG is one of the most feared and vicious CT unit in the world. It is mainly deployed for counter terrorism acts, hostage rescue and assassination of high value targets. The actions and activities of Seal Team Six are incredibly reserved and hence are not commented by the White House or the United States Defense. The same organization was responsible for Operation Neptune Spear, the capture and assassination of the founder and head of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden in 2011. Apart from this , Seal Team Six have been responsible for Operation Just Cause , TWA flight847 hijacking and Operation Desert Storm.

1. SAS

Best special forces 2019

Country- United Kingdom
Established- 1941
Nickname- The regiment
Headquarters- London, Credenhill, Birmingham
Motto- Who dares win

The Special Air Services S.A.S are the most elite and feared special unit of the World. The unit of British army is a quick response team for direct actions, hostage rescue and counter terrorism actions. The squad is considered the best special force given their impressive record and success rate. It has been a fact that all the Special Forces across the globe base their military model on the SAS. Even the United States Special Forces use the organization structures of troops and squadron same as the SAS. SAS has been involved in number of operation such as in Operation Nimrod after successfully rescuing the hostages from Iranian embassy in London, The Persian Gulf war in 1991 and the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria.

We all hold respect for men and women in the army irrespective of the country. We do acknowledge the hard work, dedication and the risk the army men endure for their country. They are responsible for taking out potential threats and dangers. These are the brave hearts that causes fear in the hearts of terrorists. Ranking these Special forces is a difficult task and in spite of arguing who is the best, we should take pride in the fact that these men are there to risk their life for the welfare of the world.

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