Top 10 Best Summer Music Festival In USA

No one wants to spend the summers in hot weather. Everyone just loves to spend their holidays in chilled places with family or friends. In the whole world, there are numerous those places which are famous for spending the best time with the family members. The best way to spend your happy moments is musical festivals. There are various music festivals in the USA that will surely amaze you.

The USA is well known for facilitating the portion for the best celebrations in all over the world, from spring to the late summer, fans can bring out the inner delight and can ravish with each of the celebratory moment here. Moreover, the night clubs and parties add to the joy which brings stars to the cherishing moments. People just love to visit here with great enthusiasm as the famous music festivals of USA provide satisfaction to their souls quite often. Here is the list of top 10 best summer musical festivals in America:


Best summer music festival in USA

The Electric Forest music festival held at Michigan stands out on No. 10 in best summer festivals in the United States. Have you ever been to the Electric Forest Festival? Not yet? So it’s the right time to step in. This real electronic summer festival takes place in the forest and takes too to another dimension of wildlife. This is a four day long festival with electronic DJs, electronic acts and Jam bands will go to entertainment or take your head away with better performances. In this dark night forest festival, kids are also allowed. You can see the families with their kids enjoying this festival with the calm and soothing environment of best electronic music around.


Best summer music festival in USA

Another great music festival, Summerfest is a must visit. This is the longest music festival in the world. No worries about the budget, middle-class families can also afford to visit this musical festival. No extra charges or you can say the festival is budget friendly. The only 19-dollar ticket is charged here so everyone can easily afford this price ticket. This is one of the biggest festivals in the United States. It includes more than 11 stages, 800 acts from the world’s best musicians. Here you can enjoy a lot for sure as super best and amazing musicians are selected to entertain you. During this summer festival, millions of visitors take part and it’s also providing the best experience to the visitors.


Best summer music festival in USA

Lollapalooza is an annual musical festival. Lollapalooza features popular and exciting alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip-hop and EDM brands and artists. Comedy performances and craft booths are also the attraction spot points in this Lollapalooza summer music festival. Lollapalooza was inaugurated 25 years back on July 18, 1991. Since the very first day of its inauguration, people are mad for the festival organizer. It has a very long magnanimous history. It is often compared with the famous, most popular and legendary Woodstock music festival. Lollapalooza is suitable for people of every age group, so don’t hesitate to bring your children with you. There are a lot of fun elements for kids too who are huge fans of rock and metal and can enjoy the best performances of incredible bands like Metallica and Pearl Jam.


Best summer music festival in USA

United State’s one of the newest festival is What the Festival. If you are planning for a summer festival then this should be worth to enjoy along with families, friends or alone. There are different beautiful parts of Oregon in which different music and art festivals are held. Separate semi-open fields and wooded areas are the hot spots where you get entertained and be in touch with musical aura both at the same time. These semi-open fields and wooded areas of beautiful places in Oregon will feel you alive. Various campaign areas along with a musical festival keep you near to nature. What The Festival is perfect for Musical Souls as it is totally dedicated to offering nature’s essence with soulful musical events. With mesmerizing musical background, you can also get the best comedy and yoga study experience.


Best summer music festival in USA

The music festival- Outside Music and art festival is held annually during the end of the summer at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. Superbly Presents, Another Planet Entertainment and Starr Hill Presents three are the founder of Outside Land, California. For having sixty musical acts and several art installations, the festival is extremely famous. The best way to spend the summer for musical lovers is to attend this musical festival for a fresh start.

Apart from art and music, Outside Lands also focus around different types of delectable food and a variety of wines. There are separate places for entertainment, including a sports lounge, an arcade/bar, and various food and art vendors. The festival along with the enjoyment of people also aware or educate people about being Eco-friendly by using different Eco-friendly strategies. The festival invites professional musicians to entertain you.


Best summer music festival in USA

It is an electronic music festival, held in Chattahoochee hills, Georgia. It is owned by LiveStyle, Inc. which is organised and produced by renowned EDM promoter ID&T, a wholly owned subsidiary of LiveStyle. This festival was started in 2013.In its inaugural year TomorrowWorld received a nomination for a best music event at international dance music awards. Tomorrowland is a festival, which falls in Europe is super fun and widely popular, but its sister festival TomorrowWorld in Georgia is also equally fantastic. Amazing scene design, location, and naturally beautiful people make this festival worth visiting, surely for all electronic music fans that are looking for a magical experience. It’s so chilling and good to have fun.


Best summer music festival in USA

Coachella is a city in Riverside county, California. It’s the easternmost city in the region collectively known as Coachella valley, also known as “City of Eternal sunshine”. It is popular worldwide. Probably, festivals actually fall in the spring season, which is so crazy and good. It is a two-weekend long event which includes music stars like AC/DC, LCD sound system and much more. This festival is mostly attended by many show business celebrities, so one can get a chance to meet someone very famous here as well. These festival tickets are sold pretty soon, which is really to get in the notice and this festivity is held at the end of April month. It’s so exciting, thrilling and enjoyable.


Best summer music festival in USA

The Firefly Music Festival is music festival produced by Red Frog Events alongside Goldenvoice that was first held on July 20-22 2012 in Dover, Delaware. This festival is held at Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, a 105-acre festival ground over time duration of 4 days. A number of nationally known musical acts have performed at this festival with over 100 performances take place over the course of this festival in 2016.This festival is produced with the hope of having “an open-air festival” on the East Coast with plenty of outdoor camping. This festival is held with seven stages and that are:

1. The Porch stage
2. The Lawn stage
3. The Backyard stage
4. The Treehouse stage
5. The coffee house
6. The Pavilion
7. The Firefly stage


Best summer music festival in USA

Bumbershoot is an annual international music and art festival held in Seattle, Washington. It is being held on Labor weekend in 74-acres Seattle centre, which was built for the 1962 world’s fair. Seattle centre includes both indoor and outdoor activities and stages. This festival is more suited for kids as EDC-Electric Daisy Carnival is more suited for adults. This is a 3 day long festival and every festival lover can find so much to do.

As this festival is best suited for kids, if a family has one or more they may bring their children here to enjoy. This event has total participants numbered to 125000. One of the biggest contemporary festivals in the United States, it is not only about talent of musicians but also of comedians, theatre and literature. Some of the activities are arts and crafts, folk music, art cars, body painting, motorcycle races and one out of town performer.


Best summer music festival in USA

Electric Daisy carnival is also known as EDC. It is the biggest music festival in America with its flagship held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is surely a lifetime chance to visit and be a part of EFM if you love music or are fan of such music. Its spin-offs, the more places where it is celebrated are New Delhi, India, Tokyo Japan and much more. It was founded by Insomniac Events. The big name dance producers and DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike who perform at many locations held every year at different places.

This festival brings or shows various styles of dance music including trap, bounce, trance, techno, bass, and many more. The first EDC rave was held in early 1990s at an open field in the city of Pacoima in Los Angeles, California NY Gary Richards and DJ Steve Kool-Aid (real name-Stephen Enos). Each year a lot of people attend this festival, around more than one million people, so here one can meet tons of people from all over the world of course with no doubt. The festival is hosted by end of the June at Los Vegas Motor Speedway. It is an adult -only festival. In 2009, EDC became a two-day event and in 2011 three-day event in Los Vegas that drew 230000 people.

People just want to get pleasure in their lives and these amazing summer music festivals in the USA give them the real delight. These are most desirable spots all over the world. People love to visit there with families. The DJ nights, real-time entertainment and much are the specialties of these events, which no visitor wants to miss.



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