Top 10 Best Tech Cars of 2018

Word is that cars will be driver less by 2020. With companies quickly changing to automation rather than enhancement, cars are set to change our experience on the road. Automation is a win-win for most stakeholders in the industry, with technology seen as the liberator.

No one day passes without something new in the industry. Companies are stretching the limits of innovation, competing to come up with a market first feature to engage tech-savvy customers. Here are the top 10 most famous & best tech cars as of 2018.

10. 2018 FORD MUSTANG – $28,000

Best Tech Cars

The 2018 Ford Mustang marks the onset of technology into the American Muscle car industry. For the first time, Ford incorporates a 12 inch fully customizable LCD functional cluster at the dash. The system will memorise your preferences from your history including driver settings and suspension. Alexa Support is also included with voice activated start and stop features.

Safety features include collision sensors, lane deviation and distance alerts. The Mustang is as powerful as they come, with an extraordinary 10-speed automatic feature that promises a smooth ride, something manual sifters relish. All these features coupled up with the signature roaring sound makes the Mustang a guaranteed worthy drive.

9. CHEVROLET VOLT – $35,600

Best Tech Cars

Chevrolet has never shied away from producing top of the line, market’s first automobiles. The Chevrolet Volt goes even further. The technical milestone that is the Volt incorporates a sporty, modern overall design and an interior meant for the tech savvy driver. The Chevy Volt will not stop if you run out of gas with an EV option of up to 53 miles.

All standard safety features are incorporated including collision sensors, lane deviation sensors, and anti-theft features. Toyota and Hyundai have managed to produce replicas of the Volt, borrowing heavily from the Chevy’s infotainment and other tech features. Be that as it may, there is no matching the innovation, creativity, and seclusion that goes into making the Chevrolet Volt.

8. VOLVO S90 – $47,000

Best Tech Cars

Little was known about the Volvo S90 when Volvo announced its interest in high tech cars. Standard safety features include intruder detection, collision detection, pedestrian, animal and cyclist detection and lane deviation alert. Volvo goes on to throw in bending headlights to illuminate hard to view curves and parking assist. The infotainment system is all touch with advanced user integrated control system and a revamped modern looking dashboard. Everything about the car reeks technology, and the safety features work to impressively improve driver guide assist. It might not look techy on the outside, but once you experience what is made of you will more than fall in love with the Volvo S90.

7. SIERRA 1500 DENALI – $51,190

Best Tech Cars

Pickup trucks are slowly gaining the respect they deserve. Sierra automakers have added attitude and resilience to the 1500 Denali, with technology taking center stage. Outstanding features include a wireless charging panel, collision warnings and a revamped infotainment system. Other outstanding features include collision warnings, noise cancellation for the audio system and fully automated high beam headlights. Another nifty achievement for this Sierra pickup is the haptic seat vibrations that will alert you when veering off the road, no voice so your passengers will hardly realise your grizzly driving. Impressive, isn’t it?


Best Tech Cars

If you are talking cars and tech, accuracy on the subject demands you mention Corvette Stingray Coupe. It’s the first in the market to incorporate the GoPro video camera driving style. The system can record lap time, PRM while on track mode, speed and G-force while on fun mode and outside temperature and aerodynamics while touring. Top speed is obviously illegal, so you might want to save the videos of your throttle hammering escapades for your friends. Infotainment options include Apple-CarPlay system and integrated Bluetooth capability.

5. 2018 HONDA ODYSSEY – $60,000

Best Tech Cars

The Honda Odyssey bears catastrophic ramifications to its competitors, with everything about it oozing technology. The technically smart car incorporates a ceiling video camera enabling full view of the happenings at the back seat through the 8-inch dashboard touch screen. An integrated microphone allows the driver to communicate with backseat passengers effortlessly. Other features include trip progress guide, smartphone sync and an all-round infotainment system. Standard safety features include lane deviation alert, intruder lock, lane deviation alert and destination guide.

4. 2018 BMW 5 SERIES $70,000

Best Tech Cars

When technology took over the auto industry, BMW fans were rubbing their palms together ready for a mouthwatering experience with the German machines. The five series rolled out and it barely disappointed. Outstanding features include gesture recognition touch screen dashboard panel with Apple CarPlay support, borrowed from the seven series. Other features include a predictive on-street parking assist, with the ever handy ParkNow garage space booking feature.

To increase perpendicular parking accuracy, you can use the key knob as a remote control to parking while standing outside the car. Alexa Support enables you to make remote commands at the comfort of your home. A 360-degree camera view from your smartphone enables you to virtually have full viewership of your car from anywhere. Tire less in traffic with auto start and stop traffic assist.


Best Tech Cars

The flexibility this vehicle has will blow your mind. It’s probably the most sumptuous smart convertible available. It packs advanced safety features include automatic braking sensors to avoid collision, cross traffic detection and night vision for enhanced 24-hour visibility. Mercedes Benz does not stop there; they throw in lane keeping sensors and rollover protection. There is simply no crashing with this car. The roof will close itself either manually or automatically via the interactive user preference infotainment system. The overall look is sporty and very luxurious with an eye-catching front grille and sweet revving sound.

2. TESLA MODEL S P100D – $145,800

Best Tech Cars

Combining electric performance with versatility, Tesla brings you the S -100D that promises peak performance and efficiency. The S-100D will go zero to 60 in less than three seconds owing to the power underneath the hood. Drive in autopilot if bored of the gas pedal, backed up by eight high-resolution cameras for an all-round 360-degree viewership. More automated features include 12 short range ultrasonic sensors that act to give the car automated control while on the road. Software updates include semi auto-driving mode, with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Tesla has been proficient with automated driving features and this one is no different.

1. ROLLS-ROYCE WRAITH – $398,350

Best Tech Cars

Rolls Royce might be supple but the innate power it exudes there are no limits when it comes to smarting up the car. Under the hood it incorporates a 6.6-liter V12 engine, adding to its beastly attitude. Smart functions include a topographic information analysis via satellite. The feature enables the driver to make the car road appropriate no matter the terrain. Enjoy the pleasure of transformation as the car adjusts shifting while navigating mountain ascents or cruising downhill. The car will alert you of the probability of ice on the road if the temperature dips below 37 degrees.

The system is changing. Gone are the days when insurance companies would flood your policy with predictive risks. Today cars are smart, able to evade accidents using integrated sensors and advanced driver assist features. The epic revolution is being embraced with pride by auto companies and with the future still ahead there is no telling where the industry will go next.


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